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The Jester's Court


This story takes place in Port Perry, Ontario. When I was about nine, we were celebrating my brother's birthday during the fall. We've heard so much about this one pub called The Jesters Court, so we were curious to check it out. When you first walk in, you get a very warm feeling. There's a large fireplace, lots of rooms to choose from, and very good service. We were taken to a little room at the back with many windows to brighten up the space.

As we ordered our food, and received the beverages, I had to use the bathroom. The waitress gestured me to a long set of staircases leading to the second floor. As I was walking up slowly, a cold gust of air flew past me; as well I felt the hairs at the back of my neck stand up. I rushed to the top and noticed no window. I was a little frightened by this, but I tried to forget about it. I walked down a dark hall, and finally saw the bathroom. It was a single bathroom, but luckily no one was in it. I had just walked in, and suddenly the door slammed behind me. I couldn't speak. I was nine, what was I supposed to do? So I quickly used the bathroom, and opened the door. I was surprised by this, I thought whatever closed the door locked me in.

I made a run for it down the stairs, with some other customers giving me weird looks. As I sat down at the table, my family asked what's wrong. I told them what happened. They weren't too sure about this, but my mom asked the waitress if this pub is haunted. Turns out it is. The jester's court used to be a bed and breakfast in the late 1800's, and some guests don't want to leave.

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-03)
Hi Alice,
I'm from Toronto, Ontario. I have been to Port Perry to visit my friend for her wedding. I have passed the pub you are talking about. I think I some movement in one of the windows but then again it might be my imagination from what my friends told me. My friend, Joyce told me and some other friends how her husband purposed to her. Both Joyce and Tony are Irish and they love going to and discovering new and old pubs; being haunted is better. Since Joyce is originally from Port Perry, Tony went there to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. Once they said yes, he took her to The Jester's Court to purpose. In full view of the staff and customers, Tony purposed to her with full song and dance number. Joyce can be shy sometimes so she was really shocked what happened. She said that after accepting the ring, she started crying. Once things settled down a bit, she went to the washroom upstairs to straighten up. She said that going up the stairs, she felt like the air pressure was pushing her down. Then when she went to the washroom, the door slammed shut without her pushing it. Once Joyce was finished, she open the door and started walking down the stairs when all the doors started opening and shutting on it's own. It scared Joyce so much that she ran all the way back to her husband. Even before Joyce could say anything, she was told by the waitress that the house was haunted and that they had some permanent guests that didn't want to leave and that they like to play tricks on unsuspecting guests.

So, it's interesting to hear about someone else experiencing the same thing. I have to tell Joyce about this. 😊
aiafaith1 (guest)
12 years ago (2011-05-23)
Agreeing with LilLday and Taz. This story is very interesting and well written. I myself have been in many haunted places- actually went to one today I believe. Thanks for sharing your story, I enjoyed it. 😆

P.S. I've been in a haunted pub too!
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-23)
hi alice787 interesting story and well written 😊
Possibly a silly question but did anyone else in your group go to the bathroom or did they just wait until getting home
Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-23)
Very interesting story here, Alice787. I loved your writing style. I have never been in a haunted place, and I don't really want to. My Husband and I want to pay our respects at Normandy in France, but we will probably hear and see a lot of Spirits. I kind of want to go to Auchwitz in Poland as I also want to pay my respects, but we would probably be overwhelmed by Spirit and Spiritual Activity.
Love & Light, Rachel

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