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The Winchester Experience


I'm 15 years old currently, when I visited the Winchester house I was 14. It was summer of last year, and my family had taken a trip out to see my aunt for Fourth of July like we usually do. It was the second to last day we would be driving back home, and my mother and I wanted desperately to go visit the Winchester house again. The last time I visited I was very young, but I do remember a fair bit about it. It brought back sad memories of my father being with me the last time I was there (he moved away to Kansas and remarried).

We took my younger sister, as well. As we started the tour, the moment I entered the house I felt an overwhelming presence weigh my body down. In the 'Treasure Room' (forgot what it was called) I could hardly breathe. I could swear I felt somebody trying to push me down and pull me through the floor. The calmest room in the house had to be Mrs. Winchester's death bed, which was odd. I was relieved to have some of that pressure off me. It was intense, I can almost still feel the constriction on my throat as I staggered through the mile long house.

I could almost seem the busy servants as I walked through the house, as if we were back in time. The didn't seem to dislike my presence, but still seemed menacing and authoritative. I walked into the gift shop, and while my mother and my sister were shopping I looked out the window and I swear with my mind's eye that I could see them walking through the garden. It's hard to explain. With my naked eye I could see nothing, but when I just glimpsed I could see them briskly walking through the flowers and clipping the trees.

That's my experience in the winchester house. I know it isn't as exciting as everyone else's. I tried to let you see it how I saw it, and feel the same experiences. If you're ever out in CA then the Winchester house is a wonderful place to stop.

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luckkyme (6 stories) (63 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-14)
I know I am a few years late on reading this but I just saw a documentary on the Winchester mansion and felt like researching it and reading people's experiences there. Its such a tragic but fascinating story, and a place I would love to go to at some point. Thanks for sharing your story!:)
TheGhostGuy (8 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-27)
I am visiting the Biltmore House in august. I heard that Mr. And Mrs. Blitmore loved that house and so did the servants. So it has got to be haunted. If I see something supernatural, I will post it so everyone can know.
Abby (710 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-26)
Dear KachiChan,

Interesting name you have chosen there. I appreciate you sharing your intuitive and sensitive experience about when you visited the Winchester Mansion.

I have not visited there, but hope to visit there someday soon. I have however read about it and saw many informative shows regarding the interesting history and hauntings. You most likely experienced the strong presence of the caretakers, an older male and female who oversaw the household duties for Mrs. Winchester.

As for not actually seeing with your 3D physical eyes the presence of the ghosts or of the past ongoing reality of daily life at Winchester Mansion, you did see it all with your sixth sense. What you experienced was a psychic vision within your mind's eye which can be like a quick snapped photograph, a short movie clip and/or symbols and symbolic meaning (clairvoyant). You also intuitively "felt" the energy imprint of the past daily life happening at the same present time you were and are now living in (clairsentient).

Your experience is your own, but it is also as valid and as exciting as anyone else's.

Blessings and Thank You for your travel destination recommendation of the Winchester Mansion, --Abby
evilblackwidow9 (6 stories) (132 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-26)
That was a neat story. I've read about the Winchester House too and I've always wanted to got see it. Is it amazing?
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-26)
Thank you KachieChan for sharing your story with us. Not every paranormal experience is going to be scary or over they top. They are unique to the people experiencing them.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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