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I'd rather not disclose my real name, sorry. I live in Scotland, in the country, a small town that used to be all fields, marshland and farms. Now it's a rather large country town with it's own Supermarket and shopping centre. (nb: feel free to ask about any Scottish colloquial terms I use that you don't understand) My house is a 3 storey town house, in a quiet street that, as my whole family has experienced and accepts, is haunted.

The spirits include a rather large shadowy bulky man with a golden wristwatch (the only part of him not enshrouded in darkness) who goes up and down the stairs at night. A little girl who calls for a mother whom I fear can no longer hear her. A small black cat (he's believed to be a family pet close to my mother who passed when she was a little girl). A shadow that walks in the back garden and a dog. My God-cousin used to come to my house when she was just a toddler and insist on playing with "the dog" despite the fact we didn't have a dog, until at least 7 years later. But sure enough she'd sit on the stairs in my house, playing with something no one else could see. The cat I find follows me around I often find it around when I'm scared or upset. The presence is calming.

Now for the experiences I and my family have had. I'll start with the "good" spirits. The young girl, no older than seven or eight I'd say, would wake my mum up during the night, calling "Mummy" but when my mother descended the stairs to see what was wrong with -who she thought was my very young sister-my sister, she was out cold in her bed fast asleep. Other nights she'd feel a child's hand on her shoulder and awaken to find no one there. Once she did see her, a full body apparition standing in the doorway out of the corner of her eye, again she thought it was my sister. She turned round to ask what was wrong only to find the hallway empty.

The young girl has appeared to me also, once when I was lying in bed-not even tired in the least bit- facing the right hand side with my head up against the wall. Suddenly everything went black, like I'd blacked out. Then my vision came back and I was looking to my LEFT at a girl standing in my room with the CLOSED door lying wide open, her long black hair covered her face -like something out of that horror movie I think it was called the grudge or maybe the ring- and she hung her head. She held a blue blanket in her left hand and just stared at me. I thought it was my sister as well, until one crucial fact finally hit home in my head. I was still facing the wall. As soon as I realised I was seeing through eyes that were not mine I was looking at the wall again and I immediately turned to see her only to find an empty room. I know what I saw, it was VERY real and afterwards rather frightening.

The shadow in the garden, now he's a new one. He only appeared when my family decided to sell the house and downsize due to my mum's health problems. One day when we were awaiting a viewer, a potential buyer. My mum looked at the -switched off- TV in the living room and as the light hit it, she saw a shadow walk past, and I traced the light and tried to recreate it and found the ONLY way a shadow could have been cast on the TV was if someone or something was walking about in my Garden, which was empty... To us. Both my cats were in the garden and both were now crying to get into the house.

Another time when my family was up getting the mid floor prepared for a viewer, my kitchen table was adorned with two high walled candles. (The "vase" if that's the right term was at least two inches high the flame was barely one, I tried there is NO way to make that flame jump the vase edges) and there was a table runner that the candles were sitting on which went length ways over the wooden table. EVERYONE in the family was upstairs doing their rooms, the three kids doing theirs, my mum helping my sister and my dad doing finance on the top floor. I came down from my room -lucky I did- because I was thirsty and my mum followed me, we found the end of the table runner (which hang about 5 inches over the edge of the table) on fire! Both candles were fine but one of them appeared to have moved. The tassel that caught fire was the far one, the one out of the way of the wind (we had the patio doors open) so there is no way it was blown up and into the candle and there is no way the flames jumped or flowed there either. I investigated and tried to debunk it, however I realised that the ONLY way you could ignite that tassel is if you picked it up and dipped it in the flame or brought the candle to it. If I hadn't come down that minute the house could have burnt up.

Also if the atmosphere gets too tense, like if I have a heated argument with someone that gets VERY loud and angry, then the electronics suffer. Usually it's light-bulbs that randomly blow despite the fact their new. My Laptop's hard-drive also burnt up despite no problem with my fan.

Now that I've "set the scene" The most active area of my house is my parent's study, it used to be my nursery. When I was a child I refused to go up the stairs by myself, I INSISTED my dad take me up. When I was really young, as a baby I would cry hysterically and endlessly when placed in that room. My cat, a black Korat would stand guard outside my room door and would not let anyone but my parents and grandparents in to see me and one night my parents learned why. They had a baby monitor in my room to listen to me in case anything sounded wrong. One night they heard me cooing and crying and then BAWLING and a man was talking to me, a man with a deep voice. I came to know that voice VERY well over the next 15/16 years.

I know the next bit is going to get me some psyche talks. He was a demon, a powerful and persuasive one. His powers of manipulation were matched only by his sadistic nature and his lust for power. He attached himself to me at a young age and for 15 years he tormented me, speaking, yelling, insulting, lying in my head. Appearing in my dreams and hurting me, beating me, ravaging me... Raping me. He never relented until I called him master but I refused. He beat me I refused. He tortured me. I refused. Then one day he threatened to do to the person I loved most, what he does to me. Only ten times worse. By this time I was suicidal. I tried once, failed. The second time he stopped me. He said he had "plans for me" and so did HIS master. Once he threatened that person. I gave in, I gave myself to him, not completely but to an extent he was comfortable with and I hated. Then he started calling me something else, a name to add insult to Injury, he named me after a song that I found described my plight rather fittingly, "Lucifer's Angel"

I never noticed at first, but he was stealing my soul. Slowly I became more sadistic, I developed a blood-lust, I began desiring and doing sadistic evil things. My once renowned empathy and compassion replaced by an unfeeling coldness, a heart that did not beat. I wanted to hurt everyone around me, no I wanted to kill them and I wanted to hear them SCREAM and I didn't care how much I hurt them and the only sound I ever heard was his laughter as he egged me on. "Kill them, kill them all" "Cull the human herd, slaughter the cattle!" Then he threatened me more, told me if I didn't kill people he'd take an innocent every day I resisted and torture them to death. So we compromised, my first deal with the devil, I was barely 16. I told him I would only kill bad people. He agreed reluctantly. He told me to start when I reached the age of 28. That number still follows me about I see it everywhere. He asked me to leave behind a calling card, a black cross, a symbol of corruption, a symbol of my shame.

Then one day I met a girl, a beautiful young woman whose name I will not disclose either. She was a trained exorcist. My demon HATED her, he screamed when he saw her... And even though I swore to walk alone so as to never curse another person with my affliction. I found myself falling in love with her. I found myself ignoring my "master" then, on the 13th of July 2011 we expressed our love for each other. She learned of my "possession" if you could call it that, and thus My demon was no more, banished. Me and her are still together and I'm recovering well but I'm still haunted by memories, some scars will never heal.

Now I'm moving into a new house, my mum took some photos and caught two dancing orbs, always two never apart. Then she returned from the place with twin scratches on her foot. Before this I had a dream we moved in and crawling on all fours on the ceiling was a dark figure. Like a charred hooded Scarecrow with glowing orange eyes and a stitched mouth and a hellish shriek... I know it's real cause I can't get it out of my head. I'm afraid it harms my family my girlfriend has all ready been scratched. If I can name this thing I can create it, I still have my demon's knowledge. Has anyone else seen this thing or know it's name? Please any help you can offer would be GREATLY appreciated.

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elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-15)
And my Wiccan friends don't go around casting out demons. I find this insulting to Wiccans as well.
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-15)
No offense... But anyone who believes this is crazed. It starts off all sweet and innocent and all the sudden he's been possessed since birth? And some sexy Exorcist comes out of nowhere and saves him, but its too late! It's too strong! But neverfear! He's more than human now! Nothing about this story rang true at all, from the style to the syntax. Obviously fiction. And a slap in the face to anyone who believes they have ever encountered a real demon. I'm disgusted.
Veris28 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-08)
[at] Pjod dude I NEVER SAID you HAD to believe me but what I WILL say is, if you have nothing useful or supportive to say, then say nothing at all. Simple Logic my friend

To the others who have repeated the same question. I think that was a typo on my part, very sorry. This was very hard to write about, a few typographical errors are to be expected I guess. I meant if I can name it I can destroy/vanquish/banish. (or whatever the proper term is) As for the demonic knowledge part of things, I always assumed that was common to all people who suffered demonic possessions/attachments. You can peer into your possessor's mind like I did. I saw all sorts of things, things that I would rather forget. One ability I gained from this is a sort of demon scent detector, I can sometimes tell to look a building for instance if it's got a demonic presence and I can sense the presence of powerful ones.

To the others, thank you. I talk to A god, I don't subscribe to Christianity after what my demon showed me and what I have studied of the world around me. I am an eclectic spiritualist. The only god I bend my knee to however is Artemis, Greek Goddess of the hunt, she's been a powerful ally in this conflict.

I've moved into the pre-discussed house now and nothing bad seems to have gone wrong...yet. I'm keeping my wits about me and my girlfriend has taught me how to cast pretective stuff (she's a wiccan)

Thanks again for your responses:)

Btw sorry it took so long, I was moving house and I only just got my internet connection back.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-26)
You met a beautiful young girl- who happens to be a trained exorcist? Supernatural knowledge has remained in you long after a Demon has been vanquished?
Can I borrow another posters name below- when I say...
"Epic Fail"
epic_fail (5 stories) (51 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-25)
I want to know what pretekya wants to know: What did you mean by "If I can name it I can create it. I still have the demon's knowledge."?

In regards to this...thing, you saw on your ceiling, this pathetic, burnt-out creature... You said your girlfriend exorcised your demon, right? Then consider the feeling that demon brought you, and consider how this thing makes you feel. Are they similar? Just because something has been cast from your body doesn't mean its not still attached to you in some way.

You need to remove this thing from this world. Erase it. I don't know how, but you need to completely get rid of it, and removing it from your house or even your property will not do. It needs to be gone completely.
crecentblue03 (151 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-25)
That was an interesting story. I don't know quite what to say other then befriend God and talk to him always. When I say talk I mean directly to him sense he is omnipresent he is always present to hear you. Do not bother with this demon any more he is only interested in misleading you he has you do negative things because being that he is negative himself he feeds on negative things this means actions, thoughts, whatever nagative you have don't put it out there don't give him streanth he will use it against you. Please know that demons come from a race of beings called Jinn they have free will just as mankind does and they use it to disobey God and mislead mankind not all of them are bad but still you can't trust them. These Jinns never were Angels, Angels are very different they don't have a will and can only obey God. An angel is made of pure light while a Jinn is made of smokeless fire. I hope I was some help
pratekya (29 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-24)
That is a pretty insane story. Thank you for sharing.

What did you mean towards the end when you wrote "If I can name this thing I can create it, I still have my demon's knowledge"?

Jesus seemed to think that naming a spirit or demon or whatever was important as well also.
supernaturalservices (86 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-24)
I would like you to pm me about this, I know people who can help. But for now for your protection I recommend saying psalm 91 and 71 out of the king james bible 3 times when you go to sleep and when you wake up. Also the saint Michael prayer. Put a bowl of white vinegar mixed with sea salt next to your bed at night.
mjames (2 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-24)
It sounds like the house's spirits were friendly in general, but this demon thing, I believe, is really up to you. If you choose to channel the demon's energy, then you ahve given it permission to reek havoc on your life. You must tell it NO.

When I was 16 I was visited by a tall black figure whose name I knew as "Scratch". I don't know how I knew this, I just did. He appeared in my bedroom one night. I simply told him with all my might to "Get OUT!" and I also prayed to the Virgin Mary which brought me much comfort.

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