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Was I Too Tired Or Was It An Unknow Force?


I do not know if I can call this a Haunt or a trick. We went to an Asian festival last month during the last week of the summer holiday. We went to a location where they had what they call "Kimodameshi", translated as to test your courage. Basically, it was a "man-made" haunted place, where there will be people dressed in ghost costumes to scare you as you walk.

During that event my friend and his girlfriend paired up, I paired up with my sister. We let the couple go first then after a few minutes, it was our turn. We had to get a stamp from the fake shrine but before reaching to the shrine, we had to walk through part of a park and part of a cemetery.

Each of us was handed a hand written map, which basically tell us to go straight and never turn left or right during the way to the shrine. I thought it was easy we joked and fooled around as the "ghosts" came out and trick us. There was the last passage to the shrine where it is a part of a cemetery, I was told by one of the staff there that there will not be any "ghosts" during the last passage and that we will need to watch our steps and not to trip over by branches and stones, OK, I think at this point we can tell that the whole attraction was for kids.

Suddenly, my sister turned over and said that she could feel someone is following us, I told her that it could be one of the staff there either watching us to keep us safe or will scare us at the last moment, she laughed and let it be.

We could see the candle lights from the shrine we thought we were close by, but suddenly my sister stopped and told me that she did not want to head to the lights I told her that we are close and that there would not be any "ghosts" any more.

She pointed at the map and said we need to go straight, the moment I realize I was heading away from the passage in to a bush and I was right in front of a pond, went I looked again there were no lights at all. Could it be a hallucination?

We went back to the right track and headed to the shrine, sister was pulling me to go quick, while I was still wondering why I had headed to the pond.

Could I be having a hallucination or was it something paranormal? I have looked up the location of the cemetery and found no haunting cases there basically its European look and it is linked to the garden park nearby, quite peaceful during daytime and it will be closed during nights, they had open part of the cemetery just for the festival. There were lots of decorations at the park area but they did not put any decorations at the cemetery part to respect the resting souls (Asian thoughts?).

After we reached the shrine my friend and his girlfriend kept saying that they saw us walking around at the same spot over and over again they were calling me and my sister's name but we both were not listening, all the sudden I was heading towards the pond.

I got a little scared hearing that, we drank that night but it was after the festival, we were not drunk at all when we were at the attraction, some of the staff said they were worried because none of the people at the attraction that night had took time as long as me and my sister did.

Do I have to go to a doctor or is it paranormal activity?

Love from São Paulo


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roylynx (19 stories) (547 posts)
11 months ago (2016-11-13)
Tweed, Thank you! I used to do the cleansing method that my grandmother's tribe do, mainly shamanism stuff. I hadn't done it this year since I was busy planning to go around, well, I think it's time for me to do some cleansing.

Thanks for reminding me Tweed!

Love from São Paulo

Tweed (22 stories) (2034 posts)
11 months ago (2016-11-13)
Roylyx, I'm sure you're aware of cleansings and shields. Do you ever shield yourself? I don't know what you experienced at the festival, whether or not it was good, bad, or indifferent. But certainly being electrocuted would put anyone on edge. I'm really sorry you had that happen. 😢
If you feel unsafe at the moment, it might be a good thing because fear can keep us safe. Do look into cleansing and shielding yourself, if you don't already. Rook has a great method on his profile, for the home. I recommend you do something similar on yourself too. 😊
roylynx (19 stories) (547 posts)
11 months ago (2016-11-13)
Tweed, Interesting yet logical! The two stories are very interesting too.
Well it was a park connected or nearby a cemetery. Well, noise? I don't think it was too noisy since the cemetery is nearby people in Brazil respect the dead ones, well at least my community do, so no yelling or noisy music around that night, so if my friends were calling us we should be able to notice at once, we hear the crickets though.
Well, if it was just me I can explain that it might be cost by my injury, I was electrocuted while fixing my friend's parent's microwave. But this time my sister was with me so she would have noticed but she told me that she did not hear anyone calling, very odd. If really my friends saw us going around the same spot why didn't they just come? I don't really want to know the reason but yes, this is one very odd experience so far, why do I have so many odd experiences this year? I feel a little unsafe.

Tweed (22 stories) (2034 posts)
11 months ago (2016-11-13)
Hi Roylynx,

This reminds me a bit of something Rook shared but I don't exactly know why.
And this:

On the surface there's very little comparisons to both those experiences and yours. Yet I couldn't help comparing a few things, all three experiences are shared by two people who explore obscurities in a defined area. Who then come away with an illogical sense of the area.

You experienced something bizarre, not hearing the others call for you, taking longer than average to finish the map. Your friends seemed to notice something odd was going on with the two of you. Personally, I think this was paranormal.
Was it noisy where you were when this happened? Is it possible you couldn't hear your friends call out because of noise? Often noises can disorientate us. If someone's already paying attention to something, like a map, then someone could momentarily lose their direction. Haha, how counterproductive!

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