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I Imagined It? I Don't Think So


I have very little memory of what actually happened between the ages of 3 and five. But my parents and their friends have all told me the same story of my "Imaginary friend". The first time I saw a ghost I was maybe three and a half years old. I described a very very pale women with a dress that had a "poof" like the old fashioned dresses that women used to wear with the cage inside. I had never seen any movies where women have worn dresses like that, this freaked my parents out very much. I also said that she had a double bun piling on her head. I saw her walking through my living room towards the roaring fire place. This women I only saw once.

This I do remember, a few weeks later I would wake up from a dreamless and nigtmareless sleep in the middle of the night. And I would start getting very upset at my ceiling, something was talking to me or yelling at me or something but I remember bursting into tears night after night, to this day I don't know what the ceiling was saying, was it the ceiling? Then near my fourth birthday I went to my mom and told her I couldn't sleep. When she asked why my mother claims that I said "The walls keep talking talking talking" Apparently I said that in a whisper. Creepy eh? But after that night my parents began noticing me talking to someone who wasn't there, for months and months I talked to this person, even told my little brother she was coming, he burst into tears when he waited by the door all day and she didn't come. I described her to my parents as a young women, her name was Kandy, I said that she had blue sparkles and lights around her to protect her and that she was very kind but had a bad temper.

My parents began to get very concerned when they found me crying in my room. Since I was very little I have wanted to be a doctor, and I told my parents that Kandy said to me that women couldn't be doctors, this clued my parents in that Kandy was indeed no imaginary friend. I had no knowledge that women weren't always treated as equally as they are now. My parents assured me that I could be a doctor if I wanted and that Kandy was wrong. Everything went well for a while, until a couple days before my fifth birthday.

Once again my parents found me sobbing in my room, I explained that Kandy was leaving on my fifth birthday and would never be coming back, I also said that she wanted me to come with her and that if I didn't she wouldn't be my friend any more. My parents, freaked out by this, told me that they wanted me to stay with them and that Kandy would have to wait. Now here comes the really strange part, I am not, and never have been (that I can remember) very religious at all and yet this is what I said to my mom "Don't worry, Kandy says that we are all going to leave some day, God is going to come and pick us up" And I made a motion like picking up strawberries with my hand.

Again my parents said that they really wanted me to stay and not go with Kandy, so I told them I would. After my fifth birthday I stopped talking about Kadny completely never mentioned her once. So a few weeks after my brothers birthday my parents asked me if Kandy visited me anymore, my response was "Who?" The tried to jolt my memory but to no avail, Kandy wasn't even a shadow of a memory. So my parents told me this whole story and now I am passing it to the public, wonder why I stopped seeing ghosts after I turned 5. I would like to see Kandy again, just once, just so I could remember. Anyways, thanks for reading, I'm sure it sounds very unreal, but I assure you that it is all fact, or something that my parents had told me, which I believe is fact, but who knows, maybe their lying.

My name is Quin, I am now fourteen years old, and this is my ghost experience.

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Helenik (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-01)
Hi, Mitoes, don't be so surprized. Children have extremely well-developped sensitivity, they just do. That's why they can see or feel things that adults can't.

Andrea22 (5 stories) (65 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-01)
One time, when I was six years old, we were driving to the exit out of our neighborhood. I turned my head to the left and looked over at the houses on that side. It was the old section of the neighborhood... With houses from the 20's or before. I lived over in the new subdivision section, that was only about 10 years old. So not surprisingly, as I was looking at the old section, it was there that I saw something strange. Colonial looking woman, coming down a hill from a Colonial looking house! They had Colonial looking work clothes on. Like the dress and bonnet you would wear to go fetch water or something. I may have seen the first people who settled there. It was near a river and likely that a small town would be set up. So yes... I can believe your story of the old fashioned woman because I've seen them too!

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