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Gray Feet And The Watcher Or Are They The Same?


My husband's grandpa built a house for his grandma over 60 years ago, when the house was first built it was a small 3 bedroom 2 bath house and the whole basement I believe was the original master bedroom. He was able to purchase the land for cheap because the land was all owned by the family.

Eventually grandpa just kept building and building so it consisted of 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms but he never really finished the house, so some of what he built on was never properly finished and now the individual heater controls in the rooms don't work so, if you're cold you have to go all the way down into the basement to flip a switch.

The house is a one of a kind house but because it was not built properly, there are leaks and some of the windows need to be resealed as a result there is mold and lots of spiders.

We have lived with grandma twice, the first time was just before we moved into our apartment located in Orem, Ut which I did write about previously in "Nightmarish Year" and then again after we lost our jobs in Orem and could not afford another apartment.

Grandma's house is strange, if you're downstairs in the main part of the house, you can hear foot steps walking through the upstairs rooms. Sometimes it's really soft and you can barely hear it and other times there is heavy stomping. Upstairs there are two bedrooms but they connect together, you can only get to the second bedroom by going through the now master bedroom upstairs. In the second bedroom it was like someone was always standing in the doorway watching you. I always caught myself glancing in the room.

While we were living with grandma, we ended up cat sitting for my husband's uncle. I would catch her in the second bedroom just staring at the closet and sometimes she would be jumping in the air and batting at something but when I went in the room I would look for a bug or something that she would be playing with and nothing would be in there. No bug...nothing.

One night my husband had spent the night at a friends for an all night gaming session, so I decided to watch some movies and eat junk food all night. Sometime during the night I passed out, I remember having a nightmare but I don't remember anything about the dream, it has always been a giant blank but when I opened my eyes the cat was sitting on my chest and her face was literally 2 inches from mine. I wonder if the ghostly entity that resided in the second room ventured further out than normal and the cat was just being protective.

Sometimes I would see gray feet out of the corner of my eyes, but I would only see the feet and ankles, never anything else and when I would turn to face it, it would be gone.

When my husband's Grandpa passed away in March 2010, we were getting ready to move into another apartment, so we prolonged our move to stay and help grandma in anyway we could. After Grandpa passed I was upstairs playing Sims on my computer when all of a sudden there were three knocks on the door, I was pretty into my game so I just yelled "come in", the door knob turned and the door was lightly pushed open. So I just sat there for a second and then ventured down stairs to ask grandma if David had come over (husband's cousin), she said no one had come over. Now in some cases you would have suspected grandma as the knock and ditch culprit but grandma can not walk up and down stairs very well and will avoid them at all costs.

So I explained to grandma what had happened and she said that it was grandpa just checking on us and then told me that the Christmas bells on the front door had been jingling all day. She thought it was grandpa because she told him how much she loved the sound of the bells. She also talked about taking care of her father in law before he passed and how sometimes she can smell his cologne for a brief second and a warmth surround her and knows that he was there just making sure she was ok.

During this time we were also cleaning out the two upstairs bedrooms, mainly moving all of grandma's possessions downstairs so she would have access to them and also throwing away things that were no longer needed. While we were going through these items we found a Ouija board in a locked desk, when we asked grandma about it she told us it was my husband's uncle's. We figured he wouldn't want it anymore and we were going to throw it away but my husband wanted to mess around with it, now I am pretty sure this was my husband's doing but it spelled out "Lucifer" as much as he says he didn't do it, this was such an obvious choice for a prank that I just could not put it past my husband to make it up.

But on to the seriousness of the board I am pretty sure his uncle had messed around with it in the house and in addition to my husband's grandpa and great grandpa lingering in the house, I think his uncle opened the door to something else in the house, even though nothing threatening happened I believe the other entity is not harmful, I think he just likes to watch or observe us but any other feed back would be great.

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Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-04-03)
Believer - what an interesting story 😊 I especially liked the part about the Christmas bells and cologne ❤ I like the way our loved ones choose to let us know they are here.

Like BadJuuJuu said, some of the things could be the home. Other things, like sounds, etc, may be the work of grandpa or great-grandpa, or even someone else (maybe the gray footed one...can't help but think of an old hobbit LOL). But the Ouija board, if it was used, didn't seem to have sparked anything bad, and for that I'm glad. (Really didn't intend for that to rhyme LOL)

Thanks for sharing this with us.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
11 years ago (2013-04-01)
Well, I don't doubt that some paranormal things have happened in the house. Some of it might just be the house itself though. Mold can cause some gnarly issues, and I can't help but wonder about the wiring in the house. Improper wiring can cause high EMF, high EMF can cause feelings of being watched among other side effects. Some of the sounds, footsteps and such, could be the result of weird acoustics from the unusual floor plan.
It is sweet that your husband's grandmother felt her husband's presence there. The Ouija board, maybe your husband was playing a prank, maybe a ghost was, who knows? I think people who have irreverent senses of humor in life stay that way in the afterlife.

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