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Long Lost Friend


It all began after contacting a long lost friend of 10 years. We found each other again on Facebook. We chatted about how her life had changed and that she had got married and had a child. We arranged to get together; myself and my husband would go to hers.

We arrived at her house; I was so excited to see her and her new family. I knocked on the door and she answered and the first thing I saw was this little boy staring up at me with this stern look as if to say I don't know you and with that he ran off into the house. He had blonde short hair, big blue eyes about 6 years old. I said my hellos we hugged and went into the house where there was a little girl laying on the sofa watching television barely noticing we were until her mum told her to get up and say hello to us.

I asked my friend where her little boy had run off too. She asked what little boy? I then told her that he was at the front door with her. She told me she did not have a little boy only a girl. Well I was shocked with that and left it alone. We talked and laughed for most of the evening before going over to her sister's house. When we got there she asked me to tell her sister what I had seen at the door, on doing so her sister seemed shocked and again was left alone.

Next morning we were having breakfast and she said I couldn't get over what I had told her about the little boy at the door. I said joking well that's your next child a boy at which point she burst into tears and went to the bedroom and then came out with a photo in her hand of a little blonde blue eyed 1 year old little boy. She told us the story about how he drowned in her mum's pool and that he would have been 6 now. Looking at the photo was freaky to me as it was that little boy I saw at the front door and I did feel a presence in the house at times.

Thanks for letting me share my story

Mandy Restrepo

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DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-10)
Hi Ukmandyr67 I like this story did your friend ever experience anything at all or felt her son around her? I wonder why the boy has not moved on into the light it is kind of sad in a way I suppose we will never know!

Thank you for sharing.

OnlyTruth (4 stories) (24 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-10)
I must say that this is a very interesting experience. I have read other instances of people saying they saw ghosts of people they have lost. I know that you aren't the one who actually lost the boy, but its still very interesting that you witnessed this.

You said you were also with your husband, did he also witness the boy?

Anymore information or your feedback is appreciated.

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