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Party At Mine And It Appears Everyone Is Invited


Big apologies for not being around here as much; I am off to university in September so have been studying for all of my exams! This is a story about the recent stuff that has been going on in my house. My house wasn't built on any burial ground or anything, its quite modern (1990's I think-I was born in 1993 and we moved in about 1995), but it has been showing its more colourful side! I am going to start with the most recent events, because they are the ones that I can remember the most.

1) LAST WEEKEND I was home alone for the whole weekend; just had the car and myself. My parents left at about 10am and I was sat at the table doing revision for a long time, right underneath my parents bedroom. As I was working, I kept hearing footsteps upstairs, walking around above my head. We do have thin walls and ceilings (but we are not attached to any other houses) and if I am downstairs, you can hear it when people are moving about upstairs. Anyway, it was every few minutes there would be a couple of steps moving around and then it would stop. I go upstairs, and there is no one around and nothing has been moved and it's very cold so there are no windows open. I am used to hearing these sounds so I don't make anything of it and it doesn't scare me so I go downstairs and watch some TV when there is a big crash from upstairs, but, as you can guess, when I get upstairs there is nothing on the floor and nothing has been touched.

2) NIGHT TIME is my favourite time of day (probably a bit weird?) and a few nights ago, my parents and I were all woken up to someone downstairs. We thought we were being burgled, and my dad legs it downstairs, the front door is still locked as is the back door and there is no one downstairs at all. It sounded like someone was moving our furniture, which is what woke us up. So we go back to bed and either the next night or the night before, the taps in our bathroom were going crazy. When you turn either one of them on, there is just a loud noise that we are all used to, and it was nearing midnight when it sounded very much like it was coming on and off, but no one was up.

3) THE FIRE ALARM also will just go off for a few seconds, always after midnight. There is nothing to make it go off and we have even got them checked and changed the batteries but they will just go off, which makes me jump out of my skin as one is right outside my bedroom door.

4) IN GENERAL, it does sometimes sound like there is genuinely someone walking around upstairs; my parents and I have heard it; even my friends and other family members have heard it.

5) I ALMOST FORGOT, about three months ago, I was home alone again (makes it sound like my parents are never around but they are!) I was on the sofa with some school work and I had the TV on in the background, when there was this scream, and it made me jump so I got up, go look out of the window and there was no one outside; it was chucking it down with rain and it was so dark. I went to look out of the back window (we don't have any kids in this neighbourhood, I'm like the only one) and there were no lights on in the other houses, and all of a sudden, as I was in the dining room, there was this whispering. I have no idea what was said, but it was like a conversation was going on right beside me; two distinct voices, both male I think. It didn't sound vicious or anything, it was just the weirdest thing to hear and I wish I had some sort of EVP capturing device on me!

6) ONE MORE THING, I have had someone stroke my face and hair at night when I'm in my bed. THAT was the most awesome thing. I had had the worst day at school, there was a lot of family things going on, and I was just lying there, listening to my iPod, when there was something rubbing my hair; it was like static energy, I don't know how to describe it! It moved from my hair, down my cheek and it was so relaxing and soothing 

I know it's probably a really bad story and very badly organized, but I would really like to know if anyone has any ideas with what is going on? The only thing that scares me is the footsteps when I'm home alone because they are so clear and loud!

Yeah, so I hope everyone is ok!



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teafortwo1922 (3 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2012-02-22)
❤ Hello Lauren!
I say try to talk to the sprit on your own like your talking to some one. You never know you might get a name or where from so on. They might be some you know very well like a family memember always looking out for you.
My house had stuff happen like your house. When we move in there were sprits have no clue who they are. My dad work at this place in Hollywood CA and his clinents had the slam man and would scare them half to death at night so they told me dad get out. My dad got it out and brought it to our house there was a ghost in it and he scare our friends and some family memebers we love cause it would crack us up. Yes! I know it is mean. I like the slam man I had a friend flrit with him funny as ever. Over the years my father has moved around our yard now it is in the far back of the house and the sprit is out of slam man don't know if he still lingers around our house.
Like you I heard foot steps around my house at night when my folks are not home when I am alone the TV turns off on its own. I see sprits and feel them as well. I know who two are and that is it one is my granfather and the other is a friend of my mothers. They both like playing jokes on use.
One night when my folks where out of the country Ingeland I was by self in the house. My folks will be coming back in a week. I was getting ready to go to sleep and I heard in my room the key board typing one key at a time. Since I was alone I have to admite I was scared.
laurenemmam (guest)
10 years ago (2011-04-15)
WOW so many comments:) Thank you guys so much for reading my stories and taking the time to talk to me:)

Taz890: there are no decent paranormal investigating groups in our area, and my parents aren't too keen on the idea, just in case we aggravate it, you know? I know a psychic from my local spiritualist church, so I am considering asking them to come and have a look. Aww thank you, I hope I have a good time at uni too, and thanks for the nice comments about my story not being bad!:)

DARKNESS: my parents aren't too fussed about all the events that are going on; it doesn't seem to bother them. My dad is interested in the paranormal like I am, and we both agree that having something with us is a privilege, and we have the up most respect for it. My mum doesn't want to annoy it either, but I think she is a bit sceptical about things. They are aware of everything because I tell them about everything; I called my dad up in my story "Above My Head". I agree that the stress of exams and competing etc may have caused or helped the spirit, but I am glad that it is not a nasty one!:)

Javelina: I am going to have a look; but like I said, there is no decent group around, and am going to look with a psychic. I know, I know, they might not be a real one but I am not going to pay them and will want some customer feedback to look at:)

ParrotPig104: I like to believe that I am safe too! I never feel threatened, just a bit freaked out if you know what I mean! It is nice sometimes when I am on my own, because it is like company:)

Thank you so much again!

Lauren xxx
ParrotPig104 (guest)
10 years ago (2011-04-12)
hi laurenemmam: It appears that the spirit occupating your home has a gentle soothing vibe. You may want to consider this, young girls are prime targets for paranormal activity. They are either targeted by gentle, soothing spirits (such as in your case) or extremely horrific and tourtured souls of the past. I think your safe though. If the footsteps are becoming un bearable then I suggest that you call in a priest to exterminate the past presence.
Good Luck! 😁
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
10 years ago (2011-04-12)
I think taz890 has a wonderful suggestion about getting a paranormal team to come and investigate. The thing is they have the equipment and the knowledge of what to look and listen for. Just make sure you do your homework and maybe check the internet for any in your area, check their websites and see what kind of results they've gotten in the past, how long they've been at it, if they posted any customer feedback on their site be sure to read those, and they don't charge anything to come out to investigate.
Hopefully, your parents will agree and it could help to have people in that really do want to help. Just to ease your mind about things.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
10 years ago (2011-04-12)
laurenemmam: What do your parents say about all these events, they must suspect something is going on am I correct? I'm sure you would have answered this question in one of your previously submitted stories though so I will have to have another looksie. You seem to be handling it quite well though, another thought, things might be picking up because of your studies, have they been quite stressfull? Even little things like this can attract activity. All the best and keep us posted.

Thanks for sharing.

taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
10 years ago (2011-04-11)
wow that is a lot of acctivity going on there.
This is not a bad story of badly organised at all very interesting in fact.
Have you or your parents ever thought of haveing a paranormal team visit the house? Could be interesting and get some answers for you, worth a thought.
Looking forward to reading more.
Carl 😊
P.s good luck with uni in sept

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