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I took the behind the scenes tour which brought us to the basement of the winchester mansion last march, 2006. I was with a group of 10 or so people. In the room, where the coal bin was, I was in the back of the group standing and just listening to the tour guide. I had my backpack on and my hands on my hips. During the talk, I felt like two ice cold fingers tapping me on the arm and what felt like nudging on my backpack. Strong, yet polite and assertive nudging on my backpack, almost to the point of moving me. It would be like someone was a little annoyed with me that I was in the way, and wanted me to move. I looked back and saw nothing. I remember rubbing my arm where the tapping was to warm the area up and then I stood back in the same position again. Well, it happened again to me, not quite in the same place, but even stronger. Immediately, I thought that this had to be something of a spirit or so. I moved to another spot.

After the tour was done, I told the tour guide about my experience. She told me that there were other guides that experienced what looked like an unclear/grayish/smokish apparition (might not be the right word) or sighting of a gentleman wearing work clothes in the same area. This is the truth and I would appreciate it if others would come forward with their experiences. Thanks.

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jani (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-24)
Bob, I too have taken the tour you mentioned. I was there in September of 2010. I had no expectations about "seeing ghosts" that day. I didn't see anything, but something happened to me that I can't explain. While in the basement in the boiler area, it suddenly got very cold. I had goose bumps all over and became very light headed. It almost seemed like my heart had stopped beating. On the way to the coal bin where you had your experience we passed back by the boiler and the same thing happened. By the time I got to the coal bin I was cold all over and couldn't wait to get out the basment. I also felt a pushing sensation, but it was more of an internal one than an external one. I don't know if that makes any sense, but that's the best way I can put it into words. I felt extremely uncomfortable. Something didn't want me in there. I didn't talk with the tour guide because I was afraid she'd look at me like I was crazy, but I wish I had. I am glad you had an experience in the same area. It lends a little credibility to what happened to me that day.
Bloodless (1 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-10)
I've always wanted to go there. It sounds really amazing. I'm glad that intelligence is still present in that wonderful old house.

By which I mean the spirits, of course.
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
16 years ago (2007-02-03)
Hello Bob, I think that a worker was most likely to die there, because he was wearing work clothes right? I have never been to where your talking about, but I have experienced cold touchs or cold spots. There was a time when I was alone in a hotel me and my family were staying at when we went to corpus, and I could feel something cold and icy touch the back of my neck and then let go, it freaked my out. Later, in the same hotel I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, when I felt it was extremely cold in one area of the bathroom where it wasn't supposed to be so cold!!! The ac was on, but not in the bathroom, in fact, besides the cold spot, it felt like a desert in there, but many people experience things like that and well, I have to go, thanks for your time, adios!!!

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