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Nightmarish Year


I lived in Orem in 2007, in my first apartment with my husband. This was the first time I had ever lived on my own and I was excited! We were previously living with my husband's grandma, but we were kicked out because we purchased our dog Bella.

I had a nightmare of this apartment before we even saw it. In my nightmare, two beings walked out of my hallway and cornered us in the kitchen. So when we walked into this apartment, I was a little shocked that it looked just like it had in my dream. My first instinct was to run, but my husband made up his mind and we moved in a week later.

We only stayed a year because the rent was expensive and because the activity got so crazy we couldn't stand it anymore. Every night it would sound like things were being thrown around in the living room but when we would run into the living room, nothing was out of place.

I saw a shadow person run from my laundry room into the kitchen. It was about 3 and half feet tall and the most distinguishing feature to me looked like hair on the top of its head. It looked like black flame, that was the part that stood out the most to me. It was for a brief moment but that was the feature that stuck.

One night I woke up to my dog sitting at the edge of my bed, her ears perked up and just staring at my bedroom door, which was open just a crack and my hall light was on. Every night, just to make me feel better, I would lock my bedroom door and I would turn every light off. So when I started to doze, my brain had just registered what I saw. When I woke up again and looked at my door it was shut and the hall light was off. I decided I needed a drink so I made my way out to the kitchen, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a golden red orb hovering just above my couch and coffee table. I stopped in my tracks and turned to face it fully and it just disappeared.

A week later my wedding ring went missing, which was usually located on the coffee table because I didn't have a jewelry box at the time. We couldn't even find it when we moved everything out and we looked everywhere.

Also I had a nightmare of a some sort of creature under my bed. In my nightmare my husband woke me up because he said he could feel something under the bed and when I told him to look and see what it was, he refused. So in my dream, I called him an idiot and decided to look for myself, but instead of looking I just stuck my hand under the bed. I could feel horns, I could feel everything from the texture to the knots. It freaked me out so bad that I woke up sitting straight up. I eventually turned the light on because I had every intention of sleeping with it on. It woke my husband up so he shut the light off and went back to sleep. When I tried to go back to sleep, I started feeling a tingling sensation on the left side of my body. It felt almost like the left side of my body went to sleep. So I tried moving to a different position but then I felt a tug on the left side and I could feel myself moving to the edge of the bed. I jumped up, turned the light on and then booked it out of my room and sat in the light drenched front room until I had to get ready for work.

Any feed back or ideas would be great!

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Gardener38 (3 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-29)
This is my first post I did send one in but it was denied not sure why my spelling is not bad or whatever the reason. I also thought maybe sleep paralysis, the horns would freak me out. Has this entity do anything to harm you guys, or just scaring you? If your dog don't go mad crazy maybe it isn't trying to be harmful. I have a yorkie and I see him looking at something in the air, he sometimes growls at this one china cabinet or look up at it. I have a few pictures of him looking at orbs, I don't feel threatened. Hope you find out why you dreamed of the horn!
Believer88 (6 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-27)
valkricry - When we were at work and Bella was home alone she would constantly bark and whine. Because of this we did receive a complaint from a tenant downstairs and we ended up giving her to my mom. But when we were home sometimes she would just stare at a certain spot for about ten minutes but she wouldn't bark or growl, just stare.
My husband never really mentioned anything about experiences he had on his own but he did hear the noises at night when I would wake him up because. Since before moving into the apartment and after moving out there have been other experiences and I will for sure be submitting them 😁
valkricry (47 stories) (3190 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-03-27)
Oooers...scary stuff. How did Bella react to these activities? Personally, I believe animals to be more sensitive and intune then people are.
Pre-dream of the apartment...well, out here, in the complexes the apartments all pretty much look alike. Could that be the case there?
Has anything happened since you moved?
Andreaa11 (54 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-27)
Wow I think the creepiest aspect from this story is the "black flame haired" shadow figure! How creepy! Reminds me of some gruesome figure off Silent Hill...
But anyways, back to the topic at hand, it seems this was an intelligent entity. The fact you had a threatening dream about this house that gave you negative vibes makes me believe it was trying to scare you away from buying the house. Not to be mean but your husband seems to be as ghost sensitive as a brick wall. No activity happened to him? From the dream it seems that if the entity really wanted to scare you two off, the dream would occur for your boyfriend. This entity seems manipulative as well. It seems it got its kicks out of scaring and toying with you. The wedding ring? The shadow figure? The orb? And besides that the dream before you moved in, and the dream of the "horns" under the bed? This aspect of you feeling those tingling senstations, do you feel them frequently or just this instance? It maybe sleep paralysis but it was moving you off the bed, which you may have still been dreaming but if it actually occured while you were awake then that is truly creepy. I wonder if anything did happen to your husband or if he was just in strict denial? Did you ever talk to him about it?
In conclusion I believe this was just a mischievous entity that clearly wanted you two out. Why it seemed to target you is because you are obviously more sensitive to the spirit world. At least you got out of there before anything else happened, and since you were not followed it seems the entity won, as it got the house to itself and can be ready to prey on the next lucky tentants.

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