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The Mud Man


Thank you for reading my story, first off. I would like to share my very first two experiences. I was only a baby in a household who, as far as I know, never had any particular interest in the paranormal, they had far too many other problems. I make that point because I don't think I could have imagined something I knew nothing about, especially being so young.

Anyway my first experience is of being in my cot, I cannot remember how I was woken up but gripping the edge of the railing, and a very uncomfortable feeling, the door was halfway open and the hallway light on. I seen a big, very substantial black man shaped thing sort of slowly walk through the door, no face, just pure black. His walk was unatural but I cannot remember exactly why, it was like his feet slid across the floor; there was no noise and the floor was carpeted. I was terrified.

I screamed and screamed, stood clinging to the edge of the cot, my two youngest aunts were around 8 and 9 at the time, and they ethier didn't wake up or decided to ignore me and let someone else collect me (the youngest aunt has since apologised haha) although it seemed like an eternity to me, this hulking thing slowly getting closer and closer to me, and I knew it was looking at me, even thinking about it now creeps me out.

It had gotten so close to me when my screeches were answered, an older aunt (havn't a clue were my mum was!) appeared at the door and smiled, I can still see her cheery face looking in, she didn't see anything at all. I clearly remember it actually walking right past her and out the door, it was as if nothing was there! She picked me up and then the memory fades. I called it the mud man for years, it took place in a creepy house that was across from a boggy muddy stream thing, all grass, water and muck maybe that's why I thought it was from the muck?

Some time later in the same room, the cot had been moved against the wall opposite the window and the moonlight was shining into the room. I was entranced at how my hands were making shadows on the wall, the way they moved exactly as I was. I don't think I had ever noticed shadows before in that way.

The next bit is kind of hard to explain but another kind of darkness seemed to ooze from my own shadow, and grow. I didn't think to look around to see if there was anything stood next to my cot, I just stared at this person shaped shadow on the wall, for some weird reason I wasn't at all scared!

It's so hard to describe but I thought this shadow was getting shorter but it must have been bending down into my cot because I was then lifted up by this shadow and it sounds really stupid but it was like my astral body was lifted because I was in this things arms. It was more of a transparent shadow, didn't have a male or female feeling to it, no nurturing feeling just nothing. I remember feeling strange, very light and it as it lowered me on to the floor I could still see myself in the cot, I will swear to this day it wanted me to see that, I don't know if it turned me a little so I could see myself or what, I just know I did.

It put me on the floor although I have no recollection of feeling the floor underneath me. And something else I know for sure was that it was deciding what to do with me, I have no clue what that was about, but I still have that feeling so strongly. I mean what could it possibly do with me? It picked me up and laid me slowly back down then my minds just blank.

I never knew anything about astral bodies until I was 12 years old and when I got my first pc and googled 'dark ghosts'. I ended up finding out about shadow people and I'm telling you... My tummy lurched, glad I wasn't a nutcase baby but so creeped out that so many people have had the same kinds of sightings because it kind of confirmed the first sighting. I have no idea what the second, thinner, more transparent shadow was all about, could it have been a dream? But can a toddler dream about things it knows nothing about? Any input would be really appreciated.

Ps I found out when I was 17 my cousin seen something similiar in that same room.


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stormangel (3 stories) (55 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-13)
Thanks reptilian and ghostsrreal. Funny a tribal artifact is mentioned, my aunt (not blood related) gave me two wooden black tribal 'things', I was with my first bfriend in our first house and we had no trouble until she gave us them, it took months to realise it started when we were given them, so we left them on somebodies garden wall (im ashamed to say, but I was young and scared) and then things got a bit better. Turned out this aunt was into the black arts, my other aunty went to visit and omg some of the things she told me. This woman is dead now, she was 'hexing' her ex-boyfriend and a few months later she was found over-dosed and beaten, her ex was involved. Everyone she came into contact with has had a bad time in there life whilst she was in it, going bank-rupt, suicides, relationship break-ups, all in the months she visited our town, there was something weird about her but when I was a kid she was normal! I think trying to use occult for her own gain made her evil, strong word, I was going to aviod it but it's the truth, she was a changed woman when I seen her years later as an adult. Speaking of shadows the last one was far darker than a normal shadow, I thought it was mine until it moved differently. Yeah shadows have never done anything except puzzle me although the big one scared me, I could 'feel' menace from him. There's a woman talkes in-depth about them on you-tube 'everything you should know about shadow people'. Kind regards SA
stormangel (3 stories) (55 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-07)
I never seen the man again but a couple of months ago I saw what can only be described as a teardrop shaped thing wiggling across the carpet towards the plug socket then next night the same thing but it was going faster and was slimmerand going toward the socket again πŸ˜•and a boy dressed in 1920's clothing just standing smiling at me a few days after that, didn't scare me, he looked sweet. These are the latest spirit like encounters (or over active imagination?) I have experienced and yes I probably should thank the muddy scary guy because I wouldn't particularly have had an interest in the paranormal if it wasn't for these earliest occurences, thanks for your comments 😁 ps. My mother has had some weird precognative experiences, maybe she passed some kind of sensitivity onto me, I seem to see ghosties more than people around me, but not as much as I would like, I would love to be a ghost hunter if I had time, I have had astral projection as well but it can be hard to determine if its sleep paralysis, then again sometimes I know its not just sleep paralysis so the second shadowy thing may have shown me that, still trying to work it out.
reptilian (45 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-06)
Things that seem frightening when we're young we may later welcome as adults. I had very similar experiences to you when I was about 5, though the source was a tribal artefact. Anyway, for much of my childhood I was terrified of this thing and it's only in the last few years I've realised it was infact a guardian of the family and it had done a spectacularly good job.
Perhaps you ought to thank this entity for introducing you to the spirit world? It may have even saved you from a great deal of suffering without anyone knowing.
ghostsrreal202 (6 stories) (27 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-05)
I hate it when your a child and a supernatural acurance happens to you and no one believes you or is there to comfort you. I had some paranormal occurances when I was little, yet my parents ignored it and told me to go back to bed. I guess it's worse when your a baby, and you can't run. I hope it goes away!

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