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Over the past few months, there has been an increase in noticeable activity at my house (large lot, lot's of room between neighbors). I made a comment on one of my other posts about a couple of incidents. These were that my bedroom door opened and closed itself while I watched from the bed, something knocked three consecutive times on my nightstand, and something pulled the blanket up off of my foot and moved it to the side. After these three incidents, which occurred one after the other (separated by around a day or so each), I've had several instances of hearing someone talk in the room. Once it was a male coughing accompanied with the sound of furniture moving around, and then some mumbling that I couldn't understand. One day I took a nap and didn't wear earplugs, and heard a couple of voices. The first sounded like part of a conversation that I couldn't make out clearly. The second, just a minute after that, was a clear woman's voice in my ear that said "more so". Don't know what that was all about. Had to put in earplugs at that point to finish my nap. Then, a couple of weeks ago, something shook me awake (I submitted this as a separate story, so I'll leave the details of this out).

More recently, I woke up about five days ago because the IHome docking station on my nightstand turned the display light on full blast. I have to sleep in total darkness, so this woke me up (not sure how long it was on before I woke). I hit the dimmer switch on the top of it until it went black again. Then, not long afterwards, I woke up and the display light was on again, but this time, on an intermediate light setting. I again turned it to the darkest setting, and then thought better of it and just unplugged the whole thing from the power supply in case some electrical event was causing that. Note: nothing else in the house showed signs of any power surges the next morning, and the microwave oven's display usually shows a special code at any power interruption however slight. This Ihome has not had any issues in the past, and nothing has happened after plugging it back in the next morning. Don't know if this event counts as anything, but thought I'd mention it.

Last night, I was sleeping with earplugs on and something a bit more malevolent happened. The first event that I consider to be 'bad', but only slightly. It was the wee hours of the night/morning and I was in bed, lying awake and thinking about things that aren't good - kind of like when you ruminate over regrets or things that have you worried, maybe some self pity thrown in for good measure - and you can't sleep for the bad thoughts in your head. As I was thinking about things, I had a voice in my ear that I heard muffled through my left ear plug that said "Boo hoo hoo" in a really sarcastic voice. I couldn't tell if it was a male or female voice, but it had a mean tone. It gave me something new to focus on, that's for sure! I've never heard of any thing responding to thoughts instead of spoken words before, but what this thing said certainly would fit a mean response to someone wallowing in self pity! Has anyone else heard of this?

I decided to submit this set of events so that I'd have a post that I could add to if more strange things happen.

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DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-07)
Hi spiritwaiting,

Thanks for reading through all of these events and giving some good ideas!

I have wondered if it was my late husband, but something just doesn't seem right about that. My late husband was such a kind person (loved by everyone the I know of that knew him) who had good things to say about everything (in all of our years together, I never heard him say anything negative about anyone). He had such a good sense of humor and was so fun to hang out with. It just doesn't fit his character to be here with the possibility of bothering me. I just don't feel like it's him. But I sure wish it was!

Your thoughts on the power cords are interesting. The reason being that I have moved the cords a bit over a month ago, and I haven't had anything happen for some time. I wonder if the activity stopped around the same time as I moved the cords.

Also had one other change. My husband and I got a new bed and removed the old bed (which was the same frame my late husband and I used). Don't know if there is a correlation there either.

I'll posted an update if anything starts up again.
spiritwaiting (34 stories) (805 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-06)

Wow! OK reading this and your updates,I'm Interested!

It's seems this shadow man is having a lot of fun messing with your sleep. Now he's showing himself to your husband.
And moving things!

For him to run to the bathroom and then peek back out is very interesting.

He's definitely showing signs of intelligence.

Do you think he could possibly be your late husband? Possibly checking in on you. The power cords may have sat too long and he was adjusting them for safety issues.

Maybe the lights correlate with the power cords in some way. Could it be that he was waking you to try to tell you about that.

I'm just simply putting these together, because the shadow man doesn't seem to want to hurt or spook either of you, and he doesn't want to be seen. He seems to be quite the busy body though!

Please keep us updated!
Thanks for sharing
DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-18)
Update: I'm becoming convinced that I have a standard, innocent, ghost/shadow man/haunting.

Night before last, I woke up to some extension cords and a power strip moving against my dresser and treadmill. It was loud and lasted for about 5-6 seconds. I was startled because I couldn't imagine how those cords, having been resting peacefully on the floor behind the furniture for the past couple of years, should decide to move.

I turned on the bedside light, looked around, saw nothing out of place, and decided to go back to sleep. I kept the light on so as to discourage 'my' shadow man from showing up, if he was the one responsible.

After a little while I felt comfortable and turned off the light so I could sleep better. About 10 seconds later, objects in my nightstand drawer shifted around, making a small racket.

That was the last insult to my sleep and I was a bit angry, so I loudly said "oh, come on! Let me get some sleep!". I kept the light off and just tried to get back to sleep, which I did. My husband didn't wake up due to my muttering.

Now, here's the part that gets me. The next evening my husband and I were talking about the previous night's sleep, and I tell him about these two things. He asks me what time that was. When I tell him, he said that about 15 minutes earlier he woke up for no reason and saw the shadow shaped like a man. He says it looked like it saw him looking at it and turned and started to run off. Then he fell back to sleep. If I remember right, this is only the second time my husband has told me he's seen this guy. My husband normally has no experiences.
DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-11)
My husband, who is basically a grounding rod and doesn't usually experience anything, told me today that last night he woke up and saw a dark shadow man in the hallway who then seemed to look his way and quickly duck into the bathroom. My husband said that he stared down the hallway after it went into the bathroom because he was confused about what he saw. As he was looking, he said that he saw it lean out the bathroom doorway and look down the hall and then duck back into the bathroom.

He told me this tonight after I told him that last night I got up at about 4 am to turn on the house fan because it was stuffy. The whole time I was walking in the dark (I usually don't turn on lights) I had the very strong feeling that I should not look into the kitchen as I walked by. So, I didn't look. I went straight to the living room, felt for the correct switch on the wall controller, and then hustled back to bed. I usually don't get strong negative feelings like that. Was not even curious to look and see if the feeling was valid, it was so strong.

Interesting that we both had weird experiences last night.
DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-01)
Red, thanks. That's a good idea. I'll keep you posted if anything seems to fit.
RedWolf (28 stories) (1260 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-01)
While you keep a log of things going on in your house think back on your deceased husbands' habits. My condolences by the way. Compare what is happening to what his habits were. If you find that a lot of things that he did are happening even if not at the same time he did them,it's probable he is there with you. Talk to him and let him know you are happy and remind him that he should cross over, but assure him that he is welcome to come back to visit.
DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-30)
I'm going to use this story to keep a log of things that happen in the house.

This morning at around 4am, I was lying awake in bed. I had to get up in an hour so I was trying to make myself fall back asleep.

A few things I have to mention before I describe what happened today: I sleep with earplugs and I have an air purifier and a fan on in the room, both of which add good background noise. Plus, my room is on the same electrical circuit breaker as some appliances in the kitchen, including the microwave oven. Whenever the microwave is turned on, the bedroom air purifier loses some of its power and you can hear the motor slow down significantly. It is like it can barely stay on. When the microwave shuts off, the air purifier goes back to normal.

So this morning, as I was in bed trying to fall back to sleep, I hear the air purifier power pull down like the microwave is on, through my ear plugs. I open my eyes and see bright light under the door and around the sides of the door, which is open a small crack.

I immediately think my husband must have gotten up early, and am surprised I didn't notice. Then I realize he is still asleep. And I look back to the door and it is pitch dark. No light whatsoever. The air purifier still sounds power drained, but over about five minutes, it slowly goes back to normal.

Totally a strange and spooky experience this morning!
DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-27)
Manafon1, thank you for your kind words and for the reference details. I'm ready to start a new book, so the timing is perfect for this.
Manafon1 (5 stories) (545 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-27)
DandK--I enjoyed reading your thoughtful responses on your recent account. I believe that the positive reading you have had of the "Boo hoo hoo" event says much of your own intelligence and personality.

If you are interested in reading the full case study I referenced in my initial comment, it can be found in the book "A Gallery of Ghosts: An Anthology of Reported Experience" by Andrew MacKenzie published by Taplinger in 1973. The chapter is titled, "Did Harry Price Return?" by John Bjorkem. The book can be found easily online for very reasonable prices.
DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-27)
About my dad's ghostly encounter while I've been away... He experienced the door opening on my bedroom. This is the door that I watched open and close itself while I was laying in bed.

It spooked him quite a bit, but it's not an event that I consider to be a big deal in the grand scheme of events at my house.
DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-27)
Shelbyloree, I have thought the same thing, and have spent some time trying to figure out what it could be. I have no clue.

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I do keep my late husband's ashes in this bedroom with me.

Red, I've thought about asking whatever it is to leave, but if it is my late husband, I don't want him to go. Plus, it's his house too, and I feel he has a right to be here.

Thank you everyone else that I haven't called out by name. I appreciate you reading my account and have thought about what all of you have said.
DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-27)
Noirheart, that is a very interesting experience you had. Did that voice also make you stop and turn around your thoughts as well?

I'm leaning towards thinking it may have been a guardian angel in your case perhaps saying it to you that way because they knew it would be high impact.
DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-08-27)
Manafon1, thank you for the reference and interesting account. I have always wondered about thought communication, so I will read this!

In a way, I wonder if this spirit was actually being sympathetic and helpful, as a person that knows me really well would probably behave to me.

When they said it to me, I did snap out of my funk because it startled me. After that, I started to look inward and ask myself what I was gaining with the negative talk. Why didn't I try a different approach and think positive thoughts whenever I found myself being negative? I used the memory of the voice saying boo boo boo as a reminder. It's turned into a really positive experience. I think about it often.
DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-23)
Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm away from home for the past couple of weeks with very limited internet access, so I'll respond in a week or so when I return.

I did get an email just now from my mom and dad who are watching my house. My mom said my dad had a "ghostly" experience at my house when he went over to check on things. She said she'd tell me about it when I returned.

Very interesting since neither he nor my mom typically experience anything, and I haven't been sharing all of my experiences with them.

Be back in a bit more than a week and will respond then.
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-22)
Those on the other side of life can and do pick up on our thoughts and intentions. So the "boo hoo hoo" you heard may have been just that. Sarcasm focused on your thoughts.
One of the most important things to remember is you own the home,
Claim your space and vocalize it loudly would be my suggestion. They can and will hear you.

Good luck and keep us updated
Best to you
Allicatt (5 stories) (68 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-21)
DandK, It seems you have been given some solid advice here, so all I want to say is try to stay positive! Light always out weighs darkness. And please keep us updated, just remember it is your home, don't let the tables become turned. Best of luck to you.
S2k (3 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-21)
First of all I would advise you to stop thinking negative if you are try not to give off bad vibrations it's better to just think positive but if you think it's paranormal just be calm if things continue the way they are I would try and talk to them but that's coming from someone who has never experienced anything paranormal but yeah as long as whatever it is that's going on doesn't get serious or worse I wouldn't worry
Tweed (24 stories) (2080 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-19)
Hi there DandK,

Want to echo all points made by Manafon, Noirheart, Shelbylorre and Red.

If you don't already please shield yourself and your home. I don't have an opinion one way or the other whether what's occurring is truly 'bad' or not. But if it makes you feel at all negative that ain't good, a good cleanse/shield is in order methinks.
RedBlackRosemama (34 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-19)
Sometimes it could be in your head which I hate to listen to that voice talking but there nobody evening dark room and you are alone and that really annoying. Which that voice say boo hoo sound mean or like a jerk.
RedWolf (28 stories) (1260 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-18)
Very interesting account. Have you told the spirits to leave you alone while you're asleep? Tell them if they can't abide by some simple rules they will have to leave. If you ever get a "bad" spirit tell it that it has to leave.

shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-17)
Sounds to me like something wants to get your attention but you keep ignoring it. It may be stepping things up a notch by sending the negativity directly to you (thoughts) and then responding to the thoughts in order to get a stronger reaction.

My guess would be the thoughts came from the same place as the voices, and the voices, odd occurrences and shadows are trying to tell you something. Whatever the thoughts were probably hold the answer; depressed person, unsympathetic spouse or relative, maybe.

A dwelling doesn't have to go to the extreme of death to leave an imprint of negativity, extreme emotions can do that too.
noirheart (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-17)
I had the exact same experience. I actually thought I was going crazy, enough to book to see a psychologist/psychiatrist. They ordered a brain MRI and blood work. All normal results. It was an isolated incident. I was having horrible depressive issues and thinking of harming myself. I heard an omnious voice whisper into my ear as if someone was right against my ear. The voice said "just do it". As in harm myself - a pertfectly timed response to my thoughts. This occurred over 6 years ago and has not happened since.
OCGirl (4 stories) (58 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-16)
Hi DandK;

Very interesting story. My thoughts are perhaps the spirit saw your facial expressions or body language & was making comment about what they were seeing you do. If that's the case, how very unsympathetic of them. Just my thoughts.

Thanks for sharing.
Manafon1 (5 stories) (545 posts)
2 years ago (2016-08-16)
Hi DandK--I found your latest account full of compelling incidents but was particularly interested in the voice you heard sarcastically responding to thoughts you were at that moment having. In a book I just finished reading, an intriguing account is given by Dr. John Bjorkhem, a Swedish psychotherapist. Way back in October, 1948 when Bjorkem was a young medical doctor, he was drawn into a paranormal case by a patient who had just been admitted for emaciation at the hospital he was then working at. This patient (only referred to by the pseudonym of Osten Erson) was also a Swede and only spoke Swedish, yet he claimed that deceased English psychical researcher and debunker Harry Price had appeared to him multiple times and had communicated with him by some form of telepathy.

This "silent" communication was made all the more intriguing because Price didn't speak Swedish and Erson didn't speak English, yet by some mysterious means they could understand the majority of their conversations together. Like your experience of having a voice impart, "Boo hoo hoo" in response to your thoughts, there is a telepathic element at work.

As many psychical researchers believe that the vast majority of communication between the living and the dead is telepathic, it stands to reason that a spirit could intercept some of a living persons thoughts. In your case this manifested as a voice sarcastically mocking your downcast thoughts. I guess your example proves that not all spirits are mature or sympathetic! Thanks for sharing your account.

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