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Something's Wrong With My Apartment


So this experience of mine is a continuous thing that is happening on my apartment. But first, let me tell you little about my location. I am living in a studio type apartment with my brother in QC (Quezon City). Our apartment is on the 2nd floor of a pink building near Araneta ave. Here in QC. It's not much of a luxurious type of dwelling unit and also not the type of poor quality.

So going back to my story,  me and my brother moved to this apartment last January. Nothing particular happened on the first month of our stay but things escalated after our parents visited us last February. Our plates, that was placed on the overhead cabinets, would suddenly fall down on the floor. The cabinet doors would swing open and the plates would all fell down on the floor. Me and my brother (being both engineers) created a rational explanation for this. We both said that maybe the cabinet doors were loose. So we removed all of our plates on the overhead cabinets and placed them on a plastic box and placed the box near the counter sink.

But it didn't stop there, our foods that we bought from the grocery or restaurant, would come flying off the table. This one time, me and my brother were both getting ready for bed when we heard a crash from our kitchen. I told my brother to check it out and he said that our leftover food that night was already on the floor. I was pissed off since I was planning to eat that the next morning. We don't have any pets that could cause that and the weird thing was that the bowl, where our food was contained,  was found a few feet away from the table.

We dismissed the thought of any supernatural activity that night to avoid scaring us both. But things got to a new level when a red liquid start to appear at our bathroom floor. My brother discovered the puddle of red liquid on the floor when he was about to use the bathroom upon coming home. He quickly washed the liquid away because according to him,  it was disgusting. I too have witnessed this red liquid but I quickly washed it away.

Now me and my brother are planning to move out of this apartment because we just can't take  anymore of this things but the landlord don't want us to move out.  Maybe because of the contract that we've signed with him. So I guess for the mean time, we will cope up and live day to day with these things happening in our apartment.

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horsesandghosts (2 stories) (4 posts)
10 months ago (2017-04-22)
I'm also curious what the red liquid. That's really creepy. 😨 😨
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
10 months ago (2017-04-21)
I second a rust problem, and probably a plumbing pressure problem too. If the previous owners had that problem, I wouldn't count on landlord following through. He's probably checked it already and probably too expensive for him to fix (water pressure issue or rusty pipes can be a nightmare to repair). And he probably just expects you to live with it. I suspect your bathroom may be the weakest link in the building, so you're probably getting the neighbors' backwash or something.

Dishes falling and stuff moving around could be caused by earth tremors. I'm in the Midwest in the US, and you wouldn't think it, but we have earthquakes here constantly. Some are barely detectable, but still there. You're on the Ring of Fire, right? You've probably lived with earthquakes forever, so probably no longer even notice them. Poor building construction (like not on the wall correctly), earthquake tremors, and depending on where you are in the building itself, all can contribute to the problem.

I wouldn't count on it getting fixed, if previous residents had the same problem. I wouldn't bother with a renewal.

A supernatural explaination may be poltergeist - you mentioned your parents' problems stressing out people and the flying dishes may be you or your brother unintentionally flinging stuff around. Since you don't get the creeps, I wouldn't worry about it.
RedBlackRosemama (34 posts)
10 months ago (2017-04-20)
Hi did someone say someone who live there before you have cancer? My question is why I ask cause some cancer person vomit/puke bloody due to cancer that I had seen some people throw up from chemo or bad cancer. If not then could be what other posters say about plumbers problem.
Spookie_ (guest)
10 months ago (2017-04-14)

The other day I was cleaning my bathroom/washroom taps and red liquid started coming out of them I used a toothbursh and a toothpick to get the rest out and I know for sure we don't have ghosts or a ghost in our house.
So its probably just something to do with the plumbing or rust that has formed and turned a red mucky colour.

Spookie- 😁
Zaruje (8 stories) (71 posts)
10 months ago (2017-04-14)
Hello everyone and again thanks for your comments.


Nope we don't have any plumbing problems since the day we started living here. I honestly hope that the red liquid thing that keeps on appearing on our bathroom floor is in fact a result of a pipe problem cause keeping up with all of this is really taking it's toll on me and on my brother. So far, the only info I got from the other tenants about the family that used to live here, was that they didn't stay long. Probably because they experienced the same things too. Thanks for leaving a comment and I appreciate your suggestion


Believe me when I say I would prefer logical explanation for everything that is happening in our appartment than paranormal ones (coz I'm a scaredy cat). About the foods flying off the table, I just really don't know how to reason it out logically especially if it happens during daytime. And for the plumber, he's still a no show since last week so maybe we'll get our own guy to fix our bathroom. Thanks for taking the time to read my story and for your logical explanation to the problem. I really appreciate it.
valkricry (39 stories) (2793 posts) mod
10 months ago (2017-04-14)
I can offer you logical explanations for most of what you're experiencing, as over the years I've had similar events, but I can't say for certain that my answers are yours. Sometimes things look alike but are vastly different. I can only offer what I've found as my answers.
1) Dishes falling.
I understand you are both engineers, however did you check to be sure the cabinets are still plumb with the wall? In my case, looking at the cabinets head on, it looked normal. But dishes kept sliding out of it, even though the doors weren't loose. It turned out, the moorings that fastened it to the wall were very slowly working their way loose, causing the cabinet to have a very slight pitch, and gravity did the rest. I'd mention it to the landlord.
2) The food on floor
I know you said no pets, but are you sure the building has no mice or other animals that might gain access? Most items have a bit of 'bounce' when they hit the floor. Depending on the material the bowl could have 'bounced' that distance.
3) The red liquid
Water often picks up color looking red, or brownish while seeping through building materials or old pipes. Check the surrounding surfaces for dampness when this liquid shows up. It could be from the sink's pipes, the toilet's base (where it connects to floor) or even from the walls. With apartments the cause might be located elsewhere but showing up in your bathroom. Start with the liquid itself and work outwards. It's possible your just dealing with some seepage, and not something totally creepy. I just saw where the landlord is having a plumber come around - good!
spiritwaiting (34 stories) (805 posts)
10 months ago (2017-04-14)

Do you by chance have any plumbing problems in the apartment? Toilet not flushing completely, or drains that smell?

The reason why I ask is because the red liquid could possibly be red mud mixed with sewage.

I've dealt with horrible stinky sewage problems many times. Just a thought. 😊

Have you tried asking the landlord if there had been any accidents occur before you and the roommate moved in?
With a previous tenant/tenants?

That could be of a little help.

Sounds to me like an angry or upset spirit, maybe even a spirit trying to get your attention for one reason or another.

Best wishes & Thanks for sharing

Spookie_ (guest)
10 months ago (2017-04-13)

Your welcome, I'm also a scaredy cat hehe, I'm going to try to find more info but in the mean time keep us updated. Stay safe (really wish the ghost busters were real)

-Spookie 😨
Zaruje (8 stories) (71 posts)
10 months ago (2017-04-13)

Thanks for the info. I hope it's not a ghost or anything coz I'm a scaredy cat hehe. But if it is a poltergeist, then I guess I need a priest to do some cleansing or exorcism in this apartment. Anyways thanks.

Spookie_ (guest)
10 months ago (2017-04-13)

I've been trying to figure out what this red liquid is and I came to one story, about a family who moved into a house and started to discover liquid ooze (not sure if it was red) on their kitchen floor and then they soon discovered it to be the cause of a poltergiest. So I strongly believe that the red liquid is the cause of a ghost (hopefully I'm wrong though).

-Spookie 😨
Zaruje (8 stories) (71 posts)
10 months ago (2017-04-12)
Hello everyone thanks for your comments.

I don't know what the red liquid is and it keeps on appearing on our bathroom floor. We told the landlord about it and he said that he will get a plumber and fix it.

Nope we don't have a microscope. But I can describe it to you in one word and that is disgusting. Why? Because it looks like someone or something puked it on our floor.

I started asking the other people living on the other units and they said the other family who used to live in this apartment got the same problem that's why after 6 months they moved away. The landlord's daughter (ate carol) would also tell us that this apartment is haunted, that there was once a family who lived here with a son and died of cancer. I don't know why but everytime this things happen (the plates, foods and the red thing on the bathroom), we don't get any goosebumps or anything. I know it's weird but that's what we really feel.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story everyone.
lady-glow (9 stories) (1731 posts)
10 months ago (2017-04-12)
Oh my!
Would it be possible to take pictures and/or a video of the red fluid in the bathroom and share it with us?

I assume your dishes are plastic, good idea, it'd be expensive to replace them every time they fly off the cupboard... Secure the pots and pans and, please, don't leave any knives laying around.

Have you try doing a cleansing, other than cleaning up the mess of food on the floor?

Have you asked the neighbors if they know the history of the apartment?
Do you sense a change on the energy of the room before/during/after the disturbances take place? I'm puzzled at the fact that you don't mention what your gut feeling tells you when you are there. 😐
RCRuskin (7 stories) (297 posts)
10 months ago (2017-04-12)
I would certainly not renew my lease on such a place. I'm curious what the red liquid is as well. Do you think you could give us a better description of it?

Also, you and your brother being engineers, a bit far fetched here, but do you have access to a microscope that you could use to look at it?
Spookie_ (guest)
10 months ago (2017-04-12)

I wonder what that weird red liquid is? You should look up some info on the building you live in if you haven't already. Also the "ghost" or whatever it is might hate your style of plates and thinks you have a bad taste in food (lol) If it starts getting worse I would recommend moving or if you love that apartment sage it.

-Spookie 😨

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