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Am I Being Haunted?


I was looking around for ghost stories to see if anybody else was going through what I've been through since I was a little girl. All the stories I read, the person will usually have one experience that will be associated with the house or a loved one. Then there are those that are considered poltergeists (yes, I researched that too). This is the first time I'm putting my experiences in writing. Maybe putting my story here someone can help me understand what is going on or am I just crazy.

My first memorable experience was when I was 8 and lived in NY. My dad left to Puerto Rico to visit his mother. That first night he was gone, I heard my name whispered a couple of times. Thinking it was my little brother calling me, I opened my eyes and saw my grandmom laying sideways on my mom's bed (it was a 1 bedroom apt). She was smiling at me and whispered my name once more. I started screaming when she just disappeared. My mom tried to comfort me but I kept telling her that Abuela was in the room. She told me my grandmom passed away the day before and that was the real reason my dad left.

A year later we moved to a city near Philly, PA. The first apartment, I woke up one night to find a shadow on the wall alongside my baby sister's crib. The next morning, my brother asked me if I saw the shadow. We woke up at the same time for no reason and saw that shadow.

Then a year after that we moved to the projects, which was even worse. I was awoken one night by a slap to my face. Another night I woke up to use the bathroom but a shadowy figure was standing in front of my door (which was ajar). I started crying loud. My mom convinced it was a nightmare, made me wear a red t-shirt to keep the nightmares away. It didn't.

When I was 17, I started smoking pot. I realized whenever I smoked things didn't bother and the stuff that will mysteriously disappear and appear again in a different place didn't scare me either. And also, I hardly saw dark shadows

I started to live on my own and since then I moved every year. In one apartment, I was downstairs with my kid when I smelled smoke. I thought it was coming from outside when I heard someone say "get upstairs" in a normal voice. No one was around me so I thought I smoked some good stuff. Well, I had to go upstairs anyway because my son's bottle was there. I had thought I had put out a cigarette in a plastic ashtray. The cig burned right through the ashtray and the rug was just catching on fire. I saw a glass of water on the table (I never took water to that area), I poured the water on the fire. I ended up with a burned rug.

In another apsrtment I was taking pictures from my new digital camera. I was in the basement with my sister and she thought that we should take pictures in the dark. So we did just using the flash. When we looked through them, on 2 pictures we saw shadowy figures in front of the wall, one had a long dress on, another had a hat. A couple of days, I went to show some people the pictures and they were gone. If my sister wasn't with me, I would've thought I imagined it.

Then stuff got scary. I lived in this apartment in a historic district. One night as I was trying to fall asleep, I heard someone whisper "help me". The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I will always hear tapping or my stuff will not be in the same spot I placed them before.

The following apartment, I was pregnant, so I stopped smoking. There will be a spot that will smell of lavender and I will always dream of this tiny old lady. My son fell asleep in my bed once, so I left him there and went to sleep myself. In my dreams, this old lady was by my bed trying to hand over a hammer and a bible, urging me to hold the bible and the hammer. I heard footsteps on my stairs and she said "Get ready, they're coming for you". I woke up ready to scream when I realized I had the bible and my hammer in my hands. I had a lot of nightmares (about people I've never seen, but can describe to a tee and it always ended in murder) that I eventually broke my lease and moved to the one I'm in now.

This apt, I was 7 ½ months pregnant when I woke up cause I heard whistling. No one was around, but I can see a shadow on the wall that looked like a person was leaning casually on my door jamb. Sometimes both my kids be in separate parts of the room, facing opposite directions, when all of sudden they are looking into the same spot (one is a baby and the other is a special needs child that can't speak). The spot they look at the most is in the corner of my bedroom. And I'm pretty sure I know what is in that corner.

A week after giving birth, the kids and I fell asleep in my oldest's bedroom. I woke up to go to the living room for a while when I walked through my bedroom (connecting bedrooms). I saw this pale lady with red curly frizzy hair laying on my bed and a little girl with blond hair and blue eyes in a white dress came running to me, she asked me "Are you a ghost too?". That really woke me up. I realized that was a dream and it wasn't scary until I realized both my kids stare at that corner all the time.

I am literally confused, scared, and frustrated. It's hard to ignore those things. I know it said not write about dreams, but I had to, because I'm not asking for an interpretation, they are connected sometimes to the things I see or feel. I don't know if this belongs with ghost stories or psychic (I don't think I'm a psychic at all).

Do I have a poltergeist following me, if so, why don't things fly of the walls or my tv turn on? Once, my blender turned on by itself and burned itself out, but it was a very old blender and I had kept it plugged, but that was it. Or am I suppose to see these ghosts, but I keep a veil between me and them, that they are coming to me in my dreams? Or am I just going crazy?

I know this story might be discredited because I said I smoke pot, but my first experience was when I was 8 and I didn't smoke until I was 17, that's when I started dreaming.

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waterfalls123 (7 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-06)
This sounds so much like what's been happening to my sister! She continuously in countered odd things such as this
confused-31 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-17)
Thank you for all the advise, it feels good to know that I'm not imagining stuff. To reassure everyone, I don't smoke around my kids, I go out the fire escape to do that. & sorry about the long wait, the day after I submitted my story, my laptop went dead.
megadontha (6 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-16)
This is really scary, I would like actually hate that to happen to me. Maybe you have a ghost attatched to you, not a denomic one, but I don't know other spirits? Get like those priest people to clense you and your house (by the way, smudge sticks don't always work) 😕 Good luck girl!
JimD (431 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-15)

I don't think you're crazy at all. Missing items - not where you're sure they were left - and poundings / scratchings are tell - tale demonic harassment. No preaching, just my two cents for your consideration. I counsel use of Catholic Holy water and the use of the phrase "Jesus and Mary help me". Watch the reaction. Please email me at, if you like.
DragonStorm80 (1 stories) (440 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-15)
[at] confused31 ~ You've been given some great advice here (and a few warnings about the weed smoking) I hope you take it all on board here, I agree that you seem to be a sensitive to spirits and none of them in your current home seem negative, the suggestion of seeking a medium to do a reading in your home and to help you with your spirits and how to handle them I think is a great idea! Also I used to smoke a lot to try and block out my own sensitivity but it ended up making things worse for me in the end, I found Evening primrose oil can help keep your moods calm, and valerian helps you sleep and stay calm as a herbal substitute, I am sure there are more herbal remedies out there we can find online to help you stay in control and that would be healthier for you, should you choose to do so.

A journal as miracles said will help you stay sane also, keep us posted! 😊
ghostGuy (45 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Only awake accounts are really credible for most
Many ghosts will make it quite obvious that
They're there.
Keep observant but it doesn't sound authentic for the moment.
Good luck!
Aprilsnanny35 (3 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Everyone has given you great advice, hopefully you can accept it and relax with the knowledge that you are sensitive to these things. As mentioned, there doesn't seem to be any negativity coming from them so I would suggest acknowledging them (although not everyone would agree) by saying hello and maybe asking questions or just general chitchat? Not only should that make you more comfortable but should also make your kids feel the same.
Wishing you well. 😊
chris_privett (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
i have the same stuff happen to me and the spirit followed me to my college and trust me pot won't make you see ghosts only ghosts can make you see them but I have been followed by this spirit for years and I have learned to live with it that's all you can do so your not the only haunted person out there
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
confused-31 - wow, first as geetha has already mentioned (thank you, geetha 😊) start keeping a journal. You've already got a start with this story. Thinking I was losing my mind is how I got started with my Journal. I started it in 2002 and have been updating it as each "ghostly" event occurs. I also include my children's experiences. This Journal actually saved my sanity. I honestly thought I was losing it. Try to keep dates and the time each event happens. I've even gotten to where I'll keep track of whether or not it's a full moon.

Your special needs child ❤ We've come to realize that they are special in many ways. Some of us have noticed there may be a link between children with autism and seeing ghosts. But many children see ghosts anyway, as taz mentioned, at least until an older child or adult tells them ghosts aren't real.

I'm going to say something here that's probably going to be taken wrong by many people but here goes. First, I'm not an advocate for smoking weed, okay? I'm also not going to judge you. I just hope you don't smoke around your children. Yes, smoking weed relaxes you, but then you have to question whether or not what you are seeing and hearing are really "real" or drug induced. I suggest meditation. It's as effective and there is no question whether or not things are real. Plus, no paranoia 😉
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Blueturtle hit it right on the mark, in my opinion. And taz has some very good suggestions, as do the others. You are doing the best you can with what you've been presented with, so don't worry so much. I do believe your Grandmother is watching out for you, as well as other relatives, so count yourself fortunate in that respect. The best thing you can do now is try and stay calm for your kids sake. No use having them think there is anything to be afraid of, after all, as taz has said, these things do not seem malevolent or evil at all. If anything, you are surrounded by protective spirits, and that is a very good place to be.

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. I do hope you will stick around and become part of our community. It always helps to have those who have experienced things like you have to help the others that come along after.

Jav 😊
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
hi there confused_31 have to agree with the others here I get the feeling your gifted (you might not think so) and could have passed it on to the children BUT saying that as you say one is very young and the other has speical needs it could just be (with them) that they don't know that seeing the spirits should not be normal and are more open in their thinking as they have not been taught that these kind of things don't happen.
A bit like the monster in the closset/under the bed parents teach the kids its not real so the kids don't get scared same thing with spirits.

I would surgest you try looking up a spiritualist church or group that can help you, might be teaching you how to switch off or how to control the experiences. And I don't think from what you say it could be a polterguiest as you have not mentioned the normal activity like things being thrown around ect
It sounds like these spirits are drawn to you and sometimes are there to help you too (the glass of water!) and as for smoking pot it will relax you making you more open to them as your not able to block them from your subconcious as wll as you would "sober"
Sorry for the long reply 😆 carl
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
I agree with Blueturtle and Beautinside about being sensitive. That's the first thing that I thought of when I read your story. You and your kids are more sensitive than most. One thing that Miracles and granny mentioned in other posts is to keep a journal. This will help you analyzing things. Another suggestion (and I hope you don't get mad or you don't have to take it), is it possible to stop smoking pot? It may attribute to you seeing the paranormal and it's not good for the kids.

Another suggestion would be to mediate. It would help to control your emotional and mental minds. When you are able to control that, it would be easier to do like BlueTurtle said about switch off and on your ability to see ghosts.
Angel1996 (guest)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Sounds like your grandmother is visiting you. If you feel uncomfortable, next time you hear her voice or see her, ask poloitely for her to move on to hevan.
BeautInside (3 stories) (326 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Hi confused-31,

I completly agree with BlueTurtle. I don't discredit your story and also think that you are definitely a sensitive and it's passed to your kids.
No matter what happens always remember that you're in control.
BlueTurtle (3 stories) (176 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Do you have a husband? Have you spoken to him about these experiences? I don't discredit your stories at all, they sound like a pretty (well not typical) but standard, for lack of a better word, case of paranormal sensitivity. Some people have it, some people don't, and it tends to pass along bloodlines which is why your children may have some sensitivity. The fact that you can see and interact with ghosts and other spiritual entities doesn't mean you have a poltergeist, it may simply mean that the spirits know that you're sensitive and flock to you. Although scary, it doesn't sound like you've had any malevolent hauntings and for most of these experiences I don't think there's really anything to be terrified of, although I know that, at the time, it's hard not to be afraid.
Try not to be discouraged about your abilities. You are certainly not crazy. Try to remain calm and see if you can hone your skills to the point where you're in total control. You can decide when you want to see spirits and when you don't, this is possible. Do some research and, if need be, even contact a professional medium. They might be able to help.
I wish you the best of luck with this. Keep a positive mind and know that things will get better.

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