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I grew up in small town in Estonia. We lived in quiet suburbs in a yellow two storey house, and were a typical family; I have two brothers and a sister. Life was normal until 1994; I was 10 years old, when my father suddenly collapsed from brain aneurism. I was home that day with my mom and my 9-month old brother. I never forget seeing my dad on the floor dead. Life changed overnight.

Days and weeks passed in a fog. Few weeks after my dad passed away my elementary school teacher asked me about my mom and how she was holding on. After the talk, she give me stack of magazines to give to my mom, I really didn't think anything of it. A few days later I saw these magazines on the table and was thinking of take a look, but these magazines were not regular magazines, they were magazines about the paranormal. I was too young to read these but no one was around so I went through all of them. I was hooked, cause all these magazines were talking about what happens after death, where the spirits are going and real stories of how the living have seen people who had passed on. I could not stop reading. Because my dad died so suddenly I had so many questions.

At about this time, some of my friends were telling me that they had drawn a Ouija board and used it a few days earlier. They had drawn a picture of Lucifer, in the middle of a piece of plain white paper. Above the picture was the alphabet and below were the numbers 1 to 10, with a yes and no to each side of Lucifer's face. This is how they said it worked. You have to turn off all the lights, take a needle and a thread, and light a candle. You take needle and burn the edge of the needle with candle and then you put the needle on the forehead of the Lucifer image and ask for whatever spirit you wish to call. I really wanted to speak to my dad. One of the girls told me they are planning to repeat it and that I could join them.

A few days later I went to her house, which was full of girls from my class who wanted to do it too. It was kind a fun and we were all joking and playing around. It got scary when the needle started to move and I asked a few questions about who will be my future husband and so on. Because there were so many girls I could not ask as many questions as I wanted. Later when I went home I decided to do it by myself. I didn't tell my mom or anyone anything, and because we each had our own rooms, I had all the privacy in the world. I did everything the same way, drew the picture and turned off all the lights. I called my dads spirit and asked many questions. After I was done I told my dad his spirit can leave. I turned on the lights and life went on.

I did the same thing with my other friend at my place few weeks later, but that was it. I don't even know when it started but soon after that I didn't want to be alone in my room. Sleeping with light on become constant battle between me and my mom because of the electric bill. One day I was trying to go to sleep and started to hear a weird knocking in my closet. It felt like someone was in the closet. I told my mom but she blew me off. As time went on, things got worse. Noises at night, eerie chills and other feelings, and I always knew that someone was watching me. No one believed me so I stopped telling people. I kept it to myself.

A few years passed and when I was 15, my mom remarried. That meant we all had to move to another county. I had one more year left before going to high school and I made an agreement with my mom where I would stay in the city and live in the same house, but my grandmother will move in and I must listen to her. After my family moved out and my grandmother and me were alone, things got 10 times worse. Because I had many brothers and sisters, the two storey, four bedroom house was that was full of noise was suddenly really quiet. When there were noises in my room I could not explain, my siblings could not have been the cause any longer.

Many people ask me why didn't I go with my family, but I just could not imagine myself living in some small village, because my house was in a large City. As a teenager, it was all about reputation and where you live and so on, really stupid, but at the time it was everything to me to attend my school in the city. So anyways, I was living alone upstairs and my grandmother stayed down stairs. We fought over lights constantly because I left all the light on, especially at night when I wanted to go to bathroom that was located downstairs.

It was really scary to sleep upstairs by myself. I always took a cat or I had a small dog to sleep with me. I also left the radio and lights on. My sleeping alone in a quiet dark room was a distant memory. I had accepted that my house was haunted. I had figured out that it was probably my fault, when I read that when you invite a spirit in your house, they don't always leave. And even if you invite let's say Elvis Presley, it could be someone else's spirit that shows up and possibly not a good spirit.

One night I wanted to go downstairs to use a bathroom. We had an old style house, with a curvy staircase. I was in the middle of the staircase when suddenly a see-through man shaped figure with no face passed me and went towards my bedroom. I walked down went straight to kitchen and stood there trying to come out of a shock that I just saw a ghost.

I told my grandmother what happened, but she got really mad at me and told me to stop making up stories. From that day I took all my stuff from upstairs and moved downstairs next to my grandmas' bedroom, I begged her that I could sleep next to her, but she refused and said she can't sleep if I am next to her. She was old and every little movement would wake her up. I had to turn off the lights if I wanted the doors open between the room where I slept and my grandma's bedroom.

Shortly after I moved downstairs, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and she left to go to the hospital. I then stayed alone in the house. I was getting older and my mom didn't really worry since I didn't do any crazy things. It was just a cat, a dog and me, plus the uninvited guest (s). I hardly slept. Being in that house and knowing that figure I saw on the staircase could appear anytime was just horrible. I had to stay in that house by myself for few weeks and went totally insane and then went to a hospital for a week.

One week later my cousin came from another city and took me with her. She knew exactly what was going on, because she had a very bad experience with a spirit. I never knew about it until then. She took me to a medium that had helped her. She was a regular woman with a normal day job, but she had the gift to see things and loved to help friends and friends of friends.

The minute I stepped into her room, I didn't even say anything and she got really angry at me. She told me, whatever is happening is my fault, I had opened a door that was closed and now through this door spirits come through, and I should never go back to that house because it must be filled with evil spirits, and it was bad because I had drawn a Lucifer. She even told me they were following me, but because she used her medium gift they stayed behind the door of her house.

We sold the house and I moved in a small apartment. To this day, I sleep with the light on when I am alone and feel uneasy when I am home alone. I have not seen anything like that or heard anything for many years. A few years after, my grandmother told my mom that she also saw a man shaped figure coming through the kitchen door. She also said that she knew I was scared and didn't want to confirm what I knew I saw. My sister also told me that, before she moved away with my mother, she saw that same ghostly figure coming out of my room, but didn't want to tell anyone about it. At least I now know that others saw the same thing that I saw. Of course, because I wasn't the only one, the ghost I saw must have been real.

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KatherineKay (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-26)

Thank you for you response. I have no idea where my friends got that design for the board. Now that I am older, I know I had no business doing anything like that.

Things changed after I moved out from the house and slowly turned to normal. I even slept with a light off occasionally. At the age of 20 I moved to Long Island, New York. I lived in a house, where my bedroom was located in the basement. One night I just woke up and there was a man sitting on the edge of my bed, he had a hat on. I was frozen I stared at him at least 10 seconds and then he disappeared, from that day I always left the light on.

Nothing happened until last year when I moved into a new home. I always feel eerie when I am alone. One day I got home before my husband did and because I was alone I turned all the light on and put both TV on one in bedroom and one in a living room. I felt really uncomfortable, like someone was watching, while in the kitchen both TV turned off, I just knew it that someone was there with me. My friend told me when she came to visit me, someone clearly poke her in the back. I don't know what to make of it? Any thoughts? My husband thinks the former tenant, an old woman that died here, may still live here and gets irritated when we mess with certain things.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-24)

Well met and thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry that your introduction to the 'Talking Board' was from such a 'dubious' source. What I mean by that is that others your age, who didn't understand what they were doing.

Yes it seems you may have 'opened' a 'doorway' that allowed a spirit to cross over and become attached to your former house. Copying your friends does not mean you learned how to 'open the board / close the board' or even how to shield yourself or even how 'contain' anything you may have contacted.

Do you know... Or did you ever learn where your friends got the 'design' for their 'board'. This is the first one I have ever heard of that used 'Lucifer' as the center most picture with the letters and numbers arranged around 'his' picture... This was Mistake Number One... By drawing Lucifer's picture in the center you have already set up the board for negative vibes much less what type of spirits/entities may be contacted.

The 'man' on the stairs may have been a residual haunting... You saw him on his way up to what used to be his bedroom. Your Sister saw him exiting your room... This was just a different part of the 'replay'.

It seems your Grandmother was trying to protect you by not sharing her experience with you.

Some of the noises you experienced... Especially the ones from when you were about 11/12 through 15/16 years old may have been caused by a Poltergeist... Nothing 'Evil or Malevolent' just a noisy spirit/entity that was attracted to the energy produced by your body as you went through puberty. If not a spirit then it's possible that these noises were cause by 'psychokinetic' outburst from your mind as you went through Puberty... It may have even been a combination of the two.

Are you currently experiencing any activity around you or in your current home?

Again thanks for sharing this with us.


Ibelieveheshere (2 stories) (68 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-23)
[at] suzisunshinesonme I hate Clown its freaky creepy.
[at] KatherineKay sorry to hear that but shouldn't mess with something that are evils.
suzisunshinesonme (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-23)
Please stay away from Ouija boards. These things are for real. My sister and I used one, just once, and I couldn't believe what happened. I've always been afraid of clowns. After we used the board the lights suddenly went out, only in our home and we ended up stumbling around in the dark. I found a flashlight and started trying to fix a fuse. In the fusebox was a ceramic clown I had thrown away a year earlier... Just looking back at me. This entity from the Ouija board said he was from hell and since we woke him he wasn't leaving. So we did... As soon as we could. They're real. Be careful

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