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Shadows, Sleep Paralysis, And Voices


My name is Josie, and ever since my mother and I have moved into this house weird things have been happening.

One day I was in the kitchen getting something to eat, and I had happened to glance out the window just in time to see something black zoom past, I shrugged it off as my eyes, or even possibly my hair. But a few minutes later I glanced out the window again, and the same type of black thing zoomed past it again, but this time the opposite way. This frequently happens to me now.

Later that day I was sitting at my desk, playing on my computer when all of the sudden everything on my desk (My desk had a shelf like thing connected to it) started sliding off of the shelf and falling. Which was quite strange because the desk itself was sturdy, and wasn't even shaking when everything was falling off. Plus everything that was placed in such a way that it wouldn't easily be knocked over. I was quite shaken at this.

In this house I also have frequent sleep paralysis which I personally believe has something to do with ghosts/spirits/demons/entities. Once my mom and her now ex-boyfriend were going to the store and I decided to stay home. A few minutes after they left I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. I don't know how long I was asleep but when I woke up, everything was pitch black, I was utterly terrified. I'll try to explain what I felt the best I can, but it's hard. It almost felt like my arms were in a straight jacket and stuck across my chest and my legs felt like they were sewn together. I felt like something was sitting on me or holding me down. After what seemed like forever, I was finally let go. I sat up, shaking and scared. It felt as if something was laughing at me, and I kept on seeing specks of white wherever I turned my head. Soon after my mom and her boyfriend came home.

Another time I was sleeping in my bedroom (Something I rarely can manage to do, I feel as if something is constantly watching me) and I woke up to this shadow passing over the ceiling a couple times, before going just above my feet, where I started to feel a pressure, the shadow slowly spread towards my face, and the farther it got, I felt pressure, from my feet, to my knees, to my waist, to my chest, and so on. Then when my whole body felt that pressure, it zoomed off again and my body felt normal. It repeated this about 3, 4 times. Before I was let go.

I frequently feel drained to the point I feel as if I slept for a week, I'd still be tired. And I do often sleep a lot, as in wake up for a few minutes, go back to sleep, wake up for a few minutes, go back to sleep, repeat for a few days. I also feel like something has its hand on my back quite a lot, center of back usually, slightly to the left. My whole body can be cool or cold, but that one spot will be warm, sometimes even hot. And frequently I'll hear some voice quickly say "Josie!", which is my name. Some times it will sound like a female, sometimes a male. Male mostly.

My moms room mate (Who has now moved, though) also has experienced some stuff in the house. She has said sometimes she'll be walking past my computer desk and see a shadow sitting at it, which will quickly disappear. She has said she heard voices, and once she sat at my desk to use her laptop when I was at my dads for a week or so, and the door to my room (My desk was right next to my room) kept on opening no matter how well it was closed, and she began feeling a constant chill. Which I believe stayed with her until she left my desk.

My moms new boyfriend told me recently that he was laying on the couch and all of the sudden the plant hanger started swinging and swaying. I just kind of laughed and said it could have been the wind or someone walking by, but he insisted that no one walked by. And after he told me this my mom mentioned that her friend dropped her daughter's ashes outside a few days before.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-01)

Sense it's been suggested, Please try this and please keep us updated.

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)


sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-01)
My friend Aellai, I would like to suggest you to keep a journal like BadJuuJuu advised. It would make you be prepared for the events or entity. As geetha suggested, try rook's method of cleansing the house. Because until now, except for the sleep paralysis, which may have physiological reasons than paranormal, there is nothing that is harmful about the entity. But, if it does, then it is better to cleanse the house and send it off for good. Keep us posted of any further experiences. Nice narration and thanks for sharing.


AdriannaMarieCole (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-31)
I would highly reccomend getting your house blessed... That sounds really scary. I've had something really simalar to this! Accept its always at my grandma and grandpas. It happens the SAME time EVERYDAY. Is usually about 7:15am, & 4:00pm. I always see something jet black move back and forth accrosthink s my room sometimes in the living room. It has no face. All I see is the whites of its eyes. Somtimes, I think I hear someone laughing at me. PLeas help! I know I'm NOT imagining this.!
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-31)
I have to ask a few questions. These questions are not to debunk your story but to find more insight to your experience and to see if there are any other causes before labeling it paranormal.

(1) You mentioned that your mom's current boyfriend experience something. Does your mom know about this experience? Have you mentioned your experiences to your mom? What does she have to say about it?

(2) You mentioned that you experienced sleep paralysis many times and that you have trouble sleeping because it feels like someone is watching you. Have you had a checkup with your doctor for a full physical and mental check? I know that sounds wrong but I asking with the best of intentions. I'm a physiology student and my cousin and his wife are doctors and from my case studies and from my cousin's experiences, there have been many cases where our bodies throw a chemical imbalance and it will effect the way we do our day to day routines and makes us feel like something or someone is weighing us down. I suggest making sure that you are physically okay first.

(3) This isn't a question but a suggestion. If you still feel that what you are experiencing is of a paranormal state (which in the back of my mind I feel it is), then I suggest Rook's cleansing method to clean out your house.
kristy-lee1985 (4 stories) (44 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-31)
sounds like that friends daughter is not happy about being dropped, I no how you feel about the hot/cold feelings and voices and stuff, I hear voices and see things myself. But I chose to ignore them as no one I talk to understands me and I get looked at like I'm going crazy
BadJuuJuu (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-31)
In my opinion, sleep paralysis is not usually a paranormal event, but just a sleep disturbance. I think in your case that the SP is being indirectly caused by the activity in the house. I do NOT believe an entity is attacking you in your sleep. I DO believe that you're so tense that you couldn't get a decent night's sleep if your life depended on it. Lack of sleep can make a person jumpy. And leave you feeling weak, and to use your word, drained.
Let's assume for the moment that the SP is not paranormal. Has any attempt been made by anything in the house to harm you or your mother? If not, then chalk the SP up to tension rather than a haunting.
As for the activity you describe in the house, start a journal, write everything down including dates, times, and weather conditions. You may find patterns in the activity and be able to pinpoint what days something is more likely to occur so you can be prepared. Keeping a journal also helps put you into a more analytical state of mind and less fearful. Keeping a calm mind is very important. If you're already scared, everything is scary. If you're calm, it's easier to stay analytical.Also, it may help you to try to debunk everything you experience. When I started trying to debunk my experiences I felt like I was taking control and that helped me deal with things so much better. I found mundane explanations for a lot of things and realized I had been letting my nerves run away with me. When I found stuff I really couldn't explain, it was kind of a rush. Bottom line, taking control helped.

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