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My Auntie has this big old house in Cheshire that she lives in with my 15 years old cousin. This is what happened over the years: I loved to go and sleep over there. But something about that house was not right. It was just the feel of it when you are alone. I used to sleep over there when I was about 9, I used to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. There used to always be a strange atmosphere, like I was being watched by someone. I knew that there was something in that house, particularly around the loft star-way and in the loft's hidden small room and the sitting room that is now not much used.

Several years on and my Aunties friend and her daughter were living with her and my cousin for a while. My Auntie asked me to take a cup down for her, and I did. I was nearly at the bottom of the stairs, and I just happened to look out into the darkness in front of me. The only light was coming from the Television and it was very dim because my Auntie's friend was watching a program there. I looked up into the darkness of the kitchen, and I saw in front of me a horrible gnarled hand. There was something just darn-right evil about it. As soon I saw it, I immediately looked away and rushed to the living room where my auntie's friend was. I was in shock, she comforted me and had to walk me up the stairs because I refused to go out there alone. She believed me because she too believed in the beyond.

This might have to do with my Auntie using a Ouija Board some years ago with her friends. I only heard this from my cousin, she said that when my Auntie (my cousin's mother) asked if there was anyone there, the cup (I think she made her own Ouija Board) violently flew of the table and smashed into pieces . When my Auntie first moved into the house, my cousin was in London at the time so she was alone for a few weeks. I don't know what exactly happened but she claimed that she heard someone walk up the stairs. A few days after that, she had the house exorcised and blessed.

There was a spirit there but I know that it has not gone, even now. I went up there again about 3 or 4 weeks ago. This time, I had several weird experiences. Again I had that strange feeling that I was being watched, even though my Auntie was upstairs and my cousin was out with her friends. I ignored this for a while. But at one time I was in the hall and my Cousin and my Auntie were talking in the kitchen with the door closed. I noticed that the sitting room's (which is hardly ever used even though it is fully furnished) door was open, so I closed it. I went into the kitchen to get something and the door was open again. So I closed it again and went back into the kitchen. The next time I came out, the door was open again, and not only that, the light was on as well. Neither my cousin nor my Auntie had been out of the kitchen at this time. This time, I knew that something was not right because I had that strange feeling that I was being watched.

That same night, I went into the kitchen alone and out the corner of my eye I saw a white light outside in the Kitchen window even though it was pitch black outside. This was creepy. Later on, I had a shower. The feeling that I was being watched was even more stronger this time. Early morning the next day, I took my Cousin's dog for a walk in the Park. I was alone and I was surrounded by paths to other places of the Park. I picked my usual root, and I saw a hooded girl with a black dog running in front of her. I thought it was my cousin for a minute, but then I remembered that she was fast asleep at her home. Thinking nothing of this, I looked in an other direction. It was only like for a fraction of a second that I looked away from the girl, that I looked back and she was gone. She had completely vanished. I looked all around me and she was no where to be seen. She was coming toward me, so I would have seen her. The dog trotted past me paying no attention to my Cousin's Dog. About thirty seconds later, I looked back and the dog was at the end of the pathway I had just come from. The dog could not have gotten to the other end in that amount of time because he/she was trotting.

I just carried on walking with my Dog. I told my experience with my Auntie and she said that I must have seen a ghost. My auntie's other friend, who I am close with, senses something in that house as well.

When I came back down, me and my mother began to have weird experiences. My mother's passport had vanished from where she left it. A week later she found it in a bag in her wardrobe! This was weird. Then her oaster card disappeared for a few days. She had completely searched her bag inch by inch, where she was sure that she had left it, and it was not in there. My Mother thought that she had lost it while she was out. Then the most weird thing happened. It turned up in the bag she had left it in that she had searched! For a while she thought that it was strange, but eventually she told herself that it was just coincidence, I knew it wasn't.

About a week later my mother turned my light out when I had to go to bed. The covers on my bed were all messed up and my mother said that she hadn't touched them. When I came back out of the bathroom, my light was on and my covers had been neatly folded back! Now this was very weird. I usually get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, and on all of the occasions I have felt very cold when coming out. As with my Auntie's house, I felt like someone was watching me. I think that something has followed me back because before I went up there, there was nothing wrong with my house, and you hear all of these stories about spirits latching themselves onto young people because they are so vulnerable. My mother and father are reluctant to do anything about it because they don't believe me, like my auntie (only with my auntie, I think that she knows that there is still something there, but she just doesn't want to admit it). I will not dare to use a Ouija Board, it's too much of a big risk.

What to you think that I should do all those of you that read this?

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Eclipse2000 (1 stories) (68 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-20)
I think I know why they are still there today... I heard this from some one (I obviously don't remember!) But I hope you still have those shard of glass from that cup.
They (Ghost or something) will smash whatever you used to open that portal to the other Side (Realm or world). 😲
You probably need to destroy and fast... Or something might happen. (Not sure, but something). Because my older brother used pencils to make a Ouija board (WiGi Board.) And this is when he went to some school. Him and a couple of friends played with it for a while until the vice Principe came in. And seven priest had to bless the darn place cause ghost kept jumping from mirror to mirror... 😨 😲
delo (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-12)
Also, I forgot to mention this, On the landing at night when I go to the toilet it is usually very cold, and sometimes in my bedroom I have sudden cold gushes of air. Every few nights, when no-one is downstairs and we are all asleep I hear noises coming from down there like someone was moving stuff about. And also, while I was getting changed, I have this beautiful close-up glamour picture of Marilyn Monroe on my bed-room wall , and even though it was for a fraction of a second her smile widenned, like she was laughing. I don`t think that it is her. It couldn`t be, why would she want to get in contact with me?
djcaa (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-09)
incense is a good idea. If that doesn't help try salt, sprinkle it in every corner of the house and every doorway and every window in the house. And for a night put a glass of water near a window or door where you use the most, be it the main door or a window near the main door (I think you need to put salt around it) because its supposed to repel negative energies/entities.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-09)
Try burning some lavander, Rose, or Jasmine incense in your home and see if this helps. One not so friendly spirits can't stand to be around it and two if nothing else it smells good and your parents will be more excepting of it than the alternative of a cleansing ceremony. Good luck to you.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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