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I'm not really sure about where to begin this story, there is really no climax, just some strange experiences. My best friend and I had just moved to our new two bedrooms apartment that we were sharing. I guess we were there for a couple of weeks when strange things started to happen. The first thing I remember is my computer always turning itself off. It was not just a shutdown because everything would be off... the speakers, the printer, everything. I wrote this off, and thought maybe it was electrical problems, but then nothing else in the house would change (ie, the clocks were not reset). Since the day we moved in, we both noticed a strange feeling in the place, kind of like a heavy restless feeling, but I did my best not to connect these two ideas in any way, and decided it was just a new place, new town.

A couple weeks after that, things started to get more strange. My bedroom door would slam for no apparent reason. We tried turning the fans off, closing windows, turning off the central air... anything we thought might be contributing to this, but nothing helped. What made this even more strange is that we had very thick, plush carpet that met the bottom of the door, which would make it difficult for even a strong draft to slam the door. This continued, but we would only hear it, never see it. That changed one night when I was in my bedroom, getting ready to take a bath. I had just ran the bath water, and went back into the room (the room and bathroom were connected) to grab my robe. For some reason as I was digging through the pile of clean clothes looking for my robe, I felt compelled to look at the bathroom door. Just as I did, it slammed shut right in front of my face. I decided against my bath that night, and opted to sleep in my friend's room with her. She was more calm about the situation, but it was beginning to take a toll on me, and it seemed it all happened in my room. That night, we were sitting on her bed, talking about all of this, and from where I was sitting, my bedroom door was in plain view. We were talking, and it was odd, but it was like I knew my bedroom door was going to slam. I kept watch from the corner of my eye, but nothing happend. I decided to shake the feeling off, and focus more on the conversation. As SOON as I looked back at my friend, the door slammed louder than it ever had. I was through... I freaked out and was stern in my conviction not to go back in there any time soon.

I stayed in her room for a few days, and that is when it started in the kitchen. We were sitting in her room watching TV one night and I heard water running. I heard it but I payed no attention. We lived in a complex with over 250 units and with someone living above, below and on three sides, you tend to hear everything. After a while though, I realized that the sound was close, like it was coming from our apartment. I went into the hallway, and I could see into the kitchen... the faucet on the kitchen sink was on full blast. We racked our minds for the next twenty minutes to make sure neither of us had left it on... neither of us had used the sink.

A few nights later, we were getting ready to leave the house and as we were walking to the front door, I noticed my friend looking strangely towards the kitchen. Reluctantly, I turned to see what it was, and what I saw was the cabinet, where we keep the cups in, was open, and totally empty. Not one cup in there. We just looked at each other crazy and left. Later that night, we came home and I walked into my room to get something. As soon as I opened the door, staring my in my face was the kitchen cups. All over my bedroom floor. As can be assumed, my reaction was not a calm one, and at this point, my friend was scared as well. Until now, she kept calm and insisted that we ignore it, etc. Not any more.

We ended up moving out a few weeks later because of a job transfer we both received, but I cant say that I wasn't happy to go.

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Dee-J (11 stories) (65 posts)
5 years ago (2017-12-17)
This is probably one of the very first (if not THE first) stories I read on this site a couple of years ago but this is my first time commenting on it. It's actually one of my favorite stories so I do keep coming back to read it periodically. It has been over 11 years since this story was posted so my apologies for bumping an old thread.

I agree that the experience had to take a huge toll on your nerves. The spirit definitely wanted to get your attention to let you know that it didn't want you in it's space. The slamming of the doors was frightening enough, but it's the part with the cups that really got me, as much as it did you. That had to happen at some time when you and your friend were gone or maybe asleep at some point, otherwise you both would've heard something going on. Just imagine how it would've been if you had actually WITNESSED the cups being carried from the cabinet in the kitchen into your bedroom at the time! WOW! I bet that would've been something to see!

The spirit seems like a former tenant that either lived there or had some sort of ties to the place and harbored some bad energy, especially since you mentioned you felt a sort of restless feeling upon first moving in. I'm all too familiar to that feeling as I've experienced it on many occasions in my home too. The spirit in your story... It definitely wasn't residual - that was strictly active and intelligent.

Since this incident, have you had any more thoughts on your experiences there? Have you even followed up on any information on this particular location since then?

Very interesting story and thanks for sharing! I hope that you are still around this site so that you can share more thoughts on this.
burninginthechurch (1 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-17)
wow that seems very scary
i can imagion what its like
amazing story though 😁
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-17)
That is a wild one! Sounds like possible poltergeist. I wonder what the history of the apartment and the building where? I would definitely have been curious to find that out.

Have you ben back by there? Do you know anyone else in the complex? I wonder if it was just your apartment or the building.

thank you for sharing,

God Bless!
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-26)
Wow, Laurie, that must have been terrifying to go through. I'm glad that you and your room-mate got out of there. The spirit sounds hostile but not directly towards either of you. Luckily neither of you were hit by a slamming door or anything else.
jessy (6 stories) (35 posts)
15 years ago (2007-02-10)
It sounds like there was a spirit in that apartment who didn't want you taking over its territory. Whenever I move into a new place (which happens more often than I would like) I always make sure I know the history behind the place and make sure to do a cleansing ritual before I move anything in.
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
16 years ago (2006-12-31)
Well that story, I believe it cause it happens to a lot of people and ghosts do EXIST!! Well my mom would experience things like that in the blue house we used to live in and she said it was scary!! Well, as for you Hermione, that is a funny short story, very funny, not ghostly but funny.
hermione (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-26)
actully I have a short story for you,when I was a kid my dad had a girlfriend we moved in with her and since I was young I was upstairs playing with my doll then the door across the hallway shut and opend just enogh to peer out of, I was so scared when my eyes bugged out so hard it got blurry the door repeted its cycle and I tried yelling for my friend Nick he couldnt hear me so I got a little louder and the door slamed then I gatherd all my courage and nearly FLEW down the stairs, I ran down the stairs so fast I ran into Nick he saw that I WAS crying he asked me what was wrong and I said somthing was opening and closing the door so we went up there and opend the door turns out it was just the fan I still lagh about it!

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