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Ever since I was little, I've always lived with my grandparents. My grandpa has a lot of medical problems, and the house was always uneasy with worry. His parents were from Italy, and died in the 70's. Since the day he was admitted into the hospital, a lot of weird things have happened in my house. Whenever I talk about them, I find that more stuff happens that night, and I can never get any sleep, so I can expect little to none tonight.

At the top of our stairs, there is a plastic hinged gate, so my niece and nephew don't get hurt. One night, my grandma and I were the only ones home, and we heard the gate clearly slam close twice, but we didn't hear a single footstep on the stairs, and no matter how light someone is those stairs creek. My grandmother thought I was asleep, and didn't say anything until I asked, "Did you hear that?" Neither of us knew what it was, and we got worried that someone might have broken into our house, but then I reminded her, that no matter what, we should have heard the footsteps on the stairs or in the hallway.

One day I was home alone doing some paperwork, and I looked into the living room, where my two dogs were. One was lying on the couch, and the other on the floor. They were vacantly staring into the corner of the room where a fireplace is. Suddenly, their heads moved as if they were following something, and then the hair on their backs stood up straight. Just as that happened, I saw a big black blob float from the living room, into the room where I was sitting, and then disappear once it got to the seat next to me. I called my sister crying hysterically, but she didn't believe me and thought I was seeing things.

Later on, I was talking with my grandma about what I had seen. I said, "It was like someone's shadow, but no one there to cause it." To which she replied, "I have seen lots of shadows around in the corner of my eyes, too."

That night, I was cuddling on the couch with my friend who was already asleep. I looked out the double doors into the kitchen, when I saw a big white blob of mist. It looked like a woman in her 50's, in a beautiful big flowy dress. As soon as I blinked she disappeared. I did, however seen a lot more shadows around. Bigger ones, but not misty, more shadow-like.

The next day, I was in the shower when I suddenly felt a sharp, burning pain in my arm. I looked down, and I had big, bloody scratch marks on my arm. There was nothing that could've scratched my arm in the shower.

Yesterday, I was looking through some old photos and I found a picture of a couple that looked somewhat familiar mainly the woman. When I looked closer, I realized that it was the misty figure that I saw. I still haven't worked up the nerve to ask my grandma who it is.

As I was writing this, my dogs huddled into the corner of the room, where my Nana's (who died in the past March,) recliner is. They started whimpering and shaking. Just as they began to bark, I smelt something bone-chillingly familiar. My Nana's Taboo Perfume. We have all of her belongings in the attic.

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AloveB85 (2 stories) (31 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-11)
get the history of the house, try to find out if anything happened in the house to casue this activity. Do not engage the spirits, or invite them back if they have left you alone, you never know what that can bring around.
Do you have a water source near your house? Lake? Pond? River? Stream? I've heard water sources bring in different types of activites.

Pets are very sensitive to the paranormal, you definatly have something if your dogs are reacting as they are. Please let me know if you find anything out.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-10)
Hmmm I'm trying to think why all this activity has sprung up, perhaps negative energy, although you have mentioned that you have seen a photo of someone you believe was the spirit witnessed in the kitchen, please try find out who this lady is. I am in agreement with anne_k92 here in thinking there maybe more then 1 spirit residing in the home, the scratching is not a good sign, normally you would have witnessed and experienced quite a few more things before something like that happens. I would try find out who the woman is, also home and land history, and possible reasons why you think these things are happening.
You mentioned that you smelt your nana's perfume, this is a good thing I experience the exact same thing every now and then and it always puts a smile on my face. 😊

Good luck to you and thank you for sharing your story.

anne_k92 (4 stories) (31 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-10)
something outside your grandparents house might have come inside I think, and you mean you smelled perfumed or something like flowery smell? It often related to spirit though... Perhaps there are two entities in the house, the old lady didn't hurt you right? The second one might had been the one hurts you. Try ask your grandma if she know anything about the history of the house, and asks for a priest blessing and tried to spread salt all around the house to keep something outside away. Please be save and may god bless. Anne

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