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Who Invited The Ghost?


My husband and I own an e-commerce business, part of what we do is teach other people to own and operate businesses like ours. This incident occurred at the home of a woman we were training.

Aldi was having her first "Grand Opening" her and her family were refugees from Bosnia. She lived in a beautiful home in Pflugerville, Tx with her Mom and Dad and her younger brother Alan who had gone into business with his sister. The Grand Opening was going great, all of her family was there to support her and her friends were there as well.

Aldi was a quick and eager learner, I was impressed with the way she was running her event and I even wondered out loud why me and my husband were even there. Since her business is on line, she was having a Grand Opening so that people could get a chance to see, smell, taste and experience a sample of the things her business has to offer.

As the party was closing, me and some of my business partners were packing up and commenting on how this was one of the most successful events we helped put on. My husband and I had brought along our two daughters (15 and 11 years old).

My husband Carter and my youngest daughter Nyja were dancing around in front of the stairs, he was teaching her some formal ball room dance steps, when I noticed on the wall two shadows, one directly behind the other coming slowly and deliberately down the steps. I first thought that they were the shadows of my husband and daughter, but the movements were not in sync with the movements of their dance.

I then scanned the room to see if everyone in the house was down stairs, and they were, I hadn't noticed any one leave the party to go upstairs. I couldn't figure out what was making the shadows so I even began to walk around the room to see if I could cast a shadow on the wall of the stairs but no matter where I went in the area I could not cast a shadow on the wall.

All of a sudden my oldest daughter Tahjel said, "Mom? Can we please go now?! RIGHT NOW?!" I looked at her and said, "Yes, as soon as we are all packed up we can leave". I then asked her why she was so ready to go and she told me that she was really freaked out because she just saw a pair of legs with white shoes coming down the stairs without a body!

I was so relieved! Now the mystery of the shadows was solved, I wasn't crazy, I was so enthralled with the shadows that I didn't notice the half ghost that was coming down the stairs!

Because my daughter was so shaken, I began to speed up the packing process and we got out of there as fast as we could!

When we got in the car Tahjel and I began to tell my husband and our business partner Rachel what we had experienced. Neither of them said much, they just looked at us and wondered why no one else saw what Tahjel and I had seen.

Their house was so peaceful, I didn't feel uneasy or have any weird feelings while I was in the home and neither did anyone else.

Could that have been a residual haunting? Why was only half the body showing? Who invited the Ghost? Was it just curious about the Grand Opening?

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Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-26)
I sure hope that you changed the names of everyone involved to help protect their identities.

If something so obvious is going on, an investment in a video camera, if not a regular one, would pay off handsomely in terms of actual photos of ghostly activity.

Particularly the bottom half of...whomever...
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-25)

With out knowing more of the Homes history it's hard to say if this was residual in nature or not. It may have even possibly been a relative who wanted to share in the 'joy' the Family was experiencing.

Thank you for sharing this interesting experience with us.


zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-09-25)
wifey4lifey: I believe this could very well have been a residual... Most believe that residual hauntings will fade after a while; some years later, some centuries... I think it's possible this one was fading... Have you spoken to Aldi at all about it?...It would be interesting to know if she has had any experiences...

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