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Even Stranger Than That


It started like any other night, my boyfriend and I had laid down to go to sleep. I was still at that groggy stage where I knew what was going on around me, but I just didn't care. That's when I felt a jolt run through my hand, like someone had grabbed me. (I never, ever sleep with anything off the bed. Not my feet, arm, hand, not even a toe. I don't know why tonight was any different.)

I propped myself up on one arm to see what had woken me, and honestly, I wish I hadn't. Sitting right behind my boyfriend was a girl (about 13 years old) with long black hair, paper white skin, and bright almost neon green eyes. She just stared at me with one of those ridiculously big, terrifying smiles that you see in movies involving people who have gone insane. She didn't move or talk, and I just remember thinking that I needed to wake my boyfriend up so he could look at her and tell me I wasn't going crazy myself.

After shaking him a few times he finally wakes up. At first he was kind of pissed because it had to be at least 3 in the morning, but then he said he saw the fear in my eyes, and felt my heart beating in the bed. I broke eye contact with the girl for only a second to tell my boyfriend what had just transpired, but when I looked back up she was gone. At first I just wrote it off as some kind of trick of the eye, and went back to sleep.

Soon morning came, and I went to grab my necklace (which I always sit next to the bed, and its always clasped shut so I don't lose the pendent) but it was gone! I looked on the floor, all through out the room, and bathroom, we looked everywhere for three days straight. Finally, we gave in and figured it would show up.

Well, after we had determined that it was nowhere to be found, we walked into my boyfriend's cousin's room and there, laying in the doorway, his cousin found my necklace. My boyfriend and I were surprised, and even weirder than that, I took a closer inspection of it and it was still clasped shut, but now there was a big knot in the chain. For there to be a knot in it someone would have had to unclasp it, knot it up, and clasp it together again.

Fortunately, that was the last I saw of the girl, but every now and again I'll feel strange, and I'll think of her. Standing behind me. Waiting for something that I don't think will ever happen. Who knows.

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sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-01)
Hi imhereforascare, with only one experience, it is quite difficult to comment about your sighting. Try to investigate about the history of the house and ask neighbours or others, if they have sighted an apparition that you saw. The loss of necklace on one particular day and your discovering it the other day is quite strange and that too in a different location. Well, you can ask your boyfriend's cousin or some others, who are living in the house, if they have experienced any such things as loss of their belongings and again it showing it up somewhere.

Please try to inquire and post it in the site. It could give us some clue.

But with very limited input, it is quite difficult to classify.

Regards and respects to you.

lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-28)
My first thought was that you were experiencing sleep paralyses, but you were able to move so that would be out of the question. 😕
The girl you saw sounds so...familiar? White dress, long black hair, creepy smile, three in the morning...cliche?
Let me ask you something: Did you and your boyfriend feel any change on the energy of the room?
Do you know the history of the house or the land where it is built?
As for knot on chain of the necklace, I have seen many clasped chains getting knots, specially the skinny ones.
I hope you do not see the girl again.
Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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