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This happened around a decade ago when I was in high school. In relation to my last story (Pitik) this has something to do with the backyard but it didn't happen in the same room but the other room where my mom is taking now.

I just finished doing laundry (I'm the family clothes washer, ha-ha) and the next day I folded them. That day my mom and my two siblings were away and I was alone in the house watching TV while folding the clothes. After I finished putting the clothes away, I went to my mom's room to put hers. When I opened the cabinet I heard a growl from outside the window. I thought it was an animal so I faced the window and the growling stopped. I simply ignored it at first and when I was facing the cabinet again the growl continued louder than before. I couldn't make up what animal was making the sound. It sounded really scary like a wild animal and a human growling combined, I can't describe it. Again I faced the window and it stopped. I was nervous to face the cabinet thinking I might hear it again but I still did it. I heard the growling much louder than the last one. The sound it made was too scary it felt so malevolent that it might do harm to someone. To my surprise I hastily put mom's clothes and left the room and closed the door. I never told anyone what happened.

Two months ago my Aunt Debbie had some problems with her boyfriend and she lived with us for a while. She and my mom were talking about something and it caught my attention. "Alam mo ba may times na nakakarinig ako ng angil ng hayop dyan sa likod? Kaya lang di ko mawari kung anong hayop 'yun (At times I can hear a growl in the backyard. But I can't think of an animal that is making the sound.) ". Hearing that sent chills down my spine.

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mystseeker15 (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2013-02-23)
hey I've got a similar experience too. It really sounded like a vicious growl of an animal or beast and it really scared me. Hope we could found out what was it.
kazenichi (2 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2012-12-07)
[at] Argette: It only happened once and I never heard it again until I heard my aunt telling that same story.
Argette (guest)
8 years ago (2012-11-21)
That is pretty creepy. I cannot claim to have had a similar experience, but about 6-7 years ago I did hear a very scary growl in my own backyard at night. It only happened once; it was not a ghost or demon or spirit, but a live animal. Scary enough!

It's a charming but scary story, Kazenichi. Thanks for posting it, and let us know if you hear more or learn what the growl was/is.
Raftingirl (2 stories) (113 posts)
8 years ago (2012-11-21)
That sounds really creepy. If there is nothing to be seen outside when you hear it, you might also want to check on things like air conditioners, refrigerators, anything that can cause a sound to reverberate and cause such a phenomenon. Maybe also get your brothers or boy cousins to MAN- UP and go out and investigate if it's too scary. I hope you can figure it out ❤
cassis (4 posts)
8 years ago (2012-11-21)
"Angil" means growl in english his/her mother and aunt is talking about the same growling he/she heared...
snowhite (203 posts)
8 years ago (2012-11-21)
I don't get it. What your mother and your aunt talked about has something to do with the growling sound?

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