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The Spirit Is Jimmy


Everybody has a story and this is mine. I have always been into the paranormal and spiritual side I'm a strong believer that when you pass on, that your soul remains if you have some kind of unfinished business like saying good bye to your lover or family or your body is not at rest because something happened to you that you want other people to know about. This story that I am about to tell you is all based a real events and real experiences.

About 6 years ago (2005), we moved into our new home just on the border of Wolverhampton and Sandwell. Our home was beautiful. I could finally have my own room after having to share with my older sister in our old house. Everything was nice for a few weeks, until one night when we were all just watching the TV and out of blue the TV was changing channels and then it just shut off then turned back on. My dad he went round checking all the cables and said nothing was wrong with the TV.

A couple of days later, my mom was in the front room just cleaning up and she said that she saw a figure walking passed the front room door (the door is glass with brown panels). She then went round to see who it was, but she couldn't find who or what it was. She checked the front door then the back doors they was all locked. She told us later and described what he looked like and what he was wearing (middle aged, about 40, 6-6ft4 and wearing a black top with navy blue jeans).

It was only when I was left on my own that I experienced the same thing by seeing him again, but I wasn't scared of him. He just smiled then vanished. I told my parents exactly what happened and my dad just said we may have a ghost in the house and not to be frightened of him as they can't hurt us.

Months passed by and we got used to seeing this man. My mom was talking to our neighbor one day and she asked her if anything happened in the house where we live. Elizabeth, our neighbor, said that the past owner's husband had died in the kitchen from a heart attack. He was in his 40s at the time. As soon as she mentioned his 40s, my mom asked what he was wearing at the time. She said a black top and blue jeans and that his name was James (also known as jimmy). It was then that my mom told her that we have seen him walking around and hiding keys and small objects. Elizabeth just smiled and said she has had the same things happen to her when she used to come round but she also didn't feel scared by him.

In the beginning of May things started to get worse. Our two border collies would not stay in the house and when they came in the house they was barking for no reason. Also my mom felt as though she shouldn't be there and she actually felt scared and there was a feeling of dread and sadness and a very strange feeling in the kitchen by the door leading to the utility room. Exactly where Jimmy had died. We later found out that he passed away May 5th, 2003.

I had experienced a strange encounter with Jimmy. It was the middle of the night. I was asleep and all of a sudden just woke up and turned to face the other side of my bed (my room is a box room with the bed right up against the right side of the wall and a walk way to get to the window where my headboard is under the window). I saw this full body figure. I could see his face and he just looked down at me and smiled and said, 'I'm sorry for waking you'. I just said, "hello Jimmy". Then he smiled again and gradually disappeared. I felt happy and glad to have actually had him talk to me. I still didn't feel scared. Why wasn't I scared of him?

The back room tells a different story. It's like the feeling of dread and being watched all the time. Even when sleeping in there you feel this heavy weight being pushed down on you. This wasn't Jimmy, because he was friendly and he didn't want to hurt us. This was something else. A woman, we have seen her. Blonde long hair and a pink dressing robe on. You can sometimes smell a sweet perfume that just comes from the back room. We have heard our names being called and we have all had a conversation with both Jimmy and this women thinking it was my parents, or that my parents thinking it was me. We have heard singing, foot steps on the landing, and doors being closed.

Unfortunately, we lost our 1 dog last December (2010 at the age of 18). We can her barking and whining as though she is still here, telling us that she will always be here to keep our other dog company. After spending 6 years here we have put our home up for sale, as my parents are going to go into owning their own pub down Dorset, and I'm going to work away on the cruise ships. I think, in a way, Jimmy doesn't want us to move, as when people come to view this house he makes himself known. I have enjoyed my time here and I really don't want to move, but by getting older we have to make our choices

Thank you for taking the time in reading this.

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hannahisabella (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-24)
hes not a celebrity. And even thou it might sound all Hollywood its not, he is real
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-23)
This story that I am about to tell you is all based a real events and real experiences.

The problem I have with this: Hollywood likes to 'base' a lot of movies on real events. But by basing it, they get away with one helluva lot of embellishments... That didn't occur in reality, is this what happened here?

If Jimmy is so reliable, do you think perhaps he could be photographed? Or interviewed?
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-22)
Thank you for sharing your experience! Jimmy sounds like he was a great person in life and has been a courteous houseguest. As for the woman, have you been able to find out anything about her? Or have you tried comforting her out loud, and telling her that she does not have to feel that way anymore? Perhaps your compassion could help her move on... I am sorry to hear about your dog, but I do believe that he will be your guardian from the other side.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-21)
great story hanna thanks for sharing 😊
Have you spoken to jimmy about why your moving?
after living there for so long he might see you as a part of his own family and it is hard to see family move away.
Try explaining to him that with luck he will have some new people that come to live there that will accept him "hanging around"
Just a thought
hannahisabella (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-21)
i think that my parents will let them know but also the people that are helping us sell our home already know about jimmy. Zzsgranny I meant that I was trying to write my own experiences and that the submit your story part was down so I was trying every day to see when it was back on.
TerriLewis123 thank you for your comment we have no idea who she is but I would really like to know who she is and why she is such a pain in the butt
TerriLewis123 (1 stories) (93 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-20)
Hi Hannahisabella, I really liked your story. I wonder what the other force is. Perhaps a dark soul that contends with Jimmy. But as you said, times change & we must move forward (I think),& I'd like to believe that Jimmy will be ok.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
13 years ago (2011-08-20)
hannah: Your story was submitted on the 16th, and posted on the 19th; three DAYS, not weeks 😆...Sometimes we get backed up with the amount of stories, and the submissions page closes until we get caught up, if that's what you mean...

I'm glad Jimmy isn't a pain-in-the-butt-ghost 😊...Your account has reinforced my belief that not every haunt is scarey and demonic...

I understand what you mean about him not wanting you to move...Sometimes, I think, our ghosties like having us around, too... I have a question: are you planning on telling the future tenants about him?...

Good story, thank you for posting! 😊
hannahisabella (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-20)
thank you for your comments bigryan020192 we are only the 2nd people to own this house jimmys wife lives over the back from us and as far as I know both sets of the parents are still alive so we have no idea who she is or what she has in common wit our home
Weeztluva808 it takes time to actually post a story on here it took me about 3weeks to post this one on here
Thanks again for your comments
bigryan020192 (4 stories) (26 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-20)
Nice story! Thanks for sharing.

Well you obviously know jimmys story but maybe you should find out about this blonde, do some research into past owners, she could be jimmys lover... Ask around the neighbourhood and ask people if they know who she is.

Sorry for the loss of your dog, 18 is a Very good age though and I'm happy for you that you can still hear her so shes still with you.

Thanks again for sharing.
weezyluva808 (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-19)
awesome story! I to have alwayz believed in the paranormal... I have had a few experiences myself that I'm actually trying to post but I'm having issues with that maybe because I'm on my fone? Idk...

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