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My Little Boy Ghost


When my siblings and I were very young, we lived in a series of rent houses in a very small town in Texas. All these houses were very old and probably had a multitude of previous occupants but I don't remember being afraid in any of these homes. I was around 10 years old (in 1969) when my father received a promotion and transfer to Conroe, Texas. We moved into a brand new home in a new development. No houses had previously occupied that land. We were the 3rd house on that street and were surrounded by the piney woods.

Being a "tom girl," initially I loved it, brand new house with acres of woods to blaze bike trails, build forts and just roam around in day and sometimes night. (This was when it was safe to do this!) But it was at this time I started becoming increasingly afraid of the dark and of all things that go bump in the night. I would lay in bed for hours at night hidden under the covers listening to every sound, terrified of real and imagined threats. I would continually have these terrifying faces flashing in my mind's eye which I seemed to have no control over as well as negative voices that frightened me.

I shared a room with my sister at first but when I was around 12 or 13, my mom allowed her to move into the front living room. We were so close in age that we fought quite a lot and Mom probably thought that would help. I was very excited to have my own room though and proceeded to make it into a "cool pad" being that this was the early 70's. One of the things I did in an attempt to achieve cool was to get rid of my bed frame and put my mattress directly on the floor. Small thing but this is when I had the most frightening encounter in that house.

My fear escalated after this, whether it was that I was now alone in the room or what I'm not sure. On one of many sleepless nights, something made me look up at the end of the bed and to my ultimate terror I saw a little boy standing at the left hand corner of my bed. He was probably 6 or 7, wearing knee britches in some clothing from a past generation. Mind you I did not study him at that time, I immediately reached for my lamp which was on the floor by my bed, knocked it over, then gave up jumped up from my bed and ran for my mom.

Another thing you should be aware, both of my younger brothers were terrified in that house and we would fight over who "got Mom" in their room. This night my mom was sleeping on the couch in the family room. The couch was "L" shaped and one of my brothers was already on the other length of the couch. I woke my mom, told her what happened, she attempted to calm me down. Eventually I turned on all the lights in the hall, went back got my blanket and pillow out of my room while trying not to look around. I set up my blankets on the floor as close to my mom as I could and tried to get to sleep. I had my dog "Potsam" curled up sleeping beside me. I was turning over getting comfortable when I looked at the doorway to the hall and the little boy was standing in the doorway. I froze for a moment, then looked away and down at my dog who was sleeping soundly beside me and (this is where it gets weirder) my dog looked like a human fetus lying next to me.

Well as you can imagine I freaked. My mom, who was exhausted from trying to calm my brothers and I down most nights, just told me to go to sleep. Well to wrap this up, I spent weeks terrified, sleeping with the light on, waking my mom up etc. What seemingly brought an end to this particular fear was when I put my bed back on the frame which raised it up off the floor. Strange but true this did the trick.

I never saw the little boy again... But in looking back I think:

He did not seem "scary" looking, just like a normal little boy. He was not threatening in any way, he just looked curious.

Now married with grown children of my own, not frightened of everything paranormal, I wonder if it was not a pre-visit from my son. Something I feel very strongly as the truth. Martin, now 20 and away at college, has always had, and still has, an annoying habit of "creeping" up on me and trying to scare me. Maybe he was just practicing scaring his "future mom."

Thanks for reading my story. Any comments or similar experiences from any of you would be welcome.

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cakelehde (4 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-17)
I believe in not just an after-life but that we all exist somewhere before this plane of existence. As for it being my son that visited me, that's just fun to believe! The old fashioned clothing? I'm not sure what the fashion rules are for ghosts.

My parents still live in the house. The last time I slept over I woke up to someone gently running their fingers through my hair. I sat up expecting to see my mom but no one was there. When I told my mom about it later she said "oh that's just Nanny. She's in there all the time." Nanny, my grandmother, passed away over 20 years ago. It was a very warm and reassuring experience. ❤
newhunter30 (2 stories) (137 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-09)
I meant I'm not sure what to say not what to see
newhunter30 (2 stories) (137 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-09)
Well I'm not quite sure what to see but let's see how this works out lol. I would have to disagree that this would be your son to be (my opinion) as it doesn't to me make sense he would appear in clothes from a past generation, why not appear in a more conventional clothing style?
I would say that a possibility why it started and ended with the mattress going on and off the floor could be simply this. The boy may have been unable to see you while your mattress was on the frame (at least see you well) so he cam around when he could and stopped when he couldnt. The fact that you all had the first of houses built on this land does not mean nothing happened on it. There may have been something that happened in that direct area that caused the haunting.
Isolde (guest)
11 years ago (2012-11-09)
No fun, huh, living in a haunted house. Thanks for your story.

I do have a question about your conclusion on the boy. Is the creeping up on you the only reason you think the ghost was your son to be? Was that enough ground to make that assumption or was there something more? Just curious.

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