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Spirits In My Room 2


This story is a continuation from my last story. After I moved out of my old bedroom and into my new room which is right next to my old room things quietened down. For once in like four years I was able to sleep peacefully in my room in the summer time (since most of my experiences happen during the summer). But that peaceful summer didn't last too long, once school rolled in. I was in my 11th grade year in High School and the year started off well until about half way through the school year.

One night I was on the computer in my room and my bed which was behind me started creaking as if someone was getting on my bed. Remembering that this happened before in my old room I turned around and nothing was there.

For the next few months I would hear the same thing as if someone was getting on my bed. After a while I noticed that it was happening only on one the corner of my bed. So one night I decide to wait and see when the ghost/spirit would get on my bed again. It was about 12am at night. I started to hear the bed creaking at the corner of the bed were I usually heard the bed creaking; the bed began to sink down as if someone was just sitting there, after a few minutes the indentation was gone. I got used to this because I never got a creepy feeling from it nor did I ever feel like I was being watch.

A few weeks went by it was a Friday night and I was going out to watch a movie it was the "Grudge 2" with my friend and sisters. But I left 15 minutes into the movie because I had this cranking headache that wouldn't go away. I went home it was only 9pm but I still felt sick so I went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and everything was just spinning. When I was finally able to get my head straight I looked over at the corner of my bed. There was a man sitting at the corner of my bed I could only see his back but he was wearing some sort of tuxedo because he was dressed in black from what I could see. He also had one hand on his head and he was shaking it, as if he was worried and it also sounded as if he was crying. I was too scared to ask or say anything so instead I just turned over and just went back to sleep. After that incident nothing happened during the rest of my 11th grade school year.

During my 12th grade year I met my girlfriend and told her about my experience. She wasn't all in to ghost like I was so my stories didn't bother her too much. As some people may know I'm very scared of the dark and hate sleeping on the edge of my bed (due to past experience with sleeping by the edge of the bed). My girlfriend would come and sleep over during the weekend and I would have to sleep by the edge and not by the wall. Every morning mostly Saturday I would get attacked by an unknown entity. My body would sink into the bed. I also felt as if someone was holding down my arm. I would try to fight back but it was useless I also tried to call out for my girlfriend but nothing would come out. It would last about 30 seconds and it happened about the same time every morning my girlfriend would sleep over. I didn't tell my girlfriend about it at the time because I didn't want to scare her.

After a while I decided to look up what these weird attacks in the morning were (since this was my first time ever experiencing anything like this). I found out it was either sleep paralysis or a ghost was sitting on me. I've only heard of this and never expected it to happen to me. What made it weird was that it only happened when my girlfriend was around. So I was even more scared of the dark and my room again. I couldn't get used to what was happening but braced myself every morning my girlfriend slept over.

One particular incident was different. I heard whispering in my ear so I woke up and as I woke I felt about three hands trying to pull me off the bed. I grabbed on to my girlfriend just before it could pull me closer to the edge of the bed. I shook and pinched her trying to wake her up; I couldn't talk or yell because it felt like someone was choking me. After maybe about 15 seconds she finally woke up and turned around and asked me, why I was pinching her. I didn't say anything to her but just held on to her because I was still very scared. After that incident I finally told her of what had been happening. I now sleep by the wall and still do to until this day.

I haven't been bothered much by the spirit since I graduated from high school in 2008. My grandfather is a Buddhist and he lives with us and he cleansed the house shortly after he moved in. Even though the spirits are still in the house they don't bother me nor have I been "attacked" in the morning since then. They still occasionally try to communicate with me whispering in my ear every now and then, my nights are now pretty peaceful but I'm still afraid of the dark. Just to clarify about my morning attack it didn't happen every weekend but from a span of 5 months on Saturday morning around 10am it happen, at least once out of every month it didn't happen.

Thanks for reading I'll try to post up more stories if I can remember them all

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