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My first encounter with a ghost was when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My parents had purchased an old chair with a wooden frame and cloth covered cushions. It was late one night and I had woken up to go the bathroom. I opened my bedroom door and in the hallway where the new old chair had been placed was a glowing white old fat man with a rimmed top hat, suit, a cigar in one hand and a drink in the other, resting on the arm of the chair. I was in shock and I quickly closed my bedroom door, ran back to my bed and through the covers over my head and waited a couple of moments. I got back out of bed and opened the door again, the old man was still sitting there, I asked him what he wanted, and he had a grin on his face and remained silent and in the same position. I ran past him over our cat walk where I leaned against a door, and noticed the room at the bottom of the stairs, the light was going off and on, while what sounded like papers being tossed around. At that moment my mom came out of her room asking what was wrong, when she came to get me, the noise and old man disappeared, I slept with my parents that night and nothing was moved or out of place in the room at the bottom of the stairs. It was 10 years later, my parents had divorced and I was telling my dad about my experience, and he took me to show me that there are permanent ring holes where the man had rested his drink and burn holes in the cushion from what looks like a cigar or cigarette. What puzzles me most, why would my parents by a chair with cup rings and burn holes...

My 2nd encounter was with my late dog. I had Chance for 15 years, and we did everything together. In every single day of my life for 15 years, my Chance was there. He was there every morning when I woke up; he was there every single night I went to bed. Every pet has their own characteristics, and one with my dog is he would always rest his head on your leg, your stomach, your arm, the couch or bed if he wanted something wherever he could, he was definitely a cuddling dog. I realize there are some people out there who don't understand the love between a pet and their owner, but for those who do, understand the tremendous loss one feels in a circumstance like... It was 5 months ago; I had to make the hardest decision of my life, to put my precious Chance down. I have not been the same since; there is a part of me that left when he did. Here is my story, last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I heard what I thought was a light panting right beside my bed but very close to my ear, and even remember actually saying to myself "that sounds like a dog panting" then felt a pressure rest in the nook of my neck and shoulder, it was Chance and I knew it, I can't explain how, but it was over whelming and I burst into tears. I miss him dearly.

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Hope619 (1 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-27)
I agree with the first comment of ChildOfTheLotus.

I have lost my cat (age 15) when I was only in second grade. He was an amazing kitty. He was alive before I was. His name was Peanut. He was a fat kitty (22lb 😆). I would pile my toys on him, and he just let it happen. In my 7 years of life (about 7), Peanut scratched/bit me TWICE. EVER. And I deserved both! (Hee hee) He was an amazing cat. I loved him to death. I think me finding this story was a way of Peanut telling me that he's happy. I just got chills. I love you Peanut. RIP </3

moonshadow (3 stories) (146 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-18)
Hi Ghance is: I'm really sorry to hear about your dog Chance I know what its like and what you are going through. Your dog must of really loved you to come back like that and he was showing you that even though he is passed now that he will allways be there for you and he dosent want you to be sad he is at peace now he will allways be there to protect you. I know nothing I say right now will take away the pain but you will allways have great memories of him that will last a lifetime and maybe in time you will consider adopting another dog may the light of the great spirit shine upon you take care...
angelfeathers (106 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-16)
I'm so sorry for the loss of your companion. My Golden Retriever crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on June 4, and I still grieve for him. Sometimes I think I can hear him padding across the floor; and I've even heard his very peculiar bark (kind of a hoarse, whispery sound that developed in his old age) on more than one occasion. Even though I can't see him, I can feel him with me sometimes, like he has come back to visit.

When the time is right -- and you'll know when that is -- I hope that you'll consider adopting a new companion, as a kind of tribute to Chance. As you already know, the love you give will come back to you two-fold or more! (In my experience, this is particularly true for homeless dogs. My Golden was three-years old -- an owner-turn-in at a purebred rescue -- when I adopted him in 1999, and he was the best four-legged friend to ever walk into my life!)

Blessings to you! Hope you'll keep us updated if/when you decide to adopt...

BriFischer05 (14 stories) (169 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-16)
Take comfort in the fact that Chance did coem to visit you and show his love by cuddling up to your neck. I know it is difficult to put an anumal down after being with them for so long. You did what you had to do and you know deep down that it was in Chance's best interest too.
soul (1 stories) (54 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-16)
I am really very sorry about your dog.😢

I think he came back to show you how much he loves you. He still can't leave you even though he is not there anymore.

Wishing your best.

book_luver123 (227 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-16)
I am so sorry about your dog. I have had the same loss. I was up all night crying.
ChildOfTheLotus (10 stories) (133 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-15)
The old man probably was a memory of the chair, since he sat on it so often in life.

Sorry about your dog. That's so sad. He probably just wanted to comfort you again and let you know that he loved you and was doing fine.

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