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Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire


The title shows where the house that this took place is.

All this happened when I was really young.

I was too young to remember what happened but my family have told me the story's repeatedly. I guess it started when we moved. It was my parents first house and was in desperate need of redecorating. During the time it took to redecorate the whole house a few freaky things happened.

1) for some reason my parents had wedged a mirror behind the taps on our bath. When they came back to it the mirror was down the other side of the bath face-up, it wasn't even broken.

2) When my mum tried to get into the front room she couldn't open the door so she got my dad to try and push it open. It didn't work. In the end they had to take the hinges off the door to get into the front room. When they had a look at the door they saw it had a circular handle so couldn't of been jammed.

3) This happened when I was only a few months old. I was asleep in my cot upstairs. My parents were downstairs and they heard a steps going up the stairs towards my room, thinking it was our dog they started telling it to come down. They then saw that the dog was in the kitchen-which was down the other side of the house from the stairs. My parents went upstairs to see what the noise was but it stopped when they started looking.

Weirdly all these things stopped after my parents had finished decorating. Except one. When I was a bit older. Around 5 or 6 my favourite doll went missing. I looked for it everywhere, I even got my parents to look too:L. They couldn't find it, but a week later I woke up and the doll was laying in the middle of my room. After that nothing else unusual happened that I can remember

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TheNathanNS (1 stories) (44 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-07)
well a simmalr thing happened with my mom after she made a shirt for me when I was a few weeks old
She said it went missing and ended up on top of a cabinet
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-07)
I can't explain what happened to your doll but my best guess is that a spirit took it and played with it then returned it.

As for the activities that happened when your parents redecorated house. Spirit who have settled in a place sometimes don't like it when they are disturbed. So when things are changing (like the decorating of a house) will make them act out. I think the spirits in the house like what they saw and settled down!

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