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The experiences I'm about to write are not my own experiences with the paranormaal but those of close friends and relatives. I hope you enjoy them.

THE FAMINE BOY AND VICTORIAN STRANGERS: This story takes place before I was even born, when my dad used to give a hand to my grandad with diferent things, such as electrical problems, construction etc., in other peoples home, mostly homes of close friends. There was one particular house, belonging to a friend of my grandad, that gave them the creeps.

It was an enormous building, with a large orchard with only ONE way in and ONE way out. As my grandad was in the kitchen, repairing some wires in a socket for a plug, he turned around to reach for another tool. There he saw a young boy, of about the age of 7 or 8, sitting on the chair pulled out from the table. The boy was transparent, dressed in ragged, old clothes from around the time of the famine. My dad had told me, after my grandad had told him, that the young, harmless child sat very still, just staring at my grandad stare back at him, before vanishing into thin air.

The appearence of this child wasn't a surprise to my grandad as the women who lived there had told him that she would often see the child sitting and staring at her while she cooked and cleaned. This child was harmless and only appeared from time to time. My dad had said that he had always felt as though someone was watching him while he worked in that house.

This next encounter takes place in the same house but on a different occasion. My grandad was in the basement of the house trying to mend the circut box, when he suddenly spotted two people, one male and one female, strolling but also slightly floating down the garden (which was opposite the basement). My grandad thought that this was very odd as he was the only one in the house at that time. Also the land was private property so no one could set foot in there without permission. As he studed them closer, before going after them, he noticed that they were dressed very oddly. The man was wearing a top hat, with a black, snazzy suit, where as the women wore a long dress with a bonnet decorated with flowers. They were both dressed as though they were from victorian times.

When he began to follow them into the orchard, which only had ONE way in and ONE way out as I mentioned earlier, he found that they had vanished when he entered the orchard. Now, I had thought that they could have hopped the wall, but these walls were at least 9ft tall and you could not scale them without equipment. This experience shook my grandad the more he thought about it.

Also, one night while the whole family was sound asleep, the mother of the house heard a loud screeching sound, almost like the banshee, that woke her from her deep sleep as she had been out the night before and had had a few drinks. She woke to smell smoke, smoke that was coming from the sitting-room as it was on fire. Thankfully she managed to get every child out, but couldn't save the sitting-room. If that "spirit" had not screamed, they would have all been suffocated from the smoke.

THE MAN ON THE HORSE: When my dad was young, about the age of 14 or 15, he used to cycle around on his bike with his friends that he is still close to. One of the houses that he used to pass was not a happy place. Its past was dark and the house had been abandoned for many years. One of the girls my dad had gone to school with used to live in that very house with her mother, father, who was violent, a drunk and a very angry man, and her two siblings. Her father had died in a tragic accident while riding his horse through their many acres of land, as the family were wealthy. Unforunatley, this horrible man was not just yet ready to go to hell, he decided to stick around. He tortured his family, making them feel unbelivably uncomfortable in their once glorious home.

His wife's sister was strolling through the fields, when she saw a man dressed in a red hunting outfit (the same the girls father would wear when out hunting) screaming at her, "GET OUT" "GET OUT", "GET OFF MY LAND". But worse was yet to come.

One night while sleeping in peace, they mysteriously got up, in their bed clothes, without taking a single belonging, and left their home, just like that. They drove to a cousins house close by, strangely they never spoke of why they left only to their cousin, and never went back to collect a single belonging. This seemed a little far fetched to believe at first but my dad swore that this was what they did.

THE LAUGHING CHILDREN: My mum works in a playschool called "Apple tree", which is owned by a close friend of hers, let's call her Lisa. My brother, sister and I all attended this playschool and are all friends with the youngest children of Lisa and her husband, now let's call him Patrick. This encounter happened when there oldest son, Harry (not his real name), who was 12 years of age, who is now in college.

He was babysitting his younger siblings while his mum and dad (Lisa and Patrick) took a short stroll down the road just outside their house, just for a few minutes to get some air. As they were coming back, they began to hear laughter and the giggling of children. Instantly, they thought that the laughter was that of their children.

Lisa was angered by this as they were supposed to be in bed, and had trusted Harry to put them to bed. When they arrived home, and asked Harry who was laughing and why her children weren't in bed, Harry replied saying "They're all in bed mum, they have been since you left, they're all fast asleep" Lisa brushed it off but later put it down to the fact that the children buried in the graveyard (located in the field beside them) had just played a trick.

Now, the unmarked graves are being dug up and layed down properly, with head stones and coffins for the remains, to put the children to rest. This wasn't the first time that she had had an encounter with the paranormal, she had told my mum that she had often felt a VERY strong presence stand behind her, and place "its" hand onto her shoulder.

I hope you enjoyed these few stories I wrote, and I still have many more to write! Please feel free to give you opinions.

Thanks for reading


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Ghostly98 (2 stories) (23 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-12)
WOW! I certainly didn't expect for everyone to love my story this much! 😁 I don't mean to boast but, you're welcome haha 😆 Yes I hope to write more stories, I have plenty more experiences to share, I too feel that you really have to find a good story to want to read it to the end and I'm glad that I could be of assistance!:D
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-12)
Ghostly98: Thank you for sharing these experiences, as my mate Taz890 mentioned it is great to read a true descent set of accounts without having to scratch your head and make decisions on the validity of them! 😊 Look forward to hearing more from you.

Whispering (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)
Nice to share these experiences with the generations. It does make for interesting conversation. My grandmother, on my fathers side of the family, and my mother also shared chilling stories.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)
After being off the site for a while I came back to find that it was teenage story time again.
But within the "stories" is a very interesting post that I can say really enjoyed reading.
Ghostly98 I want to say thank you! Thank you for adding a fantastic post, was worth trudging through some ott stories to find this hidden gem.
Looking forward to reading more from you.
Ghostly98 (2 stories) (23 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)
Thanks all, yes my family and I have had many experiences with the paranormal! And Ibeleiveheshere: All of these stories are set in Galway, where I'm from and live 😊 Glad ye enjoyed the story, I found them quite creepy when my dad had told these stories to me! 😆

Ghostly98 x
Ibelieveheshere (2 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)
Wish I been to ireland but my grandma's father's family side from there not sure whch area and great story I love to read of about paranormal Great! 😁
27flowers (2 stories) (25 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)
Interesting stories! I love Ireland and spent a lot of time there as a child in co. Galway and co. Mayo and still do! I'm going to hurry myself up and write some of mine and my family's experiences in ireland soon. Where are these stories set? (sorry if you mentioned already!)
Flowers x
Cocoa (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-10)
Wow, pretty paranormal life! I could imagine what the victorian woman would wear instantly, good explanation! I really enjoyed this as you mentioned in your first paragraph.

THANKS! Cocoa 😊
scarynfreaky (2 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-10)
This is actually quite interesting yet quite scary. I do enjoy reading about the paranormal!

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