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I just want to share this part of my life, because I just feel like I need to tell this story. First I will tell you a little about myself.

I am currently 18 years old and I have recently "came back to reality" after about a period of darkness. I was a junior in high school when I started to meet some of the wrong people. I was making tons of friends outside of school, who weren't in school. So I was beginning to be influenced by all these people. My grades began to drop dramatically and I was very withdrawn from my family.

I come from a big family a family where no one does drugs and I really do feel blessed to have such an amazing family. So the fact that I was beginning to go to the wrong path was a horrible thing.

Both of my parents are the first born children of their families, and I am the first born boy into the family, on both sides of my family, out of 18 cousins. So I am in a position where I have an influence over a ton of my cousins. I am a Native American (on my dads side) and my great grandfather was the healer of the family. He was a chairman for Natives.

When I was a child we had a ceremony where he said that when he dies I am going to be the healer of the family. He passed away when I was about 5 so I have been raised being told I would be very clairvoyant. I didn't ever really understand it growing up. Also another thing I feel like everyone should know about me is growing up; I had extremely bad night terrors where I would experience the presence of extremely malevolent entities. So I have always known what evil is like because I've been a target my whole life (as everyone is).

My great grandfather explained how I cannot ever use drugs or be on any type of medications. For some reason this was emphasized. Growing up I was the centre of attention and I was always that "sacred" child. I was raised by many different family members, because my parents were 18 when they had me. So I was pretty much raised in the middle of the family rather than just by my parents. I just wanted to tell you all of this because I feel like this adds a lot of weight to the situation.

Okay, Well as I said before I met a lot of the wrong people. I was just so curious, I couldn't resist myself. I began to use ecstasy, marijuana and drink frequently. I also began to do tons of designer drugs that nobody really knows what they are. Also I believe drugs basically make you extremely vulnerable to spirits, and can invite things into your life that you do not want there. Note that I was only 16 years old.

I began to hang out with people who were in their 20's. I was going to parties a lot. I was skipping school and lying to my family. I would lie for money and all I wanted was to have "fun". This whole time I was basically numb. I had no clue what was going on! I was so vulnerable. I was always uneasy though as I remember. I remember one specific event that changed me.

I was with my friend when I snuck out of my house. We walked to his house and began to do some drugs. We then had to leave the house for some reason. I think to meet up with another friend. We were walking and met up with whoever we needed to see. There was 5 of us and 2 people were sober and I was not that high (it was ecstasy). As we were walking back we were all perfectly fine, laughing and talking and having a good time being rowdy teenagers walking down the street at about 3 am. Next we all began to hear some blood curdling screams and cries a few blocks in front of us. The best way to explain what it sounded like is, a women being raped. You could even say it sounded like a women giving birth! But there was also something very weird about it because it sounded like a women crying out for help, then it was changing to a baby screaming, then a cat screaming. They were all very alarming sounds. It was the most horrific thing I have heard in my entire life time. We all went silent and stopped and stood in horror looking at each other to see if everyone else heard it. We all heard it. At the moment we all thought it was a women and her child, who were hurt by someone and then left on the sidewalk hurt and crying. That's the scenario that went through our minds. So there were 2 of us who wanted to go towards her to help, and the rest wanted to run the other way. I demanded we go help the person who needed help!

So we all walked toward the sound, the sound was then getting extremely loud. We felt very close to her but we couldn't see her. Her screams began to get very intense as if she was being tortured, and the sounds were extremely disturbing and gross. This is when it began to scare us, when we felt like the noise was on top of us but we couldn't find her. Then it just abruptly stopped. Just like that, it quit when we felt like we were right next to it. When it stopped we were all swept with a feeling of extreme evil. I remember feeling almost every negative emotion, while feeling extremely filthy and disgusting, like I wanted to throw up. I remember looking at my friends faces and they all had a look of horror on their faces also. We all just looked at each other, as if we were all mentally saying "do you feel that too?" and then we all began to just run! We all knew it wasn't what we thought it was. This event pretty much killed the night and I was traumatized. For the next couple days I was with my friends and we experienced a lot of strange little happenings. Many of which were also experienced by other people also, who just happened to be there with us. Like strange noises, footsteps and stuff like that. The weird thing is I told my friend about the noise, and she doesn't do drugs or anything. She is a "normal" person and she is an extremely smart person (she's my girlfriend now). I told her that I hoped this didn't mean that someone in my family was going to die.

About a month later, my great grandmother died. It was pretty horrible. Everything just seemed to crash and burn in my life right then. The thing is all of this bad stuff happening in my life didn't slow me down one bit. I continued to carry out my bad habits. Then came the summer time and the entire summer consisted of partying. I wouldn't come home on the weekends, and it was causing my parents extreme distress. Sometimes they would drive around looking for me. So summer flew by, and before I knew it is was senior year. I barely graduated high school. I slowed down a lot on partying and drugs. I stopped drugs in January of 2012. But I began using hallucinogens which was the worst choice I think I have ever made. I believe hallucinogens allow us to see more than we want to see in reality. It's like eating the apple of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. I wasn't using hallucinogens very often maybe one a month.

July of 2012 I had calmed down quite a bit and wasn't partying or using any drugs at all, but I suddenly wanted to go to this thing called a Barter Faire. I live in Washington and our area is famous for these Barter Faires. People come from across the country to go so some of them. They are basically like woodstock. You come and trade art, food, drugs, and anything else you have for something someone else has. It is a huge hippie festival. I have always heard about them and thought it would be awesome to go to. I found out there was a small one not too far from where I lived. So I talked to some of my friends and they let me ride with them there. I was so excited because I thought it would be awesome as I love hippie culture. Boy was I wrong!

We got there and it was night time. There were probably about 150 people there maybe more. I was very excited but nervous because I didn't know what to expect. We began to walk around and I immediately felt uncomfortable. The kind of people that were here were not "good people". We were deep in the woods away from any city and it was filled with hillbillies sorry for using this word but that is the best I can describe them. These people were beyond anything that I have seen before. They almost didn't seem human. They were fiends for drugs and that's all they wanted. They were brainless. Some of them weren't even coherent, and they'd be so high they would basically fall asleep while standing. They reminded me of zombies and there were tons of them. People like them I look at them as in complete submission to Satan. They were empty vessels at which anything could come and go in their soul. I was beginning to get very scared. There was a huge bonfire with many people huddled around it playing drums, gazing into the fire. It was almost like they were worshipping the fire to me! There were even fire dancers, and people lying on the ground in random places. It was extremely filthy and there was junk everywhere. There were car skeletons all around and tents too! There were it seemed hundreds of tents! You could tell that some people lived here.

As we were walking around there were all these stands selling various drugs, drugs of any kind! They had huge bags full of all these different coloured powders. Pretty much any drug you wanted was right there. These were the busiest parts of the place. People buying drugs like CRAZY. It scared me, because of how dirty it felt just to be in this environment. At one point I even noticed a pregnant women with her bare stomach hanging out holding alcohol and obviously high on drugs. I just wanted to stand by the big fire and not walk around. As I walked up to the fire I could hear a few people talking about how they had never seen me before, and why I was even here. They didn't even know me! And they knew I could hear them, they wanted me to hear! I just ignored them and stood there minding my own business, I felt extremely out of place for some reason. As if everyone could tell I was different and didn't belong there.

A guy came up to me, and you could tell he hadn't groomed himself in a long time. He had a full beard and long hair. It was dirty and gross looking. He was covered in dirt and his clothes were basically rags. His eyes were half open as he came up to me asking me how I was. He started talking all this nonsense to me, as if his main motivation was to confuse me. I could tell he was doing this on purpose and he wouldn't go away. I felt very unsafe in front of him. He offered me some opium but I said no. After a bit I stopped answering him and he turned around and yelled "I can't find my friends here" too all of the people standing behind me. All the people began to shun me like I did something bad. Everyone glared at me, which was the last straw for me. I didn't want to stand there and feel humiliated.

Then another guy came up to me who appeared to have a deformed arm and the side of his face was messed up. He was shaking extremely bad and started acting very happy to me. He began to tell me he took a handful of pills and now he looks like this. But the way he said it was as if he was lying or telling a story he knew wasn't true. It's hard to explain. He seemed like he was trying to trick me. He was trying to sway me to his viewpoint, I just don't get why. All these people were mocking me because I was more of a "city" person and they could all tell. This was like hill billy hell and they were all ganging up on me. I then just walked to the car and locked myself in the car. I just wanted to sit in the car until it was over. I was starting to get extremely bad feelings, evil feelings. Feelings that were very mean. Like something hated me there, it was a lingering feeling. I told my friends I would was staying in the car the rest of the night. They begged me to come out and walk around but I wouldn't budge, so I in the car for the rest of the night. For the entire night I was extremely uneasy, it was like a nightmare. Every once in a while one of the "zombies" would walk by the car. It was pretty much pitch black but there a little bit of light from the moon. These "zombie people" would walk around in the darkness with their heads down, all alone. Some would walk with a limp. They looked like real Zombies! It was evident that it was the drugs making them act and look like a zombie. It was a very freaky sight. Most of these people that were there, that place was their life. Drugs were their life. That place, was their life. It was unimaginable to me!

This is where it got really freaky for me. I was sitting in the back seat of the car and my friends were with me when we all heard a child screaming and crying. We were in the parking lot so there wasn't really anything around us except other cars. But the crying was so horrible. It sounded like a small child, who was being hurt really badly. We all heard it and listened to it clearly for about 30 minutes. One of my friends even wanted to go out and find the child. The small child was calling out for help, and screaming in pain. But it sounded so forced out, as if there was pain in the voice. The child would even shriek " I don't want to, I don't want to..." over and over again. Which is why it sounded like something was being done to this poor child. I don't know what it was and I don't want to. As I was sitting in the car I began to get a scared feeling like something bad was about to happen. I was so scared I started to feel light headed. I put my head down for a second. It didn't help at all, I thought it could have been the cigarette smoke. As I lifted my head my entire field of vision went black and I couldn't see anything. Then I saw an evil face, with about 10 eyes, and tons of teeth. The face looked like a red dragon; I remember it had dragon whiskers and everything. The eyes looked so mean and they were red, I remember the amount of red I was seeing was crazy! The face was snarling and it was looking right at me. The best way to describe this face is that it looked like a Chinese dragon. Those dragons you see at Chinese festivals. It even looked gargoyle-ish. It seemed as if it floated right towards me, right into me. It scared me so bad. My friends all were freaking out asking me what was wrong. I didn't tell them what happened because they wouldn't have believed me. I was extremely friengtened after that and I just wanted to leave. When the sun started to come up, we left. As the sun started to light the place up I started to see how filthy this place was. It was nasty. It was like a junkyard, I am not exaggerating. I was so relieved we left. I just wanted to be safe in my home. It was the most traumatizing thing I have experienced, in my life. I was full of fear.

I got home and told my mom everything. She was looking at me in horror of what I had seen. She believed everything I said. She then told me that it was probably, a cult. It is kind of a farfetched idea but it made sense to me when I thought about it. The drugs that were being sold, and the fee you had to pay to get in is all just money for them. Let me tell you that this place is in no way official at all. It is deep in the middle of the woods on the top of a mountain. It is private property so authority is no allowed there. So basically we have no clue who is in charge of it or what they really are. It is just a place people know where to go to get drugs. My mom could tell I was truly scared and so could a bunch of people in my family. After this experience I knew exactly why I was raised the way I was. I knew what I was raised not to experience was everything I just experienced. Everything made complete sense. I just understood my parents teachings, and I felt so appreciative. Ok so this was in July, and for the next couple months I wouldn't leave the house. I would sleep all day and I was always scared. I would have so many negative feelings. There was darkness in my mind. I would see entities everywhere. They would manifest everywhere around me all the time. I just felt horrible. I became depressed and hopeless. My family said they have never seen me like this before. I wouldn't let my girlfriend see me for about a month. I just felt so alone, and so scared constantly. I would also have nightmares. I don't know how to explain the things that I saw. But I would see negative energy all around me floating through the air. Like a fog. It would move and interact with me. These little clouds of fog would bend light like water does. They would distort whatever images were behind them. They were extremely cold and they were always in my room. Sometimes they would even turn blackish, or an indigo colour.

I eventually told my grandma about all of this and I began to open up finally. This was in about September 2012 and I was finally wanting to get out of this fog I had been in. I began to pray to be healed and cleansed; I started to get better every day. I would feel less and less scared everyday. I would feel such a free feeling. I started to read the Bible also. I started to get my head back in order.

November 2012, I am almost completely fine. I am leaving the house again, and actually coming back to life. I cannot believe that I got sucked that far down by the evil. I now know true evil exists. I know that I need to be more careful with what I am doing with myself. I have experienced this evil first hand. It may not sound like much through text, but words cannot really explain the horrors of true evil. I believe I was the victim of a demon, or maybe even a couple. Who knows where or when I picked it up. But I believe it was a series of events that led up to what happened to me. The evil manifested itself in my life so slowly, over the time period of about 2 years.

I just felt I needed to share this story. I Would like to know if anyone has experienced anything like this.

Thanks for Reading my story.

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L_22 (10 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-27)
With that long story I only got 1 answer please don't do drugs. Drugs will destroy your mind, body, and soul.
AussieChick95 (10 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-31)
Hello Brennen4321

You are extremely strong for turning your life around and very lucky to have a family that supports you. I think that some thing was trying to get to you IE: the screaming woman and child, then the screaming child, Tugging at the goodness that was still inside of you. I'm very happy for you that you've come away from that and wish you all the best in the future. Xo Alexandria
gla55es (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-26)
That's a really good story, brennen. There's a festival a few hours away from I live every year called "All Good." The friends (I had at the time) thought it was fun, so I went one year. I kind of had an experience like you had where I looked around and had kind of an awakening. This place is located in the hills of WV, and there are a bunch of dirty hippie hillbillies that go there. Eventually, it got to a point where I was disquisted with everything there. It's scary how evil can creep it's way into your life. I eventually got my act cleaned up but I don't have the same people in my life anymore. As I'm sure you've figured out, family is the most important thing, and I'm just glad God saw fit to watch over me during my active addiction. I should be dead or in jail, and for me, just making it out of addiction alive is proof enough of God. Some people don't like having religion of any kind in comment posts, but I figured since you mentioned it in your story, it would be ok. Anyways, thank you for sharing your story. It's very insightful.
LakotaWinyan (2 stories) (63 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-25)
I almost forgot to add...

Perhaps your great grandfather saw deep into your future, and the path you will choose to follow.

If you do decide to go down the path your family believes you are destined to walk just because you are male, it is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to learn and train for it according to your tribe. You may want to go to the rez/ Native community you are part of, and study under spiritual leaders.

By the way, I forgot to say I am proud of you for getting off the street drugs and alcohol wagon, and start walking the red road! It is a difficult path full of trials, however, you never travel it alone. Just reach out and ask for help when you need it. Support and help will always be there for you.

P.S. Please don't think I was jumping on you in my other post. I wasn't.

Mitakuye Oyasin,

LakotaWinyan (2 stories) (63 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-25)

I am surprised you weren't taught about the 4 sacred spiritual medicines to pray, protect and cleanse yourself with. Sage, cedar, sweetgrass and tobacco from your dad/dad's side of the family. Just like the medicine wheel and 4 directions, those are also universal throughout all of us turtle island nations.

Secondly, why on earth did you refrain from helping that child? If any of you had a phone, calling 911 would have been a good option. Sorry but police can go onto private property as much as public property. I could not imagine anyone being able to just sit there and hear a child pleading for help and not do anything!

I'd rather explain to cops why I was at a drug addict festival than to live with the haunting cries of a child being forced to do something they didn't want to.

I can't explain what you went through. My hubby offers only this thought... Perhaps the heyoka spirits were active, showing you what not to do, showing you the destruction of your ways if you were to turn back to them. Although a child being violated does sure show that evil was obviously present in that drug party, even if it was only the evil of sick, twisted men and their perverted ways.

Boy, this has been a week of reading about/seeing videos of children and babies being tormented, abused and murdered. </3 (heartbroken)

Andreaa11 (54 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-24)
Very interesting. Glad you made the choice not to use, this was a bad experience but good because you were taught a lesson. Another lesson- that "pregnant lady" you saw may not have even been pregnant. When you
Drink alcohol heavily and have liver damage from it your stomach begins to extend with fluid called 'ascites'. It does make one look pregnant. Either way, the woman was endangering her baby and/or her liver... Some pointless information but just had to clarify;)
BadJuuJuu (guest)
12 years ago (2012-11-24)
I'm happy for you that you got out of the dark place in your life, but I have to agree with geetha that you should report that place to the authorities. Private property or no, the child screaming makes it the business of the authorities.
Rashidah (9 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-23)
I enjoyed reading this experience. It really had me at the edge of my computer chair.

I am glad that you became cleansed from all of that negativity.
Spockie (8 stories) (203 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-23)
Personally, I would not report this to the authorities because I fear your life would be in danger, both from the people who run the place and also from the spirit realm. I would stay clear of that place, from drugs of any kind and open yourself up to your true calling which is to be a healer. I believe what you went through was so that you could relate to the pain and suffering of others, and to the influence and control of evil over people's lives.
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-22)
I'm glad that you are better now for experiencing what you did. But let me warn you, just because you are doing better doesn't mean that you are going to have slip ups. This the social worker in me talking. When a person has dealt with drugs and alcohol to the extreme and dealt with such evils, these evils are not easily going to let you go. Keep reading your Bible (if that is what you are into), and surround yourself with positive enforcement. It looks like you have a great large family. People that have dealt with drugs, alcohol, the evil side of the paranormal tend to alienate their family and friends. I'm taking that this is what happened with your family. Start getting to know them better; starting hanging out with them. But the best thing for you right now is to enroll in school and get a diploma or degree. This way, your mind is off all the bad things that has happened to you and at the same time you are bettering yourself. You mentioned that your great - grandfather mentioned that you were going to be the next healer of sorts (sorry, don't know the exact words). Why don't you start learning about that. All in all, you are going to be having your bad days because for someone who went though what you went though, it's never easy to get over what you went though in the beginning and evils won't let you go as easily either. But surround yourself with GOOD family and GOOD and NEW friends and things will get better. I know this because you made the conscious to change for the BETTER.

I know there are a lot of people who are going to come here and tell you that what you went though was fake and that this was all influenced by all the drugs and drinks you were taking. You know what? Maybe! Maybe, some of the stuff might have been caused by the drugs, partying and drinking. But you had to go though that to see the true evils of this world. People see the evils of this world differently and for you it was though drugs and drinks and you lost your great - grandfather because of it.

My advise to you is to use what you experienced as an example of what you do NOT want to go back to and start looking into the future for the good and start treating yourself better. I wish you luck and I hope you do better with your life. Keep us updated.

Also, you mentioned this barter fair was on a private property somewhere in the mountains. Personally, I seriously think you should report it the authorities. The reason is by what you described, there could be under aged users there and I'm not 100% sure of Washington laws but there should be some law that bring to justice these "things" that try to corrupt the young kids. Personally, it's just me but wouldn't it better know that you are helping to destroy some of these evils.

With that being said, if you can't handle it personally, then don't because you are just starting to get better and I don't want to give you a reason to have a slip up. Just report it if you can.

God Bless You.
Jesus_soldier (guest)
12 years ago (2012-11-22)
Man, this story reminded me of a lot of stuff. First I want to compliment Michore on his comment, very good bro.

I have to say, your very blessed to go through all this and realize what's really going on in this corrupted world at such an early age. I started living that same life at 14, and God didn't wake me up until 22. We all have different walks in life though. It's odd how this all started from fruit being ate off the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but... Many people don't seek that knowledge. If you look at K through 12 schools, what does THEIR knowledge consist of?... Numbers, grammar, history (that isn't even 100% accurate), and etc. I could go on, my point is that we're being deceived at an early age. IN MY OPINION, real knowledge is knowing who died for your sins, and who can save you from evil. Thank you for sharing your story.

JS aka Brandon
brennen4321 (3 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-22)
Yes that makes complete sense to me! You have just made a lot of events make sense. I guess that explains why I would feel like the whole entire area was interacting with me. Because the entire area is being controlled by the same entity, so it can scare me in so many different ways. It was all one collective evil. Thank you for explaining this to me!
Michore (30 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-22)
Hello brennen4321

I might be able to tell you what you saw, I know of people who have experienced things similar to your stories but also different in their own way.

What you saw was probably the principality and power that had a hold over the party event. Its actually pretty hard to explain but here we go. It is like a demon that has authority and control over a large area. They influence and torment people, they drive lusts and desires and basically keep people addicted to what people are addicted to. They take forms that represent their duty, usually recognizable but twisted somehow, (I know someone that has seen one that looked like a giant pac-man, demon of greed). People don't usually see them as there is no reason for people to, they don't reveal themselves ether, you saw that one in a vision. There are a very few people that are able to see into the spirit world to the extent of seeing principalities and powers.

Im not saing you are able to see them, I hope not. And never try and take one on by yourselve its the type of demon that a whole community has to fight against through prayer.

The reason it may have tried to scare must have been territorial, seeing as the type of person you are, of a good family, and very perceptive you might have had a spiritual influence on the people there and they never like that, so rather stay away from such places, and only go if you are sent by your church, or with a group of people you can trust spiritually. And pray for those people.

I hope this makes some things clear

(And for other who will be commenting against this, I gather this knowledge just like you gather yours, I mean no offense to those offended. And I have no reason to lie and tell only what I know, you choose whether you believe or not)

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