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Ever since I was little from when I was eight years old, I have never really talked about them too anyone as my mum has only started believing me now. But after reading some stories on here I can, share my experiences. And believe me there have been many more than the ones I am about to share with you lot.

I was eight going to the toilet on the way back to my room in the corridor I turned, around there was a lady standing there I said hello and she walked into The wall and disappeared. I realising what happened ran too my bed and hid under the covers all day.

Second time my parents always used to catch me just staring into air up the bannister of the fourth landing, I never said anything but there was a girl always staring back and I just walked off when being caught. One day me and my sister where playing up there but I never liked it up there so I came back down, too the third landing corridor. And my sister was shouting down at me too come play where this little girl always stood. As she was shouting she fell over the bannister and came flying into me we both ended up being knocked out but weren't seriously injured.

Like I said only recently my mum started believing that all this just wasn't my imagination. It was eight o'clock in the evening. My mum could hear knocking but I couldn't an hour later, we both went to bed I had this dream that this old man was giving my mum and Nan something that everybody had forgotten about that he wanted them to have. He also mentioned he passed away when somebody was three and before he went he said too my mum in my dream sorry for the knocking. Next day when I described him too my mum her face went pure White she said that was my great grandad she had only seen him in pictures because he passed her way when her dad was three years old. She also said the day that her very own dad passed away, she thought she saw her dad with the same man checking on her for a few seconds and then they were gone.

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gabbyandme (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-02)
wow! I love your stories... I wrote a story too when I went for a trip to indonesia, I hope you can find it... Btw, I felt goosebumps reading this story o urs... I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR STORY! 😊
ams112700 (27 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-02)
oh wow that would be pretty scary to have a dream that was telling you everything that happened!

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