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This story will be a bit long, so I sincerely appologise before hand.

306 was my first university share house, it was on the main road and was pretty ran down and I'll say doddgy. The front fence of the house was falling apart, you walk in the front door and are met with a long hallway with 7 bedrooms, the hallway ends at a kitchen with a laundry/ bathroom to the opposite side of the kitchen. Straight across from the hallway in the kitchen is a door which takes you to a narrow hallway with two bedrooms opposite each other. That is the house. I moved in with two friends, but after a few months there was me, my best friend (em), her gay (very sensitive to the paranormal) cousin (Dan), two of our friends (gk and duke) and my boyfriend (Ahmed)

I use names to make following the story easier.

The house had 9 rooms, although it wasn't big enough to hold them all. The other three rooms had students whom I didn't know.

When we first moved in everything was fine for a while until early one morning around 2am Emily felt sick and had to use the bathroom, our rooms were opposite each other in the small hallway near the kitchen. I was asleep when she came knocking on my door, I let her in and she looked terrified.

She told me she went to go to the bathroom but saw a black shadow near the long hallway, I wasn't sure if I believed her, but I got up and we walked into the kitchen, peering down the hallway, just then we both heard the sound of keys falling and hitting the ground with that loud jingle sound, we both turned around and saw a black shadow dart across the small hall. We dismissed it and went to bed.

The next night we were all out in the front yard drinking when two guys, who we don't know walked in through our gate, now this area near the uni is pretty doddgy so we were just going to kick them out. They told us they were friends with duke (they only described him and we later found out duke didn't know them at all)

One of the guys walked into the house while the other stayed outside, he said he knew the guy who lived in the house before they turned it into a share house (at that stage it had been a normal house with three bedrooms) he told us he had died of a heart attack in the bedroom and that's why they came to visit, that's how they met (that's what they said). He also mentioned how his friend (the one who died) and that guys wife would complain about the house being haunted.

Strange things would happen and Dan, the sensitive one, would comment on the bad feeling the house had.

I woke on morning and could see a white glow above my bed, I didn't feel threatened and there was no source of light for a reflection. I rolled over and went back to sleep. A lot of stuff like glowing orbs, black shadows, noises happened a lot, it just became a normal thing in the house, but later on it got so bad me and Emily figured that the noises couldn't be paranormal as they were too loud.

We were in the kitchen talking and having a good time. Ghosts were the last thing in our minds, when all of a sudden Emily closed the door that connected the kitchen with me and Emily's rooms, I asked her why and she said she didn't know, she just got the feeling she should. A while passed, I can't remember how long when we heard big, loud footsteps. It was coming up the small hallway near me and Emily's room. We both froze, it was loud and very obvious as to someone was walking towards the kitchen (thank god Emily closed and locked the door).

We grabbed whatever weapon we could and walked slowly to the door, Emily called the rest of the housemates, who were in uni at the time, and we decided to go towards the front door. Emily stopped on front of one of the room and told me she saw the black shadow again. We peered into the room and at that I heard and when I turned saw another rooms door handle twisting, although no one was home, we bolted towards the bathroom to lock ourselves in, while inside we heard footsteps and noises, the cops came (Emily had hung up on our friends when we screamed and the boys called the cops) they searched the house and found no one, no way to the hallway near my and Emily's room.

I'll stop here but we saw, felt and heard all these things a lot of times, cops came many times as they were so real we thought people had broken in. Daniel cleansed the house many times but the feeling and sounds would always come back.

We thought that maybe the house stood on bad land, as although someone had died in the house, he had also claimed it was haunted.

We did do research and found news reports on the heart attack inside the house.

Any ideas what could be wrong with this place?

Thank you

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Hellhound (2 stories) (37 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-21)
Hey, thanks for the response and it's cool and I like natural explanations, we did deal with a lot of dodgy people but yes we always checked if we heard a sound or saw something:)
We have tried to think of natural explanations but there is too much out of the ordinary.
Although me and Emily were the only ones who saw or heard anything while I was living there, at the end (once I had left the house) the rest of the household got So scared they left the house. I wasn't there so I didn't mention it in the story.
I do want to do more research.
Thanks all for all the ideas:)
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-12)
Dark shadows at the end of a long hallway and keys being dropped. This in what you have described as a 'dodgy' neighborhood? No one went to check to see which keys were dropped or if someone 'real' was in the home? You also stated this...

"They told us they were friends with duke (they only described him and we later found out duke didn't know them at all)

One of the guys walked into the house while the other stayed outside..." the individual that remianed outside told you a 'story' of a death by heartattack in the home... To me that sounds like a 'set up'.

Then a bit later you state...

"A lot of stuff like glowing orbs, black shadows, noises happened a lot, it just became a normal thing in the house, but later on it got so bad me and Emily figured that the noises couldn't be paranormal as they were too loud."

I have to ask this question... Did things ever go missing and not 're-appear'?

I'm not so sure thses experiences are paranormal in nature... You have two individuals, one that gained entry into the home under false pretenses. They 'knew' the owners of the home before it was converted... This sounds more like 'real people' sneaking around than 'Spirits' making themselves known.

Sorry, I mean no offense just offering my opinion based on the facts offered.


DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-11)
Freaky stuff no doubt you were frightened. May I ask where abouts in Australia this occured? As already mentioned the previous owner may still be present there, and I have a feeling may not know that he has passed on. Look forward to more details.

Thanks for sharing.

Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-09)
With so many people there & "dodgy" activities in the general area it may have been something someone was projecting. Or maybe something happened in the area before the house was built that left a residue behind. I would not take at face value what your visitors said about the previous owner saying it was haunted since you know them to be liars. So maybe the guy who had the heart attack does refuse to leave.
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-09)
Sounds as if the victim of the heart attack wasn't quite willing to leave this world.


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