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So this is how I start with the back story to my home. My family has lived here for 21 years and my parents another 6 or so on top of that, we have had strange accounts happen before, (read Our House and the Shadow.)

So this is what has happened to me so far this year. In late February, early March we when and got a kitten and since his brother was brought out to we got both entirely black kittens, we took the time to litter train them and in the following weeks something happened.

I was on the computer late one night where I turned around to look over my shoulder to look for the kittens (since they normally sleep near/with me.) I saw a black shape about the size of the kittens at the time and it moved next to the couch (which the computer is side on to) the shape looked like it was rubbing against the side of the couch and moved behind me into the shadows.

It was then I realised both kittens were curled up together on top of the arm chair which had its back to the computer. It was then I realised it was more like an orb shape and I never saw it again but this was not the only thing that has happened.

Late at night I hear the floor boards in the front hall creak when I know no one is awake or up (our doors squeak) and our boards don't creak unless they are stood on with some force (an child or heavier).

At night when I am in my room I have felt eyes on my when I am trying to sleep this is not the only thing. Only a few weeks or so ago, I had actually heard a pair of hands clap. Now this is impossible as I had nobody but the cat was in the room with me (since they were all in bed asleep) and I was curled up in bed to gather warmth and the cat who was with me (Salem) left the room quickly afterwards. Though this has also happened when I have felt the eyes on me

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Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-26)
Well the fact that your cats seem to be reacting to what you are sensing suggests that there is something tangible there, but I would not take your cats jumping ship as an indication that it is something threatening. Cats fight or flight response seems to be heavily biased towards flight. The oft-repeated advice to write down each occurrence may be a good idea for you.
Prophet_Sun (2 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-26)
only saw it once was more worried about the fact my cats won't stay in my room for long
Marsaphir (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-24)
Your story reminds me of a Swedish girls story about seeing a small catsized black shadow with red eyes that was watching her in the night from above her curtains. It didn't feel good or bad, just weird and watching. She woke up her boyfriend and switched on the lights and they both saw the shadow disappear behind the curtain but when they got up there was nothing there. However your seemed more orb shaped and hers was more of a shadow. Still a bit similar when it comes to size.
guddughostbuster (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-24)
dont know about ghosts in your area but every ghost fears god better if you visit the church regularly increase your faith in god that way you will have a stronger moral base and every chant of god will have more effect on poltergeists and ghosts 😊
stormangel (3 stories) (55 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-23)
Its strange that you have mentioned something around the size of a cat, we didn't even have one yet every single regular visitor seen this 'cat' out the corner of their eye, but we (for some raeson, just trying to be rational I suppose) thought a cat was getting in through a window 😕 One day we came in from the rain and there was, right in the middle of the lounge, a single black paw print, I went to point it out and my mum looked a t me sternly, it would have frightened my little sis who hadn't noticed at that point. The clapping your hearing, I often hear my name being called and it is in my grandmothers voice, distinctive scottish/irish accent and hear crashing, bangs like gunshots. My b'friend almost every night sits up from his sleep and insists somebody is knocking at the front door, its getting boring and he drives me mental with it now so I'm afraid I get pretty annoyed. Its a well known experience, it's just your drowsy brain. You can read plenty about it, I did, I found it creepy at first but now I know its so common and nothing ghostly (in your case it may be different but its so alike what many experience that it sounds like the same thing). Our floorboards don't creak but sometimes at night they do, I put it down to wood expanding and nothing more. I'm very interested in the black shaped cat though. Great story, thank-you 😁

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