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I have quite had a few spare times to share another story but I almost always don't know which experience I'd share next. This will be my second story but unlike some from this page I won't be doing my stories in chronological order because I'd rather share what comes to mind during the few times that I am able to.

These experiences happened in our previous house. Actually, for me, it was the only place I could ever call my home. My parents sold the house 5 years ago for reasons I couldn't really comprehend until now. I will be sharing those bits of weird and paranormal experience I've had while we lived there.

The house was built, when I was 3 months old, in an old subdivision here in Iloilo City. My parents said they decided to have a house of their own when I was born and our neighbours believed - and I also believed that as I grew, the house was growing with me (not relative to size but instead to maturity). Our neighbours from that subdivision always tell that we have acquired one of the scariest lots. Older people who have been in that neighbourhood for many years before us said that way back when our lot was just an empty piece of land, they would see "falling stars" (as they believe) to seem to hit on that particular area very often and they believe that those falling stars were actually spirits. Their stories always amuse me because it has been consistent with other neighbours' story as if the whole community united to tell us about it.

When I was young I shared a room with my nanny in our 3-bedroom house. Our room was in the middle and parallel to my parent's and older sister's room. Facing the room's door outside, my parent's room was at left-hand side and my sister's at the right. Our room was only separated by a divider from my parent's room (an unusual arrangement that would come of importance later on) so basically, you could talk with the person/s in the next room.

When I was a kid, every night I will have nightmares probably because of the things I watch on the television. I always wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes crying and full of sweat. Thing is even when my nanny was just on the other bed beside mine, I would always knock on my parent's door to sleep with them. I don't sleep between my mom and dad but I always chose the side of the bed where I could feel the wall on my side; it's then I could sleep.

When I was a teenager the house was expanded and a lot of changes structurally took place. My parent's room became my room, my old room became the maids' quarters, the garage became my parent's room, and the empty space on the right side of the house became the garage and leading to the backyard. There are only two ways to the backyard, (1) through the garage from the front porch and (2) through the dining room next to my parent's room from inside the house. These two ways are completely on opposite sides of the house.

One time I came out my room and feeling like going to the backyard, I walked the small hallway to the dining room and passed my nanny as she was walking the opposite direction. I told her I'd go outside. When I got out the door from the dining room, my nanny was there talking with the maids. I just ran back inside the house (my running inside scared my nanny and the other maids) and they ran after me thinking that something had happened. I was actually looking for a trapdoor that my nanny could have used to get to the backyard before me. I just laughed when they were asking me what's up and told them that I wanted to scare them. Only years after that incident that I knew of the term "doppelganger".

The house, as I believe, projected an ambiance that would depend on my mood or state of health. There was a time when everybody in the house became hostile with each other, it wasn't only my parents arguing but also my sister arguing with the maids and my nanny also arguing with my sister and the other maids which lasted for several days that time I had a fever that lasted almost a week. I also remember my nanny saying that she's hearing angry voices inside the house when I was sad and she'd often see someone laying in bed at the maid's quarters even when everyone was outside.

My parents moved to another house, the one we're living in now, which made the masters' bedroom unoccupied for a very long time. My parents would only be at our house for weekends and sometimes they stay for 1 night/week-- maximum. I would often go inside their room to take unused perfumes and other stuff. Once, everybody else was seated on the dining table, I went inside my parent's room and when I was got out and closed the door, I felt a strong thug on the door from the inside. It wasn't friction or traction of the door from the floor because it actually pulled against my force that I gave in for a few inches then everybody who were at the dining room looked at me with seemingly dumbstruck expressions but I just laughed and said, "somebody in there didn't want me to close the door just yet".

There was also a time when my sister and I both had fever that lasted for more than a week. This tortured my mother because she's a doctor yet felt so unhelpful during that time. She's a really great doctor who has cured so many illnesses yet felt powerless when her children had a fever. She frequented our rooms, first checking on me then on my sister. The last day of the fever she went inside my room and I told her that my grandfather visited me in my dream and he was smiling. She checked my temperature and I was still feverish so she shrugged it off as a mere hallucination. When she went to my sister's room, she cried when both she and my sister smelled the perfume my grandfather used when he was alive. Right after that I was able to leave my bed and the fever was gone, which was also the same for my sister later that day.

I also have those moments when you become half-asleep at night and you couldn't move and when you scream no sound comes out. Well, for me, it happens almost every night or so I think because it just happens so many times while we were there. Apparently even though the screams don't seem to produce any sound, my nanny from the other room always hear me shouting her name then she will open my door and wake me up. It was so weird because I never, even once, tried calling for her name, it has always been just supposedly a scream. So who was calling her name through the divider in my room?

I'm sorry for the long post but I just shared everything that I could recall about that house. Someday I will buy that house back because somehow I've felt something missing inside me when we moved out.

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spookyonfire (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-26)
[at] allesgute154 thank you for your post.

The house was actually sold about 5 years ago. Before that my parents already acquired a new property where they transferred but living separately became impractical that they sold the house. Sorry if the story has confused you somehow. It was actually a very long post and I appreciate you reading it.
allesgute154 (3 stories) (254 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-25)
spookyonfire, your 'moments when you become half-asleep at night and you couldn't move and when you scream no sound comes out' could most likely be sleep paralysis. But the fact that your nanny hears them every time, could mean that both of you have a connection at the 'soul' level.

There definitely seem to be some entities in your house. Maybe doing some religious ritual for cleaning might help?

Also, I was wondering why your parents are not staying in this house with you, but separately?

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