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Annie 2


As for who don't know who Annie is, Annie is a little girl about the age of four or five. She has curly blonde hair down to her shoulders with a white gown and bonnite. Annie has been very interesting in the past couple of years. Like one time I was in math class with Deena and Rene. Now Annie has always been known to us as a little prankster. She did a prank on me to the point where I was scared to go into the classroom.

This classroom was all concrete. And we would hear tapping, almost banging on the walls and the door. We would hear whispers in our ear telling us to get out. And that's the first time we've heard or even seen Annie act like this. It was very unusual, as to the banging we ended up getting used to it. We weren't the only ones to hear this; the whole class heard it, including the teacher. All of us including the teacher equalled to the total of 8 people in the room.

There were other times she was really nice and sweet. And just plain cute, anyways I don't usually trust Annie. She can be devilish, but then be an angel at the same time. She would stand next to me and whisper funny things, which made me, laugh a lot. She still does this to this day. But like I said I wouldn't trust her.

Another time I was at home lying on my bed getting ready to take a nap. There was little light coming in from the windows just enough to see the whole room. And Annie liked to make the curtains sway back and forth, and bug me to not go to sleep. Most nights she does the same.

But now I'm going to start a journal about Annie. I will keep you guys posted about what goes on with Annie and me. And whatever she does.

Spirited Wishes,


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quixoticqt (5 stories) (104 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-17)
dannybaby, reading all your stories and posts I pocured couple of questions: you wrote of a demon and of being posessed by one, so with that in mind do you believe in a higher power? For all the demons or imps that you see can you see their reciprocal? My mother sees demons and imps as well and could hear them, but my mother is also very spiritual and does believe in a higher power and because of it she's able to talk to the demons and imps and if they are doing something evil can tell them to stop or ask her higher power why they are doing the things they do and get an answer back. My mother says the higher power is within her conscience and told me that it sounds like herself speaking to herself but it's informformTion from the spirit world she wouldn't be able to comprehen if it werent for the higher power within herself.

<3 qt
DannyBaby (3 stories) (44 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-25)
[at] aamo_29 No Annie wasn't the only one I met at school. This school is quite old, who has concrete walls for a classroom? But anyways, I will try and get a picture of Annie. Although it does seem that she don't like cameras or being recorded. She is a very intelligent spirit.
aamo_29 (9 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-24)
The only Annie I know is in the old movie and my classmate in Grade 3. Same as Kaite I want to see her picture, Is Annie the most weird person you encountered in School? 😆 😆 😆

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