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Further Experiences 2


It has been a sleepless few weeks; the occurrences seem to be escalating to point where I no longer want to be in the house. I have confided in a mate, who, after having some misgivings about the validity of my story agreed to come and spend a few nights over a long weekend on my not to comfortable lounge; it is these three nights I want to share here.

Night 1

Before settling down for the night (about 6pm) we agreed that there would be no alcohol, scary movies or talking about anything freaky, luckily the fact we were good mates made finding plenty of other things to talk about quite easy (the wii did not hurt the situation either). I also placed a tape recorder on the coffee table should I need it.

By 10:30 we were pretty tired so we decided to call it a night; I placed the wii remotes on the coffee table and the TV remote next to the TV. We walked through the house to make sure all windows and doors were closed and with that done it was time for lights out.

Despite my fears, that night I slept like a log and woke up in the morning thinking the night had passed without incident. I strolled into the lounge room to check up on my friend who was still sleeping on the lounge. Looking around the room for anything odd I was shocked to see the wii remotes back in their charger and the TV remote, upon closer inspection, back on top of the cupboard again. I woke up my mate to show him what had happened. With a skeptical smirk, he laughed it off, saying that he heard nothing and that in all probability I had done it to set him up.

We checked the rest of the house and with no further evidence my case was looking pretty weak.

Night 2

After a similar evening (and more then a few jokes from my mate) it was time for lights out again (around 10pm) and this time I did not settle down to easy.

Around 2:30 am after eventually falling into a light slumber about an hour before, I was startled awake by what felt like a blast of air into my ear. Sitting bolt upright the first thing I noticed was that the room seemed really dark, I reached for the lamp but despite frantically flicking the switch on and off, no light came on, the bulb had blown again.

Scared of another night attack I got up and made my way into the lounge room, as I got closer I could see a faint glow coming from the room, now thoroughly freaking out, I moved into the lounge room to see what was going on. Expecting to see some kind of hovering light, I instead found my mate was sitting up on the lounge, his shocked face, illuminated by the light on his mobile phone.

He told me that he had been woken up by a scratching noise and the sound of someone rummaging around near the bookshelf, in trying to turn the lamp on and finding it out of order, he lit up his phone only to discover that there was no one there and the noise had stopped and this was when I came into the room.

After filling him in on what had happened in my bedroom, we decided against going back to his place and instead we made the call to sit out the rest of the night in the dark, the lights still did not seem to be working (after about a hour of getting my courage up I checked the power board and it was all ok). So by candlelight, we passed a rather long night without further incident.

Night 3

After much discussion, we reluctantly agreed to spend the third night (I was more then ready to give up the ghost so to speak) and being tired from the night before we crashed out about 9:30, with all the lights on and me on a mattress next to the lounge.

Like the night before I was woken by what felt like someone blowing air into my ear, sitting up I heard my mate, also awake, ask if I had heard something. I told him about how I was woken up but he said that he was not referring to that. And sure enough within about 3 seconds I heard a faint scratching noise, and it sounded like it was under the floorboards.

Having located the area I quickly walked over and stomped on the ground (it still might be a animal) however the noise did not stop instead it seemed to quicken up as though something was trying to get out. After what seemed like a minute it began to slow down and then the talking started, not whispering, talking. What seemed like three voices all going on at once, it was awful noise, I took one look at my mate without saying a word we both bolted out of the house.

Within the hour we were back at my mate's house cracking open a bottle of scotch and still very much in a state of shock. We both did not really speak much, just a few "wow's and lot of four letter words.

This is not quite the end of this but I can add more later as I think I have posted another long one here.

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stefiisawr (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-05)
I meant "may", not "make" in that first sentence. Sorry! >.<
stefiisawr (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-05)
Agreed with both of the other points but in my opinion, your 'visitor' sounds like it make be demonic. My advice would be to get a professional's opinion before you attempt anything of your own, as it may only make things escalate quicker and more dangerously.
Good luck!
firey-redhead (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-31)
Hey Sitting on the fence,
Im very interested in your stories. I have always had a fasinaction with the after life and your story seems to have caught my attention.
Logan_sis: I do think your sugestion to ask to the 'ghost' or 'spirit' to leave is a good one but by the sounds of this case I don't think it wants you in the house at all.
As for getting the house blessed, I guess it is always worth a shot but I personally believe that if you are not a religous person then it isn't exactly going to work as well as it should. You need to have that faith in place to be able to evoke it.
I have heard burning sage and lavander is a good idea as it does help to clense the house. Maybe google some clensing rituals that you will be able to perform to rid yourself of the uninvited guest.
Whatever you do though, take aussiedaz's advice and DO NOT use a ouija board. That will only bring more unwanted guests into your home and may even piss the one you have off even more... By the sounds of it, it doesn't like you being in the house, let alone another presence.
I do find it rather interesting though that while your girlfriend was living with you, nothing happened but when your friend was over only for 3days it made itself known...
Anyway, if you feel like talking let me know. I am only a State away:P in SA. Please keep let us know what's going on, its very interesting...
With love,
Loganz_sis (1 stories) (150 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-11)

I read all your stories today and I am very eager to know the rest. Sorry if I sound like I am having fun reading all the stuff that has been happening to you and your friend, but it is an interesting account of things.

I do hope you plan to do something to get rid of all this, I am not sure if you are religious but many on this suggest that getting your house blessed helps in situations like this. Have you tried asking the 'ghost' to leave you alone and leave your house alone? May be worth a try.

Good luck and best wishes.
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-11)
Good story mate, sometimes when were frighten or believe that our house is haunted, we can often here or see things that are quite explainable although we often jump the gun on reason, the fact that you and your friend approached this with a non toxic attitude suggest expectation was high on a paranormal experience, I do agree however that paranormal is what you and your friend did experienced, one suggestion though do not use a ouija board to make contact as I suspect you and your friend might still want to investigate a little futher, thank you for sharing.

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