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First off, Hi my name is Aisling and I come from and live in Galway, Ireland! I have had many experiences with the paranormal from a young age of about 7, and now being 13, I countinue to have many experiences. I have never been surprised that my house may be haunted as it is over 100 years old and many people have passed here, including my great grandparents on my dad's side of the family. I find it strange that out of my entire family, I am the only one, besides one incident with my mum, to experience strange things. My dad and grandad have both experienced the paranormal, but in a different house that is too haunted by a little boy from the famine and two victorian people, male and female! I hope you can help me with what I have experienced in the past and present... Enjoy!

Experience 1: This story takes place at night in my old bedroom (my now parents room). I had always felt uneasy there, and to this day still do. I had always felt as though something, well, dark and evil was lurking about the room during both the day and the night. As I lay there struggling to sleep, where as my sister was sound asleep, I suddenly hear this very loud, very clear voice of a women. Despite how clear it was, I still couldn't make out what it had said. The women sounded as though it was talking to another person and he/she was just hmmmmming to her words as though to agree with her.

I mentioned in my introduction that my mother had had an experience. She told me when we were very small about the age of 2 or 3 and when she was pregnant with my sister she would always feel as though an old women (possibly my great grandmother) was staring in at her from the window (which is straight ahead from our couch in the sitting-room). She only told me this about 3 weeks ago, and when she did I thought to myself maybe the women in the hallway was my great grandmother?

Experience 2: These stories also take place at night in my former bedroom. Again as I lay awake and my sister asleep, I begin to hear the clashing of pots and pans come from downstairs in the kitchen. I thought that I might be dreaming so just to give it a go, I did what they did in the programms on tv and pinched myself, and sure enough I was awake and still hearing the pots and pans clashing against each other. It sounded as though someone was getting ready to bake something. The sound continued for about 2 minutes then just stopped short, and the strangest thing was the next morning after I had asked everyone if they had gotten up, everyone said that they hadn't.

On a different night, my sister and I had just gotten into bed, neither of us were asleep at this stage. My dad was down stairs, with the tv BLASTING as usual so I was getting ready to tell him to turn it down, when all of a sudden I heard footsteps in the hallway. Our floors are very creeky, as you can imagine in a 100 year old house, so it was easy to know when someone was upstairs. These footsteps were very distinctive, and sounded as though they were walking up and down the hallway as though waiting for someone to finish doing something, maybe getting dressed in our bedroom. The footsteps stopped outside our door several times and sounded as though they were walking on the spot. Finally after it had finished, I rose and asked my dad to turn down the tv, then if he had been walking up and down the hallway for about 5 minutes. The way he said it told me that I wasn't the only one to have had this experience.

Experience 3: This story now takes place in my new bedroom (my parents former room). As I woke up and rose from my bed and began to straighten my hair for school, I heard a door open slowly and creakly (if that's even a word). At first I had thought that it was my mum so for some reason, I suppose as you would, turned around to look, but strangely found no one, so with that I turned back to the mirror and continued to straighen my hair. By this time I had walked out and switched on the hallway light so I could see myself more clearly. Again, I heard my parents bedroom door open, but found no one in the hallway or go down the stairs, but this time as I turned around I quite clearly saw a black figure in the shape of a man fly cross the hallway, only to stop at my brothers bedroom door (which is located at the very end of the hallway) and disappear very suddenly. I was very shaken by this experience although I had seen white figure, but never in the form of a person.

I have repeatedly told my parents about my experiences, but some how I think they think I'm insane, so I hope that you can help me with what I have experienced. I have also had a fist punch me in the face, it being so powerful that my head flung backwards, and my bed starting to shake during the night.

I hope you enjoyed thanks for reading!

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Pellizon (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-24)
It's ok:)
I just moved house 3 weeks ago. But I have lived there all my life and I have always loved it even though it did have several entities (this house was over 500 years old) so I wasn't surprised but I'm 13 aswell and I get terrified in my new house. Things keep knocking from The attic. But please make sure the ghosts aren't demonic, keep safe:) 😉
DeafFlower (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-07)
be very careful in how you approach these things. Now i'm not a Christian but if you are I suggest getting a pastor or vicar in to cleanse your house if you think that is too invasive then get a smudge stick of white sage and smudge it in all the corners in your room and your parents room. Hope this is of some help:) ❤ 😁
Ghostly98 (2 stories) (23 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
Thank you for your help... I would also like to mention that I often hear laughter and giggling, as everyone is inside when this occurs, I can be sure that it is not them, the only people who have passed here are my great grandparents and a hand full of babies, no small children to my knowledge 😕 If anyone can help me with that detail, I would love to hear your take on it! 😊


Ghostly98! ❤
loca_mocha (4 stories) (32 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-04)
Ghostly98 I am also 13 and want to tell you that you are not going insane 😊 I live in the newly finished basement of my house and I always hear footsteps above me even though I know that no one is up. I always see figures also. You could try and firmly tell them to go away maybe every few monthes or so as this will only last like two monthes 😊 Hope you are doing great and keep us posted ❤
ngute80 (220 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-04)
Thank you for your story. Its sounds very scary. I agree that your house absolutely sounds haunted. Usually a person can live with, and co-exsist with spirits,. But when it becomes dangerous you need to take action and find help. You mentioned that you were punched in the face, so I would recommend that you find a way to get rid of the negative spirits in your house. There is a lot of resources out there and people on here who can give you great advice. Good luck and keep us posted.

P.S Bullygram its "soul" not "sole"
bullygram (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-04)
Looks like your 100 year old house is haunted by many soles, when a sole is threatned activities like this would happen. You should be extra carfull.
Ghostly98 (2 stories) (23 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-04)
Thanks venky, and believe me these ghosts are real! Same here I have always wanted to be first to comment but no such luck 😳 I'll be sure to read your story right now 😊

Ghostly98 ❤
venky (1 stories) (48 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-04)
I have read all your stoories and believe me these stories are enough to prove ghost and spirits are real stuffs.
I always wanted to comment first and you are a luck person or I would say you makes me lucky.
Thanks for sharing and to be part of this world. 😊
I too have two time experience in my life.

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