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Something in our Villa


I recently went on holiday for a week with my boyfriend and my parents to fuerteventura (one of the canary islands). We rented a private villa and when we arrived I immediately did not like the room myself and my boyfriend were staying in. I got a very peculiar feeling that I had never experienced before; it was not a bad or frightening feeling, just an odd uncomfortable sensation. When we arrived we sat down in the kitchen for a cup of coffe. I remember sitting at the table and just glaring constantly into our room almost daring someone or something to walk past the door. It was odd because at the time I didnt know why I felt so uncomfortable there, as I had never previously experienced anything supernatural whatsoever. I just knew something was not "right".

Throughout the holiday I awoke continuously throughout the night; sometimes 4 or 5 times, with the feeling that someone else was in the room. I never had a decent nights sleep. One night I awoke right at the edge of the bed with the same familar feeling of a "third person" in the room. The little bedside table next to our bed was gently thudding against the wall. I watched it for a few seconds wondering what could be causing it, and I even shuffled right away from the side of the bed just incase there was any slight chance I was doing it myself. However, as I half expected, the table carried on thudding against the wall. It was not violent, just a gentle thud, and I did not get a frightening feeling at the time. To be honest I was that tired I thought nothing of it and fell back to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up my feelings of something "not right" in our room was confirmed, but for some reason I did not tell my boyfriend or my parents anything about it. After all, who has heard of a haunted modern spanish villa...? On the second night I woke up a lot more than usual because my back had got burnt that day and I was sore, so I kept a bottle of after sun cream on the bedside table so I could keep reapplying it throughout the night. One of the time that I woke up, I put some aftersun on my hand and leaned forward in the bed to rub it into my back. I just so happened to glance in the big long mirror we had on the wall along side the bed, and I saw something very peculiar. Even though it was dark in the room, I saw very clearly a tall thin man, and he was coming towards the mirror. He was quite a long distance away as if he was reflected from the bathroom coming into the bedroom. He was wearing black, but he had a long white frilly thing running down his middle; as if he was wearing a white frilly shirt and a black jacket. A bit like a dinner suit. His hair was strange, it was cut just above shoulder length but was curled up all around the bottom in a kind of bob, and it was ginger. This all happened in a matter of seconds. I turned around to look around the room but it was dark and appeared empty. I woke up my boyfriend to ask for the time and he said it was 6.30am. I asked him what time it would start getting lighter and he said he didn't know, so I turned on the light and eventually drifted back to sleep.

Later that morning I felt I had to mention all of this to my boyfriend and my parents, and I told them everything that had happened. That night was the last night, and I kept the light on but I couldn't get to sleep. I wasn't scared to be in there, but I didn't particularly want to see "him" again and I was scared to open and close my eyes. It sounds daft but as it was my last night there I was a bit worried he might do something to wind me up. So in the end we took all the bed clothes into the living room and slept on the sofas. Nothing happened that night and although I was on my guard a lot and woke up several times, I felt relieved to be out the bedroom.

We've been home for a few weeks now and the other day my boyfriend admitted that he had also had an experience. He said that one night when we were asleep he suddenly had a mini 4 seconds dream of a shadow of a man in our bathroom crossing the room to close the shower door, and then he woke up. He said he didn't want to tell me when we were on holiday in case it made things "worse" (by that I think he meant making my complaints of a man with ginger hair in our bedroom worse)!

I have emailed the company we rented the villa from to ask if any other guests had reported anything unusual in the villa, but I have had no reply.

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ginny77 (guest)
16 years ago (2007-03-09)
i have had strange fellings like being watched in
my own house but it's not forebidding like your's
claire (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-27)
Have you ever had a supernatural experience before? because before this, I hadnt. And whenever I watched documentarys on TV about ghosts or read "real" articles, I find them hard to beleive because I always thought "how can they possibly stay there, if I ever have anything like that happen to me I would be out the room like a shot" but untill it actualy happens to you, you dont know how you would react. All I can say is that I just wasnt scared. Im sorry I just dont know how to explain it to you. Youre right, anyone would assume that if this happened you would be terrified. But I just wasnt! admitedly I didnt stay in that room on the last night, but when I saw the man it somehow didnt shock me as much as you would think it would. I guess because I subconciously knew he was already there.
hermione (guest)
16 years ago (2006-11-26)
to tell you the truth I would tell someone about a strange feeling right away, I would do this because it might make you feel better and if I saw someone that I've never seen before in my villa I would scream but I'm also a chicken,(hahaha) also I would tell my parents they usaly know what to do.Maybe your strange feeling was just because the area was new or have you been there before? I am extremly interested in ghost storys like this so I am very interested in your story! p.s. I like how you described everything!

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