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I was going downtown the other day and jumped on the train. Was a pretty average day a few people on train nothing to out of the ordinary. We were travelling along and got to stadium platform. I looked over at platform and this old native lady was looking into car ahead of the one I was in. She then vanished really fast. I thought to myself hmm... Maybe just a reflection from inside our car. But there was no one standing up and all were young people.

I have seen ghosts quite a bit so really didn't freak me out too much. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this ghost on that platform. The places I have lived in the past have had ghosts. In one I lived in you could hear a bowl circle on the floor, you know when you drop one and it doesn't stop circling.

Also another place I lived you could see a ghost hovering and disappear. Also that ghost made wierd sounds on the stairs at night. I also have had many glasses shatter around me. I would probably say 3 or 4 glasses have shattered as I have walked by them. Also another place I lived at a old dude with a big hat would appear.

I asked a lady that was into paranormal stuff who it was. She said he was from the klondike days times and he was looking for his kids. The place I live in now people see a little girl ghost. But for some reason I haven't seen it yet. For some reason I think it left this house. I don't feel it around here. Usually if there's a ghost around I get a strange feeling come over me. Also out on the farm where my sister lives they see ghosts all the time.

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