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Is It A Dream Disorder?


I want you to read the story of what happened to me. For me is still not clear if it was my imagination, a psychic experience, a dream disorder or what.

I'm a man that's not convinced of everything that read or heard. In fact I question everything. Furthermore I'm not a religious person more exactly, I'm an atheist; but oddly enough I believe in high possibilities of ghosts and some paranormal events.

What I experienced was really, really weird... Just to say something and still have no explanation for what it was.

I have experienced odd stuff in the house where I live since we moved here. My house is not an old one, it was made and we moved in since 1985.

No violent incident or something related to decease have happened here, besides the death of our 2 pets, in both cases, cats.

One died very young of illness and the other case, we have to let rest our beloved kitty of 10 years or so, result of negligence of a veterinarian, but nothing of this is in anyway related to what have been happening to me all this time, beside some events happened before and after the period we live together with our always loved cats.

So here's a compilation of what I'd experienced all these years beside the craziest and weirdest experience I ever had in my whole life.

I remembered that when we were kids me and my sis feel something unease with the house.

One night me and my sis heard a noise like some slippers fell down.

Have to mention that by that time we didn't have pets yet.

At first I woke up a little scared but preferred to ignore it and keep sleeping.

But my sis was scared and wake up worried and told my parents what happened. My father told us that was silly to think that ghosts use slippers. I can't say that this was a noise by-product of a ghost wandering but I can tell that, for me, was weird my sis attitude taking in account that I can't recall her behaving that way before that day.

We have a small bathroom full covered with dark brown tiles, and a big segmented mirrored section in one side and a mirror in the other.

Me and my sis have bad dreams about that bathroom that was right aside from our bedroom. I used to dream that bathroom haunted or something and my sis felt the same.

A couple of people, that assured to have ghost experiences, creepier that mine, told me that was bad idea to have a lot of mirrors in the house because can be used as portals for spiritual beings. My house have a lot of mirrors beside that bathroom another room used for studying and the dinning room have walls covered in mirrors. But there's no way to remove them. My father is an old stubborn skeptical fool person, I don't even talk with him about ghosts, I dislike his attitude too.

I'm a extreme metal listener. So on one occasion, I bought a cd from some band. I played it, translate lyrics to my mother and maid and show the cover, a very disgusting one indeed. So another day was searching for it and couldn't find it for a while. After a while finally decided to search it in a top of a shelf and there it was.

I clearly remembered that I did not put it there, furthermore I never put anything there because is too high to reach easily so I argued with the maid for putting it there.

She said that she didn't do it but I didn't believe her.

The strange thing is that she never did something alike before but I just decided to ignore the incident.

My sis once mentioned that someday she heard like water falling down from the bathroom that I mentioned before. Nobody was using it, not even the neighbors were using water or something at that moment but she commented this, like puzzled.

A neighbor right in front of our house once commented that our house looks like creepy but we don't pay attention to her comment.

Another maid say that she once saw a unknown lady that suddenly disappeared, but we couldn't take that as a fact even I considered her as a very imaginative person.

One day when the room I stay was getting remodelated so I had to stay in the older room right next to the bathroom. That room is used now as a improvised storeroom. So there was some furniture even this very old sewing machine, wood and iron composed, from my grandmother that long time ago passed away.

Then early in the morning like 4:00 a.m. Or something, I was deeply asleep (in that room there practically no exterior sound to be heard,there's no windows there, and is in the middle of the house, so I used to sleep like a rock there, just insomnia sometimes), suddenly I heard like someone knocking at my door. I just woke up and sprang out as surprised and scared. Take some minutes to return to my senses, but there wasn't in any way my parents or sister making a joke because they know how nervous was at that years and how angry I'd get to be disturbed while sleeping besides, I don't like that kind of jokes and no one of us use to scare each other in that way.

Still I can't assure that there weren't my neighbors, but was weird because how late it was beside didn't heard more knockings that night or even again that late,nowadays.

I think, I asked them next day if some of them were knocking, but there was really obvious that they deny it beside that they said that were probably the neighbors like they use to answer with their stupid skeptical arrogant attitude to answer that kind of stuff they use to do.

One thing that I forgot to mention that I can't remember if I heard knocking at my door or...sigh...knocking at the sewing machine...

In the room I stay nowadays, I have experienced, while sleeping that I felt like presences some couple of times and I woke up expecting so sure to see something but, nothing.

One of them I felt like I was visited by two persons while I was sleeping but was awake, totally worried by their presence. Furthermore there was 2 or 3 secs that I was totally awake so sure that they were there but I didn't saw anything at that time. It was really weird.

This is how I perceive them, a woman and a little girl. There were floating on the superior part of the wall in front of me. I don't felt them as a threat, in fact I felt them as they were visiting me and I woke up by that but, there was absolutely nothing to see I just felt them and that was all. Still today I don't know who were they or even imagine to who I can link them if they were someone I knew or know and still can't say it was a sleeping disorder or something but never happened to me before that day.

A couple of weeks or so I experience something alike, I woke up expecting to see something, don't know what it was this time but I just see nothing, I just woke up worried and expecting to see something.

My father and sister commented in separated occasions one not knowing what the other say that they woke up at hearing some voice saying: Wake up. My father said that the voice was crystal clear but neither of them believed in a ghost presence. My sister admitted in other occasion talking about other incident to deny a paranormal experience because the idea scare her.

But let's talk about the weirdest experience I had.

There is this very friend of mine that I still see everynow and then, hope I'm seeing her more frequently on future. When I recently met her the 2nd day we connected right away.

We spend a very memorable day. But just friendship nothing more, she left by the afternoon. That day at night I began to fall sleep, I can't remember if the light was turned on but the tv was on anyway. Then I heard something like somebody having a deep breath. I woke up and, You're not going to believe this! She was right next to me on my bed smiling, then after 2 or 3 secs, just check by yourselves, take a cronometer or a watch and realize how long it is to see something very unusual,one, two, and right next to 3 and pop, she disappeared.

I just sprangout how scared, shocked I was and repeating myself:simply didn't happened, I think, I just going crazy. After sometime I asked her if she did that but the answer was no, and that there was no reason for her to do that.

I can have a logical explanation, if somebody want to find one for everything I mentioned before except the last thing I told. I still can't say what happened to me.

Have to mention that I not use drugs,alcohol,or any prescription drug. I just smoke cigarettes and not too much and that's it and for those who are wondering my kitty was alive by that time that this occurred. I would like to hear what people think of this, if it have some explanation or paranormal.I'm not afraid anymore I'm used to this experiences.

I would like to find what happened to me that day. Just have to mention that my father is a doctor and in the house there's something that could be related to his work and to the decease of some of his patients. But there's no way that I can rid of it. I try last time but he was angry because he say he was going to sell it. He is a stupid skeptic that sometimes only think of himself.

I can't explain of what is this thing I'm talking about, it's hard to explain beside I'm shamed of my father behavior. I blame part of our experiences of this thing.

I just hope that he'll experience or had experienced situations as scary as I had. That would be fair, I think.

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PhysicII (15 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-12)
I agree with believer21. When I read your experience the sewing machine stood out mabye you should see what company its made from just se the products history. Oh and mayby do some research on your family members or them deceased paitents your mentioned.

-PhysicII 😊
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1559 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-11)
I too was once an atheist and understand why your at this point asking these questions and opening yourself up to some answers, I think your answer is both paranormal and mind projection or imagination combined... Think about this, if a poltergeist can manifest itself from the mind or minds of people who live in their home, then what is the driving force or the energies with in that person or persons that enables this remarkable experience to occur? Also their are many accounts of ghost or residual hauntings where it seems the person don't realize they are dead and they try to continue about their business in this realm sometimes interacting and observed by the living? So how is this possible?...I have determined that our spiritual consciousness has a unique ability to project realms or fields of which it can function in... And if I am right then some of these experiences documented here... Sex spirits, demons and others just may be coming from the same source that I previously mentioned... Now getting to your account, most of the experiences that are documented here occur right between the point of being asleep or waking up... Just like your account, when we are in this state we are basically between our spiritual consciousness and earthly consciousness... If you consider everything I said earlier is it possible your spiritual consciousness projected this friend along side you in bed?... And did you observe it with your logical mind, I think the answer is yes... So basically your account is paranormal in the sense that your spiritual consciousness was active... But your friend was just a part of its projected reality and what sub consciously you may have desired.

taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-10)
hi there pegglefan
Personaly I think you mentioned your cats becuse you knew that people might have said that some of the noises could have been them.

The knocking could have been your grandmother as it was her sewing machine.

Now to your question, I personaly don't think it was paranormal at all but more or a psycic link between you both. For a few seconds you both were thinking about the other and an image was sent to you from her and you knew for a few seconds what she was thinking that's why you heard the sigh.

Its one possibility.
As for your father some people will never accept anything paranormal happening even when it is happening to them, like the voice telling him to wake up. You might never get him to admit it is happening.
pegglefan (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-10)
Hello everybody, First of all I'll thank you for reading my history,haven't answer before because I was busy all this time, besides I thought that my history wouldn't be published.
My father is against anything paranormal because my mother have some traumas in her childhood. My grandparents used to scare my mother and her brothers and sisters with ghost histories and so. My mother used to have nightmares all the time because that, and my father use skeptical behavior as a remedy against her problems, beside the family of my father is very skeptical I don't know why.
I talked about my cats, I don't know just to mention them maybe I missed to much and that recalled it into my mind.
And yes I told my friend that I see her, and yes again, I think my house have little paranormal activity, to say something very light.
My question is why did I have that vision of my girlfriend? Do that could be related to paranormal activity?
My grandmother didn't die in my home, and my father didn't invite hauntings at least intentionally, but let's say a device, to say something, I can't find a word to describe it, is related to his work and deceasing have occurred on them, hard to explain,don't want to give details.
believer21 (3 stories) (56 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-10)
I think your on the right track with it being an item. The sewing machine you mentioned stands out to me for some odd reason. I noticed iron holds a lot of emotion for many years. It doesn't sound like an ambivalent spirit that wants to cause you harm. It seems more like your mind and body is being used sorta like a radio antenna to pick up this emotion that is trapped. So don't worry. 😁

About your stuff not being where you put it. There's a good chance that's not parnormal, when your minds busy you do things and then forget you did. (Like people putting their keys in the fridge).

I'm sorry that your father is so against even the possiblity of the paranormal. Some people don't want to admit its real because of a fear of death.
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-10)
What did your cats have to do with all this? Did I miss something? Were they part of the haunting? Did you tell your friend you saw her that night? What is the rest of that story? Why do you think your dad invited hauntings into your house? Maybe you have a little paranormal activity in your house, but I wouldn't call it a full out ghost.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-10)
I do have a few questions. Did your grandmother die in the house that you live in? It sounds like you may be sensitive to the environmental energy of that house. Do you know what was on the land before the house? And I know what you mean about your dad being a skeptic, my mom is too, even though she has had some weird experiences that she could not explain.

Looking forward to hearing more!

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