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The House On Tres Abril


This story happened when I was 12.

My family lived in Manila, then. And my eldest brother, a civil engineer, frequently goes to Cebu city for a construction project. After a month, he decided to rent a house - I can't remember the exact location - though, it is 15 minutes away by car from the city proper. I do remember that the street on which the house stood was named Tres Abril.

On the summer of 1980, I went to Cebu to attend a National Youth Camp sponsored by our church (we are from a protestant group.) My parents thought it would do me good to get there one week before the camp activities so I could get to visit the beaches, and the historic landmarks in the province. For a whole week, I was to stay with my brother in his house on Tres Abril.

The house was very comfortable and well ventilated. There were even plenty of trees within its compound, and I was seriously contemplating asking my father if I could transfer my studies to Cebu. I was an incoming High School Freshmen, and the change in environment could do me well. So, we went out for lunch, and my father and my older brother treated me to a little tour of the city. When we got home at around 5 in the afternoon, I was tired, and my legs felt like lead. I decided to sleep early. I woke up again at around 9 in the evening to an excruciating tummy ache. It felt like I was being stabbed, and I vomited several times. There was also the splitting head ache. After that, there was the shortness of breath, as if I was running out of air. I had never had an asthma attack, so my father was concerned. I was also crying. Dad said, I was "weeping."

So they took me to a hospital. As soon as my brother drove out of the compound, the pain began to subside. By the time we got to the hospital, I felt fine. But they had me checked by the doctor, just the same. After they were convinced that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, we went home. The whole thing happened again the following evening. I woke up crying because of the intense pain in my stomach. I vomited several times, and I was out of focus. Dad said I looked as if I was either drugged, or drunk. This time, they kept me at home and gave me hot tea. At past 10, things began to ease down for me. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up again at around 12 midnight. By the end of the week, I transferred to the camp site, and our middle brother and his family arrived to spend a few weeks of summer vacation.

I found out later that the same thing happened to my very young nephew (he was five at the time.) But there was more - my nephew "heard" children crying, as if begging to be helped, always at around 9 in the evening. He also said he vomited because of the strong smell of blood (I don't remember smelling any blood.) My sister in law, who was pregnant at the time, also reported seeing a woman standing right next to their bed at between 9-12 midnight. And there were also other strange occurrences inside the house. My mother, who came for a visit around April of that same year, said she would frequently wake up at 9 pm for no apparent reason. She'd feel concern for our safety, then feel sad as if she someone she know had died.

Months later, we found out that an entire family was massacred in that house.

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MissJoy (1 stories) (20 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-06)
I must say, it is quite refreshing to read a well-thought-out story, in which I can fully understand and appreciate. Not to knock other's on this site, but more times than not it is difficult to comprehend the writer's thoughts due to poor grammar. With that, I'd like to add that I too, grew up with similar beliefs. It is difficult for me to differentiate between ghosts, spirits, and the un-dead however, I clearly understand the work of evil. Keep up your strong belief system and relentless faith... It will do you more good than harm.
magneto095 (3 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-27)
I'm sorry. Ghouls are persons, in my own description, possessess a demonic power that's why they look ugly every night. But still, they are still trick of the evil spirits, of the devil.
magneto095 (3 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-24)
As I know, because I'm a Born- Again Christian, that ghost was not really the spirits of the dead, but it is the evil spirits playing with us. Even these ghouls are just evil spirits.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)
maybe you did not read the bottom of this comment section? I was only repeating what Clarence said about his particular Protestant denomination not believing in ghosts... Calling all spirit activity work of the demonic... Which I think, knowing what we now do, is rediculous. Yet, many folks today still think that way, some post here on this website.
blue_raven80 (13 stories) (338 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-28)
That was so scary! I believe your nephew smelled the blood because he is still more sensitive than you are. Nevertheless, death happened in the house. I may just say that their soul rest in peace. I pity the poor children.
juju92 (2 stories) (41 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-27)
oh my God...that's creepy. Smell of blood. Children crying that sounds more like hell. See we hear something like that you just began to hate humen beings cause all this bad things are made by human hands ourself
clarencetuvera (7 stories) (41 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-25)
Pjod and KimSouthO - I fully agree with you. But 38 years of adherence to a doctrine that defines one's choices and actions produces a stubborn thick head that refuses to let go of the comfort of his old ways (and all fingers point to me.) Somehow, believing that these ghosts are nothing more than demonic lies makes me feel braver and safer. I can deal with them through spiritual warfare - a process that we were taught how to do. But if they are ghosts with issues - as in dead people with some unfinished business - what do I do since they supposedly refuse to leave, or not until their business is completed. In that realm, that is so out of my comfort zone, I must admit to you that I am at a loss, and often overtaken by confusion and fear. Demons I can drive away with prayers and steadfast faith. Ghost... I need my Daddy and Mommy, and my old teddy bear Mr. Coco... (sob)
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-25)
I am not sure what Pjod is meaning about Protestant beliefs, but I do echo their explaination that not all paranormal are demonic-that is ridiculous.

It sounds as if insside the walls of that house was a very tragic event that occured to an entire family. It stands to reason there are energies left behind from this event. From the way you descibe these things happening at a certain time each evening, this sounds residual to me and they are going to continue to put out this energy.

I do hope these individuals that are trapped to some extent in the home find peace.

God Bless!
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-25)
that story was well told. I enjoyed reading it. As for the Protestant belief, which seems popular among quite a few groups... I think going on what we now know of Spirits, it is completely safe to say... The idea that all ghostly visitations are of the demonic... Can now be dismissed. I would rarely question anyones faith, but the belief that all spiritual activity is demonic should be lifted from these groups. Too many people have/are having positive experiences involving the supernatural... Even the negative experience can often be linked to a departed being, who merely seemed to carry his/her negative attitude into the afterlife, perhaps unable to really cross over until this negativiy is shed.?
clarencetuvera (7 stories) (41 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-24)

Unfortunately, my brother's business suffered great losses while he was in Cebu. Eventually, he decided to transfer back to Manila. He had since then attended law school, passed the bar examinations, and is now residing in Cavite, a city quite near Manila, where he is in private practice.

After that summer, I lost the nerve to go back. Dad and Mom went back several times, but if they did have further experiences in the house, they never discussed them.

My sister-in-law wanted to remove the old bed foam and burn it, but the owner wouldn't let her.

As far as I know, and based on what our other family members and friends tell us after visiting the house, they experienced pretty much of the same things, as if the house kept repeating the events of that fateful night, over and over and over again.

My cousin even suggested that the stomach pain I was feeling then was a vicarious experience of the stab wounds that the children who died must have suffered.

Whatever. That house may be spacious and elegant, but so long as its an hour's worth of plane ride away from where I am, I couldn't care less about it.
shamby (15 stories) (100 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-24)
You are an excellent and very gifted storyteller. I enjoyed this very much and it went right into my favorites! However it is quite tragic about the family being murdered. Your experiences were really interesting, almost like being stabbed which makes sense because of the occurrences in the house. I wonder removing the mattress from the back of the house would stop the haunt? It would be an interesting thing to try:) Does your brother still rent the house? Have you gone back?
clarencetuvera (7 stories) (41 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-24)
It was my sister-in-law who found out about the gruesome history of the house. The neighbors kept quite about it, but the original owner, a Chinese businessman, kept the bed foam on which his wife died of blood loss due to multiple stab wounds. The bed foam was tied with a rope and kept hidden behind some old appliances at the back of the house. It was already stiff because of the dried blood.

The story was that the Chinese businessman was often away on long trips, and the wife stayed behind to take care of their two children, a boy aged 10 and a 13 year old girl. An old nanny, who also took care of the Chinese businessman from the time he was born, also stayed with them in the house. Allegedly, the woman had a brief affair with a younger man, and when she tried to break it off, the man broke into the house at around 8 p.m. And stabbed the two children who were watching TV in the living room. Then he killed the wife in her bedroom, and finally found the old nanny who was hiding in the bathroom, and stabbed her to death as well.

One of the neighbors saw him as the last person to enter the house that night, and when the dead bodies were found two days later, a manhunt was launched. The murderer was eventually caught and was sentenced to life imprisonment. It was nine years later when my brother rented the house from the Chinese businessman owner. My brother saw a bargain house, and was not concerned about its history. Neither were my parents, I guess, because they approved of him renting it.

In our particular protestant denomination, we tend not to believe in ghosts as dis-incarnate essences of someone we know who had died. We believe that ghosts are demonic lies with the intention to mislead us. But for a family like ours who profess not to believe, its ironic that we get a load of experiences involving them.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-24)
Initially I thought your condition might have been caused by a chemical or something in the house, especially when you said that other members of your family experienced similar symptoms. However, when you mentioned what your mom and brother saw, it took a whole different twist... Perhaps the residual energy from such a traumatic event was what made you and your brother sick. It's so sad to hear when things like this happen.

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