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Wounded By Spirits


This story is entirely true. I have the scars to prove it and pictures. I am a former Soldier and a former Police Officer. So I've been in more then my fair share of dangerous encounters. I do not frighten easy, I stay calm during most any event that occurs.

I had the chance to visit some Hopewell Native American burial mounds. One which I jogged past 4-5 times a week. Once when I was passing them I heard leaves rustling and it sounded like someone was walking beside the road in the woods near the mounds as I jogged. I could see there was no one there. The thought (Ghost) crossed my mind but I laughed it off. I made a smart remark out loud, "well if your a good looking Indian babe, come on home with me." That remark I think cost me later.

I lay in bed that night and was tossing and turning trying to get to sleep. I lived in a one bedroom apartment. As I lay on my stomach with both arms wrapped around the pillow. I heard the bedroom door creak. Then something jumped up on my bed. I thought, Oh crap a Coon or Cat got in. I hoped it was only a cat. I owned no animals. I didn't want to move suddenly for fear it was a Coon and I'd get bit (you know the dreaded Rabies shots). So I lay still as it worked its way up my legs and onto my back. Then it kind of nuzzled in behind me. I had enough and flung the covers off and jumped out of bed turning the light on. There was nothing there. This same thing occurred 10-15 times while I lived in that apartment.

I moved to another Apartment, only things got much worst. At the new apartment I felt a presence in my bedroom numerous times and my covers would be pulled off me. Then one night as I was attempting to sleep something sat on my bed. There was enough light from my bathroom that I could watch as the mattress of my bed pressed down next to me. I was in shock as I watched as the form of something pressed into my bed. It was as if a person was right in bed with me. I was fed up and lost my temper after all the past encounters. I cursed the thing military style. I cursed it up and down. I demanded it leave and never return, suddenly it was gone. The next night I had a fitful dream. In the dream I was fighting two near naked savage looking men in hand to hand combat and with knives, only the knives were Flint or some type of stone. The fight was so real. I remember winning the fight but was wounded several times. I awoke with my heart pounding and out of breath. My leg burned like fire at my knee and my calf. My right hand hurt also but not as badly. I reached down to touch my leg and my fingers were sticky. I got up turned on the light and I was bleeding from three slash type wounds to my right leg and a minor wound to my right hand. My bed was a mess as was I. After checking my new apartment for intruders and anything that could have injured me. (of which there was nothing) I took pictures with my phone near the bed and cleaned and dressed the wounds.

I saw my doctor the next morning. I told him my story, he has known me for years. He did not doubt my story at all and said He thought I had encountered a violent spirit. (never thought I'd ever hear a Doctor say that) I talked with my Priest and he told me to pray and ask "God to protect my home and all who dwelled in it from evil.". He also told me to go to each room in my apartment and again "demand that the spirits leave in the name of God". I did as he said but I really wanted him to stop by and do it. But he didn't appear to even want to talk with me about it. He also advised me to pray each night, which I do any way.

So far it's been three months and no other world visitors. But I have two 3" scars on the inside on my right knee and a nasty looking 2" scar on my lower right leg. If anyone has any advice on this encounter please feel free to contact me. I'd love to know what happened and should I expect further attacks? Did I invite a spirit into my home? Thanks for reading this. Once again I give you my word of honor this is all true.

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limwen (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-06)

I've been wounded by other worldly spirits once or twice myself. Nothing at all the severity of how you have been wounded. Let me help.

It seems as though you have done quite a disrespectful thing with your words. This spirit who came first to you in your bed was trying to frighten you, not listen to your words as a genuine invitation. If it were a native american woman spirit, she would most likely be much to honor bound and intelligent to listen to that. So she sought to terrify you and make you learn a lesson, to RESPECT that which you know little about. That which all of us in this realm know so little about. Your words were a curse upon you. You have been frightened but you have not learned your lesson. I understand. As a police officer, as a man seen war you do not frighten easily nor ought you given your previous professions. But in this case you were frightened and that drove you angry. You cursed the spirit instead of trying to listen to the lesson it was trying to give. Unfortunately this brought more harm upon you. As you are a police officer and a man seen war, to make you learn a lesson is to revert to a way in which you might be more easily taught--through your dream combat. These are spirits. They do not loose to mortals. They leave when they have left their mark, permanent on your mind or your body if your mind is unwavering. Unfortunately you did not know what the lesson was and your mind was stuck and steadfast. Do not let it be so in the future. These scars are reminders of what you ought now learn. You have been warned and scarred so that you remember the lesson. You must respect the other world. You must not curse, or rage when you are afraid in this regard. Your very own words and actions when you face fears with this mindset have caused you serious damage and I beg of you for your own sake and for the sake of those who love you to grow with the knowledge that these spirits have blessed and cursed you with. You may wear your scars with honor and wisdom, proud that you have learned your lesson. Respect the spirits, and respect what they have to offer. Only then will you be at peace.

Only... If you take heed my words or if you do not, I do wish to bestow upon you an old custom. Be careful. Purchase a sage smudge stick. Google it if you want. You must light the tip, blow it out so it smolders and go about your home, working the smoke about your home, the corners, each direction north south east west, the windows, the doors... And say that you wish the spirits be gone, negative energy leave you for you will be more respectful in the future and you wish no harm come to you nor those who dwell within your home and heart. Cleanse your body with the smoke, work it with the wind you control by waving your hands. And meditate on the experience you have had. Learn from it. Grow. And do not let it happen again.

I have seen spirits twice from the other realm. I have seen them and been blessed. You are a believer now. But you must be told that spirits are not evil, nor good. They are teachers and if you are rare enough to be taught a lesson, for the love of God, for the love of all there is in every realm, learn from it. The spirits are but messengers of the one whole God who loves all and is genderless. Who is all religion and all good, who is all evil too. God is made up of all the gods worshipped and praised. God is all. This is a lesson from God, given forth through deities lingering in the realm between. Learn from it. Respect that which you do not. Respect the earth. Respect the other realm and the spirits that reside there. Respect your fears, whole heartedly for without fears you are a heartless machine.

Rejoice if you learn. Truly learn. Cower if you do not for your lesson will come harder than this, in this life or another. Learn or you will and must pay. The lesson will be learned, one day.
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
It's funny how a simple comment can have such a consequence. I am going with Rook's explanation on this one. It seems to fit pretty well. Can't say for sure if the spirits will come back, but it won't hurt to keep up a cleansing ritual. I would also like to see those photos if you still have them. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
I would also love to see those pictures. My thoughts run along the same lines as Rook. I would suggest to follow Rook's Home Cleansing / Shielding technique.

I have one question. You said that you talked to your priest and that he told you to tell the spirits to leave in the name of God. You also mentioned that he wouldn't come to the house to bless it himself. Why is that?
looney85 (3 stories) (188 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-07)

Thank you for sharing your story. I find it very interesting that you were physically harmed. I'm no expert but I did have a familiar encounter. I was dreaming that I fell off a cliff running away from something and I couldn't walk right because my right knee felt broken and when I woke up I had a huge bruise on my right knee that hurt for days. So I do think that this is possible, that things like this can really happened.

If you encounter anything else please let us know.

BlueTurtle (3 stories) (176 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-07)
Hopefully, since you 'won' the fight, you won't be bothered by this anymore. But where are the pictures?
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-07)

It all begins with your own words...

"well if your a good looking Indian babe, come on home with me."

Let's say this happened... You had some experiences and you then kicked her out of your home.

Next you had the dream where you were fighting 2 savage looking men... Brings to mind realitives fighting for her Honor... She had done 'nothing wrong' except seek comfort from someone who had invited her into his home... And then was 'kicked out' for her actions...

Even after everything you have shared with us nothing sounds as if that first spirit was malevolent in nature, nor the two you were 'fighting' in your dream.

Please keep us informed, ask questions, we enjoy the chance to help others. Thank you for sharing. I have a Home Cleansing/Shielding technique that is yours for the asking should you want it.



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