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The Campground Ghost


On the shores of the eastern shore of Virginia is Cherrystone Camping Resort. Nestled between the Atlantic and Chesapeake, it is a family campground. I go there every year in June with my brother and grandmother. For the past 4 years so many memories have been made there, yet one stands out with such a strange aura. June 2008 I was in the back part of the campground next to a salt water pond, far from any RVs, tents, cabins. Across the way I see some black shape float above the water and then instantly vanish. I passed it off as smoke or something of that nature.

June 2010, we went down for the second time. One night I heard footsteps coming from outside the RV and then a loud knocking at 3 AM in the morning. Now who in their right mind would do that? Not any human. I looked out the window and saw a figure dressed in what appeared to be late 19th century garments. I literally jumped back and flew right back into bed.

Later that week I was out crabbing, it was a brisk evening and I was casually sitting on the pier waiting for a crab to come buy and snatch the line. When I saw a hooded figure come out of the water 20 yards away and walk/float into the campground and then disappear. I immediately packed up my gear and ran to the RV. I told my grandmother and brother. My grandmother told me when she was making tacos earlier she felt like something menacing was in the RV watching her. After that we roasted marshmallows and the trip continued as normal.

June 2011, we went down for our 3rd time, this was the trip with THE MOST activity. I was in the camp store, at the very back, alone getting ice cream for dessert for later in the evening. When all of a sudden I saw a green mist float into the wall. I dropped the ice cream and ran to the front desk where I asked the lady if they had some sort of gas leak, and they didn't. I told her about the mist and she got a look on her face.

She told me that the campground staff had strange experiences concerning a black hooded figure, a reoccurring mist, and some other spirit. I couldn't believe it. I was shocked, so I told her about my experiences. Apparently other guests had similar experiences. With that information in mind I told my grandmother. She believed me and we kind of shrugged the whole thing off because we weren't going to waste our vacation searching for ghosts.

One night I went to the bathhouse in the center of the campground for a shower and when I entered it I felt like I was being watched, very closely. Then I heard a loud bang and a voice say get out. To the best of my knowledge there wasn't anybody else in the rest room at the time. I quickly left and went to another bathhouse... While we were enjoying our last day I saw a human looking spirit move across the marsh, I knew it wasn't a person because if you walk into the marsh surrounding the campground your feet will sink in all the way up to your waist. The spirit looked my way and we made eye contact, it then disappeared.

After those experiences at that campground I am very curious to know what was I experiencing? Could the hooded figure be a demon? What is significant about the green and black mists I saw. I am going back this June and hopefully maybe document something paranormal. (I know not to use a Ouija board, but since its VERY far from my home, would it be okay?) Anyway I would love to know what you think. These experiences at that campground still strike fear into me. Thank you.

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funeralmass (1 stories) (27 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-13)
Where exactly is this campground?I'm from Tidewater VA (I won't say which city) and I've never heard off it. My house is about 20 minutes from the VA Beach ocean front (though not in VA Beach) and I've never heard of Cherry Stone. Which city is it into because it sounds close to home and I'd love to pay it a visit.
JennyEpp (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-12)
I loved camping at Cherrystone when I was young girl in the early 80s I spent nearly all summer long there. One summer in about the mid 80s when I returned to spend the summer there the bait house had been rebuilt. There had been a fire and the bait house burned down a man named big John, and I'm serious they called him big john who I believe was an owner of Cherrystone he may have only been an employee but pretty sure he was an owner but he died in that fire. Of course this was sad news to all the campers who looked forward to seeing the same friendly faces year after year. If you go back this month maybe see if anyone works there from that time maybe could tell you more. I don't know if there are really ghosts out there or not but I saw your story and remembered big John. I just joined twitter and couldn't think of anyone to follow lol punched in Cherrystone cause it was on my mind and I immediately found your story. I read the comments and someone mentioned maybe someone drowned and I thought of that horror movie with Jason in the camp ground in Jersey which your proly too young to have heard of lol then I remembered that someone had died there not drowned but in the bait house fire. I thought maybe its big John 😊
Hitman47 (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-27)
Dont use an oujaia board it will open a portal and more demons and ghosts will come out it will make your life hell seriously
Virginia4Life (3 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-22)
This campground sits on a bay right on the entrance to the Chesapeake, where presumably many ships sailed/sail through. Based on some research a few ships have sunk in the are (within at least 10 miles) and lives were lost. I contacted a friend I made at the campground back in 2010 and he told me about some of the experiences he had, and they were very similar. I'm afraid that whatever is there is not benign. Whenever I had any of the experiences, I got a feeling of terror. Whatever is there, I'm going to leave alone.
DragonStorm80 (1 stories) (440 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-21)
Definately under no circumstances use a ouija board, no matter where you are! I am not sure exactly what you were experiencing there, it could be residual or just something that enjoys wansering the grounds, I hope you have some luck documenting these events 😊
TawnyWolf (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-20)
Wow, great story! It reminds me of the campground I go to, an island in Ontario, Canada. I've had similar experiences- perhaps I'll write about them later.

Anyways, I agree with the previous posts- don't use the board. It'll just bring so many more spirits, and demons. They'll follow you, and turn your life into hell. As for your ghost/mist experiences, it was probably a ghost. Not a demon.

Please keep us updated after you come back this summer!:) I look foreward to seeing what happens.
snowhite (203 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-19)
Do not use the board. I have read a lot of real stories but playing with it and ended up dealing with evil spirits or demons. You may not play it at home, but the spirits can follow you home and haunt you. Please do not try it.
Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-18)
You ask some interesting questions. First, what were you experiencing? Well these kinds of experiences are often referred to as the unknown for a reason. The hooded figure & the disappearing person suggest there is at least one ghost on the property. The strange mist could point to any number of paranormal or normal possibilities. The bang & voice incident is too difficult to call in my opinion because it is so hard to be certain a living person did not do it. Second you ask if the hooded figure might be a demon? Wearing a black hooded garment does not equal malevolent in my opinion. Some of your family's experiences suggest that "something" may not be happy about all the people there, but it is a big leap from that to "demonic." You also mention documenting the possible paranormal there. I think recorders would be largely useless, in a campground it would be virtually impossible to ensure you aren't picking up the noise of other campers & sounds carry strangely over lakes. As previously mentioned a camera is a great way to go, but again other campers may "muddy the waters" since their campfires, RV lights, etc can look like something unexplained in photos. Lastly you say you "know not to use a ouija board" but wonder if it would be ok since you are far from home. Only you can answer that. Why do you believe you should not use the board? How do you believe it works? Do you believe there are ways of protecting yourself from potential dangers? Do you believe "something" can stay in a place once it has made contact in some way? And if so are you comfortable leaving "it" in that place that other people frequent? And, perhaps most importantly, do you believe that using a ouija could be trusted to give you reliable information about whatever is going on there?
Girty16 (6 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-18)
dont use the Ouija board!
My friend used one the next day her mum was is in a car accident my friends house is haunted she won't talk to me any more she thinks shes cursed she only used Ouija board for a dare I was there all the candles went out and then we saw this figure what looked like a woman but her dress was all ripped and muddy and she just screamed at us it was really scary the thing is though that woman was the reason my mates mum was in a car-crash she swerved to avoid hitting her and she hit a tree there was 20 witness's who say they saw here just vanish into thin air.😐 😐 😐
shellzy (8 stories) (218 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-18)
This story is really interesting. I definately think it is worth doing some research into the history of the campground. Perhaps somebody drowned in the lake or died on the land? Hopefully on your next trip you can try and take photos or catch eveidence of this phenomemon, it would be really interesting to hear what you come up with!

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