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Back in 1998 I worked as a driver in the Dominos in Cartersville, Georgia. Several drivers, assistant managers and the store manager had experienced several things that always happened on a Thursday night. No one wanted to work late on that night. I heard from my co-workers that they've had everything from seeing apparitions to having the lights being turned off while you're in the walk-in cooler (the light switch was on the outside). I came back from a late night run to have the store manager meet me outside the store and tell me that he kept seeing someone walk by him when he was the only one in the store.

Being the skeptic I shrugged all this off until I've experienced some rather odd events myself. I've noticed the odor of a burning cigar next to the oven and sometimes at the side door (driver's entrance) usually on a Thursday night even though there was nobody smoking in the store or outside for that matter. I've shrugged this off sometimes when the cook or another driver is smoking just outside the driver's entrance but I've never seen anyone smoke a cigar.

One night, again a Thursday night it was bitterly cold out, I think it was in January, the usual time for cold weather in Georgia. A driver came in from a run and left the driver's entrance door open. I made the comment "Geez, you brought up in a barn?" and closed the door. About an hour later I was cutting pizza at the cutting table when suddenly the driver's entrance door opened by itself. This was a heavy metal door with a long bar used to open it. It made a distinctive sound when someone opens it to leave the building. I heard that sound as if someone from inside was opening it to leave the building. But no one was there. Even though it was very cold outside is was not windy so I still to this day do not know how it opened on its own. Maybe the spirits wanted to mess with me?

Dominos had closed down the store about 2 years later and opened 2 new stores to service a growing city population. I went to the north store and never heard or seen anything more. However, the old oven was salvaged and installed in the south store where years later I came across a former assistant manager that worked there. He now works with me at a call center. He told me of several of his co-workers telling him that they experienced odd things there. One was of a ghostly driver that stood in the office apparently waiting to check out for the night.

As a side note there was a retired older black man that worked part time at the old store who had a massive stroke coming back from a run. He died about a week later. Was Mr. Jones still working at Dominos?

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dukeofwhelmsley (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-11)
SOUL - Mr. Jones died after my experiences, it was after the store was closed and the oven relocated that 'he' started appearing. So at the old store some other spirit (s) were making themselves known.
soul (1 stories) (54 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-08)
I guess it WAS Mr.Jones.I guess he wanted to let you all know about his presnce.So,he turned off the lights, opened the door etc. I think he was a good spirit as he did no harm to you all.

Take care. 😊
justin102798 (9 stories) (96 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-07)
I would go and watch the old dominos property at night and watch the office and driver window to see if there is anything there. 😐

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