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Ghost Dog Or Something Else? Part 2


I have been seeing what I thought was my dog around the house only to turn to talk to her and she's not there and is in another part of the house entirely. You will need to read the "Ghost Dog or Something Else?" story I posted several months ago to get full details. This is a short update on a recent "sighting."

After posting my original story on YGS, the sightings of Maisy when she's not actually there decreased. After a couple months with no phenomenon, I decided well whatever that was it must over. I was thinking just that, when I was in the kitchen making a sandwich one afternoon. Maisy was in the back bedroom lounging in bed. She usually wanders out when she hears me in the kitchen in case I feel like sharing.

I was standing at the counter facing the back bedrooms but looking down at the sandwich I was making. I saw Maisy in my peripheral vision but did not look up. As she approached the counter, she was out of sight to me but I heard her apparently stretching and then shaking. I heard her ears flapping and her collar jingling as she did this. Expecting her to come around the counter, I turned toward the sound, laughed and said out loud, "Well at least I know that's you!" So, of course, when I looked on the other side of the counter she was not there. Once again, so sure I'd seen her, I checked the adjoining rooms first then went back to the bedroom and found her looking at me curiously from the bed. So the experiences continue.

I'm going to post another story involving myself and Maisy which I will need suggestions on. I think I'll call it "Ghost Scaring my Dog?"

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