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The Old Peasant Woman 2


This is the next part of my story with more events happening.

I have told you about the feelings of being watched and the sightings of this woman in my home, but this wasn't just the end of it and more was to come.

Items then went missing and it was getting absolutely ridiculous, we had some really special memory sticks with all our holiday photos on. These went strangely missing; my parents are still looking them as well as the camera and cables too. We have looked everywhere for these items, but unfortunately we can't find them. We might have just lost them when we were unpacking, when we moved into our house. But we should be able to find them by now and we know we didn't leave them behind when we moved. We definitely didn't, they were too special to leave behind. The other cable that has gone missing is the one to my keyboard. I clearly remember putting it near the switch near to the stairs, but them I came back and it was gone. Before it completely vanished though, I did see it from time to time in other areas. But I stupidly never bothered to pick it up, thinking it wouldn't move. I regret now, leaving that cable near the stairs.

Lights also seemed to go off when I switched them on, it hardly did it to nobody else. It only did it to others rarely. I didn't understand though, why it just did it with me and nobody else? My Dad just told me it was just problems with the wires and it possibly could have been. But it was always me who made all the upstairs lights go off. Sometimes even all the lights.

I would also see orbs in my bedroom and orbs on the odd occasion going past my head. I only saw these though really quick and out of the corner of my eye, like with the woman I kept clearly seeing. I also saw a white smoky mist on the ceiling, in the reflection of my living rooms window and I didn't see this out of the corner of my eye. I have also felt a very cold breeze go up my arm, too. I saw her face in my laptops screen, very quickly in my Mums room and I have seen her once, twirling around or dancing in there too. When I saw her face though, it really did look like an old woman's face. Quite shrivelled and plump, but strangely enough brown and tanned. I can't recall what her exact eye colour was, but I know it was either brown or blue.

All of this started to make me a little more on edge about being in the house, but I didn't think it wanted to hurt me in any way. I didn't feel anything bad about her. I just felt like she wanted to let us know she was here by showing herself to me and following me about the house. But why me? Why not my parents? She just wanted attention from me I guess.

I will type up part three, very soon. I said this with the last part and I made sure I did so look out for the next part! I hope I don't sound crazy, please try to believe me! Thank you for reading!

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DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-10)
Hi once again xGhostBustersx as I previously mentioned in your first story I do believe that you are more in tune and open minded about the paranormal this could be why she is showing herself to you. Regarding the missing items have you ever tried yelling out loud to please return them to where they belong, youl be surprised at how often this actually works. I look forward to your next story and postings.

Thank you for sharing once again.


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