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Something In My House?


The house my family lives in now was built in the 1930's, and as far as we know, there was only one man that lived in it. I am 18 now, and for quite some time I have been convinced that our house has some sort of spirit in it.

First off, when I was younger, about 10-11, my sister, who was about 12-13, and I, would be in the basement, while we were home alone, we would hear the chairs in our dining room being moved. We would always go upstairs to see if our parents had come home from work, but they never were home when we heard the chairs moving.

One summer day, around the same time we were hearing those sounds, we were fooling around with the video camera. I was sitting in the garage (which was right below the dining room, where we heard the chairs moving), and my sister filmed me just playing around. Later that day when we were looking at the footage, right next to me we swore we could see something that resembled a ghost. It was to the right of me and it looked purple and white. After this experience I never really heard anything that freaked me out too badly.

Another thing that happened was about five years ago. I was sitting in my bed, during the summer, and I had just watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose, a couple of nights before that so I was scared. I couldn't sleep that night for some reason so I was just lying in my bed for a couple of hours. If anybody saw that movie, it explains that the devil usually appears at three am. I was lying there at 2:30 am, and was freaking out because I wanted to be asleep by three. I could not fall asleep at all, and at exactly three o'clock (no exaggeration) the light in the hallways started to flicker. When that happened I nearly died! I was so scared, and I did not go to sleep that night at all. That never happened again, but one more thing did happen about one year ago.

I was sitting in my room pretty late, my parents were sleeping, and then I head sounds coming from my attic. It sounded like something was rolling back and forth on the attic floor. It scared me so much.

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CJ (4 stories) (43 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-20)
I agree with a lot of what DeviousAngel said. Seeing the video footage you spoke about would certainly help to better understand what you saw. But to be more clear, as exciting and frightful it may have been to see what you saw in the video footage, have you since then examined the video closer and looked for any possible natural causes of what appeared next to you? Were you near any windows or mirrors? A shift in lighting or reflections off a window or mirror, or even the lens of the camera, could possibly create the image of what you saw.

I was going to suggest the possibility of noises the house (especially it being an old house) naturally makes to explain the noises you and your sister heard. The structure of the house settling, bad plumbing, animals in the attic... All of these things can create some rather interesting noises that can really cause the imagination to start rolling into over drive.

My first thought when I read your statement about the lights flickering in the hallway at 3:00am, and I mean no disrespect when I offer my following statement, was one quite opposite of anything paranormal. You mentioned how you had watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" a few nights prior and how it had scared you, especially with the explanation it gave of the Devil appearing at 3:00am. Therefore, you already set yourself up with a predetermined conclusion of what could happen at that exact time. So when 3:00am finally rolled around and you were exhausted and unable to sleep because the movie had had that fearful impact on you, it wouldn't be so far fetched to say that the experience of the lights flickering was nothing more than the product of an exhausted over worked imagination of a young teenager (correct me if I'm doing my math wrong, but I am assuming you were about 13 when this experience occured?). Stress induced exhaustion can lead an imagination to concoct some weird things, both thoughts and visuals alike. Again, I mean no disrespect by offering this explanation because it is merely my opinion, but it is the more logical explanation that comes to mind and the one I am leaning towards.

Stepping away from the experience of the lights flickering and the noises you and your sister heard, did you have any other experiences? Any visual experiences? What about the members of your household? And did you ever speak to your parents about any of this? Mere curiosities of course... Sorry for all of the questions. 😉

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! 😊
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-20)
Thank you for sharing your experiences. If you still have that video, it would be great if you could find a way to post it up for us so we can check out the spirit that showed up on it. Some of the noises (chairs moving, noises in the attic) could be explained by the noises the house makes when settling, bad plumbing, etc. I'm not certain but it's always worth investigating outside causes first. Also, I think the lights flickering thing may have been explained by the fact that you were tired and already scared by the movie you had watched, so you could have imagined it, or perhaps even unknowingly done it yourself by being in the right place at the right time with an excessive amount of paranoid energy. (I have heard that people react strangely to high EMF frequencies which can be caused by movement of tectonic plates, and they can hallucinate... Or the EMF waves could cause strangeness in electricity). As for the noise in your attic, it could have been rats or some kind of animal up there.

Of course, there's also the paranormal explanation, but I try to rule out other causes first...

Let us know if you experience anything else!

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