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I moved to my Grandma's house for a while when I wasn't sure what to do in life. She lived where it was quiet and it would allow some peace for me, seeing I'd just been out of a bad situation in life due to my naïve mind set then. I was recovering. Moving to Grandma's was a good choice because my Grandparents were very stable and I could learn from them, however, I hated their house. It wasn't that it was ugly or anything of the sort. It was the fact that when they moved in 7 years back I always felt like someone was watching me there. I always felt some presence, and I was the one that first moved them in the house and stayed for the first week to help them move in. Other than that, I visited every year and stayed for a week or more. The place I always hated the most was the hallway that connected to the bathroom, computer room, and laundry room. I always felt that was where that uncomfortable presence came from. I always ignored it though. Nothing ever happened; it was just an uncomfortable feeling.

When I moved into Grandma's it started to act up. Whenever I was up late doing whatever I was doing and everyone was asleep, I could feel it watching me. Just simply watching. Within a couple of months, creepy things starting happening. My aunt came to visit, sleeping in her old room. While I was watching TV in my room, the door opened. I thought it might be my aunt, seeing that our rooms are right next to each other. When the door opened, there was no one there. I was surprised yet stunned. I thought it was her fooling around. I walked out to her door that was slightly open. I went in there and shouted "HA! Gotcha!" and pointed. To my surprise she wasn't in her room. She was in the shower so it couldn't have been her. I felt like an idiot. However, I forgot and moved on. Then, by the end of her stay, when I was in the living room, she came up to me. She stared at me, and then said "no..." I asked what she meant. She said "No, it couldn't have been you. The door to my room opened... You couldn't have made it here this fast. This is creepy. "She doesn't like talking of ghost, so I didn't say anything. She hates ghost so much that the experiences she has, she will never talk of.

Weeks and months after she left, the door continued to open on its own. From that, I imagined this spirit as someone who didn't like the doors closed, of course... But someone likes who... A parent perhaps? I began to put things together. Or maybe he didn't want to be left alone? My Grandparents were the second owners of the house. I asked my Grandma about the last owners. They were an Italian family. Kids had been raised in the house. I stayed in what seemed to be the room of the son, and my aunt's room was that of the daughter's room. On the cement way to the front door, the family had put their names in the cement. This family must have been very connected to the house. It was said that the mother passed away, and then later the father died, so it was up to the children to sell the house.

Whenever I was alone, I felt a masculine presence. I felt it was perhaps the father who owned this place. Maybe. But whoever it was started to become frustrated that I wasn't contacting it. Candle flames were weird whenever his presence was around. The creepiest part was when I asked in my head once, when I was going to sleep, "You are here watching me, aren't you?" I happened to be looking at the candle I lit that night to sleep, and its flame right then and there went up about a good inch or more. I could feel him right next to the candle. Our dog got scared; her tail was wedged so far in. She started to cry and ran out. She is a very aggressive pit bull, so I find it odd when she wipers out of the room. She has growled at it before, but normally she gets scared and will cry and cry tell you let her out. It gets so mad when I don't try to contact it, I can feel the tension. Sometimes lights will violently go out, and work when someone else would come in the room. Once, a light bulb burst when I could feel it following me.

One night, I had a dream. I didn't know it was a dream because everything was so real. I woke up from my bed, looking at the candle I normally lit. It was a small candle and had already gone out. I saw smoke arising from the wick. It must have been around 3am. I hear my grandpa snoring as usual, and grandma is groaning because he is loud. I am still nicely warm in my covers. I see a butterfly fluttering over me. It's a shadow butterfly, kind of like a shadow person. I see it and remember "Oh, yeah! My friend's mom says she sees a black butterfly whenever there is death or something like that!" I start trying to catch the butterfly, but can't because it is rather energy or a spirit, so I stop and look at it. It flutters around as if saying, "Follow me. Come." So I get up peacefully, while feeling positive and say, "Okay! I will!" I follow it like in some daze. As I come to the place I hate the most of the house (The hall way to the laundry room and computer room), I see a cloud of vapour form. I always felt the presence more in that spot of the house. I stop and look. From the vapour, I see a man come out. He made his way out from the laundry room where the attic happens to be. I feel like maybe something is in the attic. He is tall, white, with balding curly hair, wearing a normal white t-shirt and jeans. Also, he is out of shape. He is about in his late 40's. He just stares at me dead on. Looking right at me without saying a word. It was like meeting someone in person or looking at a photograph. I saw every aspect of his face. His face seemed to have no emotion. I start to yell "Get out of here!" and go to hit him. I was terrified. But nothing I do affects him. I start to cry. Maybe he was bound to the house? Then, I just admit there is nothing I can do and continue to follow the butterfly to the living room. When I follow the butterfly, I look out to the front door and see some weird shadow crouching over the front door. The butterfly continues to fly out the house, and then I awoke because in my dream, I hear my Grandpa's alarm go off. I hear him complain, and then I wake up, and continue to hear him complain from my bed as if I were always awake. The dream: BEEP BEEEP BEEEEP BEEE- "Ugh... It's time to wake-" Reality: EEP BEEP BEEEP (Alarm clock is hit off) "-up. I'm going to sleep a little more."

I believe that the butterfly was trying to let me see what was bothering me. I left the house and moved in with my boyfriend. But I never helped whatever the spirit was. Sometimes I wonder if I should go back... But its presence really threw me off. I am too sensitive to these things and get frightened easily. But maybe the spirit really needed help? I still wonder as I write this.

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Vivacity (2 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-11)
I believe in certain spirits helping others. I think that the butterfly is a spirit (of some kind) who was helping me see the spirit in my grandma's house. It doesn't live there. It's the old man who lives there and wanted me to communicate with him. Who knows, but the spirit didn't want to leave. Sorry about your interest in the butterfly... But it comes when it does and leaves. At the same time, thanks for your interest in the story.:)
Lucho (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-11)
Me and the Fantasma team, read your posting with much interest and we would love to document your story, see if we can catch that Butterfly and more on our night vision cameras. We love to explore and face the creepy and unexplainable.


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