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Journals... Oh, So Important!


Since a very young age I have know that some of my dreams either come true, or can convey a message of some sort. Although I don't consider this to be an ability, it is always interesting when some event I dreamt about happens in real life.

At some point, I decided that it would be a good idea to record my dreams in a journal as soon as I woke up in the morning and before forgetting about my nightly adventures. I do it the old fashion way, and I have filled several notebooks that now are piled up in a corner of my closet.

Now, a little background to my experience.

By cultural reasons, it is impossible for me to call my mother-in-law "Mom", this problem was solved once my children were born and I had a reason for calling her "Grandma", so, that's the way I'll refer to her in this story.

Grandma was a very independent and healthy woman living on her own until she turn 90 years old, after that, she went to live in a nursing home in a community about 350 km away from the place I live in. Over the following years, Grandma's health began deteriorating and it was obvious that her end was approaching.

Though we used to visit her regularly, the distance was always something to consider in case of an emergency and I had come to terms with the idea that, every visit could be the last time I saw her alive.

The following is the entry to my journal dated October 10th, 2017.

"I went to visit Grandma. I'm surprised to see the many stairs in the building considering that, given their old age, most of the residents have mobility problems. Nevertheless, Grandma looks in great shape and has no problems going up and down all those stairs.

I walk with her to her room and help her to get into bed, once she is asleep I kiss her on the forehead and leave the room.

Then I walk to the lobby and spend some time socializing with some other people. When I'm getting ready to go home I see B (my husband), and G (brother-in-law) walking hurriedly towards the front desk. They look worried. A nurse leads them towards their mother's room.

I try to reach them but my legs are as heavy as lead. I'm afraid that the worst has happened and reflect on the fact that I was with Grandma just a moment ago and, perhaps, that was our last goodbye.

After a great effort, I get to the front desk and they tell me that Grandma fell down and broke a hip."

Grandma passed away in her sleep in October 11th, 2017 at age 95. My brother-in-law was at her side.

Do you consider this a precognitive dream or do you think Grandma came to say goodbye?

Thanks for reading.

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Melda (9 stories) (793 posts)
1 week ago (2018-01-14)
lady-glow - Thanks for your kind comment. I love your cool calculation, wittiness and sense of humour 😊

Regards, Melda
MrRiggs (5 stories) (73 posts)
3 weeks ago (2017-12-28)
Lady-glow, I share your sorrow regarding the passing of your beloved Grandma. I know this is a difficult time but let us be grateful for a very long life so well lived. Passing in her sleep was also a blessing.

Dreams, I believe, are a complex subject. There are, of course, numerous types. Among other things they serve as a delivery service for important messages.

As you were given information about a coming event, your dream certainly had a precognitive component. The world of dreams is not set in stone as the physical world tends to be. Nothing says a dream can't serve two functions. I think you were also given a chance to bid farewell to your loved one.

During my life much psychic information has come through dreams. Without a doubt they can serve many functions and are little understood by most of us. My own deceased mother forewarned me of my sister's passing in a dream. Two days later my sister was gone.

That you were forewarned and given a chance to say goodbye was a blessing that helped give you closure. You were fortunate.

I hope this is helpful to you.

roylynx (24 stories) (617 posts)
4 weeks ago (2017-12-24)
Oh no... So sad...
Yes, just like most of the comment made, I felt a special bond too... Really reminds me of my own grandmother too... I suddenly remembered the night before my grandmother passed away, it was breezy and dried. I felt a very calm warm wind and it is that moment that my father received a call from the hospital that it is our last chance to speak to her... Oops... Tear alert

Senhora, your grandmother sure have a special bong with you, be strong and stay strong for her, most important you shall smile for her and have more happy time for her, that is the way we show love to our beloved ones.

Hope my words can calm you

lady-glow (9 stories) (1696 posts)
4 weeks ago (2017-12-24)
Guys, thanks for your kind words of condolences, I really appreciate them.❤

Jubeele: though we didn't spend much time together, I learned to love Grandma and I know she cared for me too. And the fact that my immediate and extended family in Canada are so small, made me consider her like the glue that keeps the family together.

We used to spend the holidays together and visit her several times a year. During those visits, she and her children could spend hours talking about their life in the farm they used to have in Saskatchewan, and about their family, their friends and their neighbours.

I don't know if my husband dreamt about Grandma's passing, he hardly remembers his dreams, or if he somehow sensed his mother's presence at the moment of her death, if he did he hasn't told me.

Following Grandma's wishes, there was no wake not a funeral service for her.
I wonder if, somehow, Grandma was aware of how important it was for me to have the chance to say a last goodbye, to find closure.

Melda: you are right, it was wonderful to be able to kiss Grandma's forehead one last time even in a dream.
During the last visits, more than once I wondered if Grandma still remembered me. It wasn't easy to see her struggling to recognize her own sons, or to hear her talking about bygone times as if it were the present. But she had her good moments and sometimes she was her old self.

I know moving on would have been more difficult for me if I haven't had that last time with her.

Thanks for thinking so highly about me.

Caz: thanks for your kind words.
Caz (231 posts)
4 weeks ago (2017-12-23)
So sorry for your family's loss Lady-Glow! As for your question, perhaps it could have been a bit of both and perhaps Grandma chose you knowing you would be more receptive. Just my thoughts!
Melda (9 stories) (793 posts)
4 weeks ago (2017-12-23)
lady-glow - Yes I believe you were allowed to have your personal goodbye and Grandma wanted it that way. She must have felt a very special connection to you.

How fortunate you were to have that wonderful experience. No matter how much she loved her sons and grandchildren, she chose the one special person who could understand and appreciate that very special farewell.

You say she was a strong, independent woman, even at the age of over 90! To my way of thinking she probably lived a good, fulfilled life. (Obviously I say that without knowing her at all.)

You have always come across to me, although only knowing you through YGS, as a strong, feisty, caring woman with a sense of humour second to none. Obviously she recognised those qualities in you and could relate to them.

My condolences to you and your family on her loss but, as we both know, that certainly isn't the end of her journey ❤

Regards, Melda
Jubeele (9 stories) (467 posts)
4 weeks ago (2017-12-23)
Dear lady-glow, my sincere condolences for you and your family's loss.

You've posed an interesting question. I've read through your account three times and then meditated a bit on it. So here are my thoughts.

I'm leaning towards the dream as precognition or a foretelling. It is my feeling that somewhere in your subconscious mind, you knew her time had come and it was warning you of that eventuality. Perhaps it was so you can be better prepared to help support your husband and other members of the family when the news came.

My questions are just for you to consider and you don't need to answer it. Were you very close to Grandma? Was the relationship between your mother-in-law and your husband/brother-in-law even closer? The reason why I ask is that a dream message from Grandma may be more likely if there is a blood family tie. Wouldn't she have reached out first to one of her sons to farewell them in a dream?

I'm thinking that you'd be more likely to have a dream message from her after her passing. Perhaps as a way to comfort or reassure, or just to check on how you're doing. I get dream "visits" from people who has passed from time to time, but more as a series of images.

This is how I made my assessment. Someone else may have another take on this though.

Take care. Warmest wishes to you and your family. ❤

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