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Wounded Man


This story happened about 10 years ago. It was a rainy night and my sister was at her private tuition class with her friend. Only two of them were taking tuition from that tutor at the night time class. Her tuition class was about 8km away from our own house so we usually go there to take her back home. On that night She called us saying that she's getting late to finish her studies. So around 9.30PM, me and my dad went to take her from the tuition class. Her Tuition class was situated in an isolated area in our city where the road was in a bad condition. It was situated in a mountain area where there were only few old houses. But with difficulties we take our Car up the road to the class because there were no buses in that road. My sister and her friend was taking tuition from a very old lady who was a retired school teacher. She was a very nice lady and a very good teacher well known to my parents so even with difficulties my parents wanted my sister to get tuition from that lady.

On that night we went to the class around 9.30 and took my sister from there and started coming back towards our house. It was about 1km from the class and we took a turn on the road. Suddenly we saw a dark man sitting on the corner of the road. We could clearly see his face because our head lights were aiming at his face. It was covered with blood and his shirt was all red covered with blood. We all screamed together. My dad slowed the car saying that man needs help. But my sister started yelling ''no no dad don't stop '' My dad looked at my sister and started driving at full speed. We came down the mountain and got to the main road. Then only we all started breathing again.

I was worried because I thought that man was helpless and maybe he had an accident few minutes ago. But we didn't meet any other vehicles and we had a doubt. We thought that maybe a thief was playing some game to make us stop. But my sister was terrified. We stopped our car near the main road and waited few minutes thinking what to do. About 10 my sisters friend and her dad came down the road by their car just like us and we asked them whether they saw that man. And surprisingly they said they didn't see anyone or anything.

Later we asked my sister why did she yelled "don't stop" and She said her teacher had warned her one day saying never to stop the vehicle if they sees a wounded man on the road near the turn. I tried to ask some questions from that lady next day but she refused answering saying that she don't want to make me scared. But she said that we were saved by the god.

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Simie (4 stories) (14 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-06)
Yes Vanessax1995. As I've heard from some of my friends that road is very famous for haunting. But still don't know the story behind the wounded man. I tried to remind his face. But the image I have on my mind is not very clear. All I can remember is how he was covered in blood.
Vanessax1995 (19 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-04)
I would crap my pants.

Really wonder why she told you not to stop, I wonder what the story behind it was.

Much respect. ❤

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