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Group of my Experiences 2


Hello there, it's me again, I'm back due to popular demand, ha ha just kidding well here is the rest of my life's experiences so far. Also note this: I don't do drugs, or drink, I made that a personal life long rule of mine, but I am not a religious person, I believe if anything can happen, it will happen. I was baptized but I was kind of forced to, more on that later.

16 Years old

Hand Pentagram Here is one of the freakiest years of my life. I had written down and noticed a lot of these weird things happening, and I normally looked at my hand for guidance or inspiration. I had to go get baptized one night, as I touched the holy water when I entered and winced because it felt like a slight burning feeling. I shrugged it off because our town's water isn't the best. It was my turn to get my head dunk in the church in this like small sink. I get my head in and suddenly, it's just that I felt like my forehead was on fire. I got up and had a headache. In the morning after that night, I looked at my hands, and noticed that the veins and arties in my hands formed pentagrams. I was a bit freaked out by this so I decided not to go to church because I was pretty sure they did something wrong. Nowadays, I enjoy the marks because people are creeped out a little. Take a nice look at my hand in the palm.

17 Years old

I have nothing except I hear bangings, voices, and I am starting to see shadows and stuff that's not really there.

18 years old Part 1

Here are the two most weird things that happened in my life. The first one happened about a week or so, my mom got me an air soft gun you know for fun, to play with. Well, I went to anime club (which is at a friend's house) with the gun loaded up in a clip, because I was going to show it off. After we played and stuff, I was ready to leave so I called my mom and asked her if she could come get me she told me to call and have my dad try. I called my dad and he was asleep, I called my mom and I begged her to come get me but she said she couldn't and the house wasn't too far so I could walk. (it was fairly close by I just don't like walking streets at night.)

I sighed and me and my friends were talking about our strange experiences and such, and one made (fake) evil warding talismans and wanted me to take one. I said no thank you, as I left I put my air soft gun in my pocket, why I didn't know it just felt like it'd make me feel safe. As I about got home, I was passing by a house I pass all the time, I heard a dog growl and bark as this pure black, almost shadow dog, it started towards me, I got under the street lamp, and pulled out the ground. It was going to attack me and I shot the shadow dog with the air soft gun and that made it worse, so I unloaded the entire clip into the shadow dog, I was yelling/screaming at the time too because I was scared. Suddenly the dog whimpered with the last shot and seemed to vanish. I ran like heck home which was like 5 doors away. I came back in the morning to find my pellets which were bright yellow, there was NO pellets on the ground or anywhere. I asked the neighbors if they heard an airsoft gun firing, or a dog. They all said no. From that night on I carry a weapon of any type on me at night.

18 years old Part 2

About 2-3 weeks after the dog incident. My friends at anime club wanted to check out this grave at the cemetery. When we got there, I just didn't feel right. We got there, never stepping on the grass because it's rude. I saw these 2 red lights and shadows running along the graves in the shape of dogs. I whispered to my friends. "We are being hunted... 2 lights..." My friends couldn't see them and said I was making stuff up. Well we went along the back and was going to head in, there was 5 others plus me, 2 stayed behind, and there was two paths left or right. I started down the left and felt really bad, sick, so I yelled I was going to the right side.

When I did my friends turned around and say that I was still following them on the left path and they couldn't see me on the right path. They said I have a "I'm going to kill you..." look on my face and walked towards them with presence. As I was walking on the right path, I didn't want to be alone so I ran back to the left path and the moment I started down the left path, the other me which we all assumed was a shadow doppelganger vanished. They asked me if I was following them, I replied. "No...I was on the right side and then came back just now..." They just looked at each other as we left and got on the path to the main entrance, the two "friends" that were behind ran up laying that they pee-d on some grave back by the tree as we heard a large howl like a werewolf type howl. We all ran off. That next morning I came carrying a bucket and a sponge and I cleaned up the grave they talked about. I found that really disrespectful and yelled at them, none of my friends had ever seen me that mad.

19 years old

What hasn't happened, I've seen things, heard lots of bangs, strange dreams, etc.

Save-a-lot Grocery store - I was with my friends from the anime club - the two people, and with new people. Well I was over by the bread and freezer alise as I stopped, along with one of my friends, I stopped and turned around. I could see the outline of a person standing by the bread watching us. As I waved, my friend approached me and said. "They seemed nice..." I blinked and laughed a little, I came to find out my friend was like me in a way.

My Dad's house - I was playing with my dog, when I noticed I had a cut on my wrist, I saw the blood and went "Oh fun, I'm bleeding...ow...ow...ow..." I got a cloth and wrapped it up, in 18 minutes it healed up, later that night it started to form the scab tissue for it to "completely heal..." The strange this is the cut looks like a bite mark, one small fang, and a large one, my dog didn't bite my wrist... So... What did?

The Hallway - This isn't paranormal, but it's just weird, and kind of annoying. Down my hall way, I have a 2nd door to the outside and a blanket covering the window. Light shined in somehow, and I was watching the hall way as the light got covered up by a shadow inside the house. I looked at the blanket which wasn't moving. I just yelled down the hall. "I prefer light right now do it when my dad is home!" the shadow seemed to leave as light came in, when my dad came home and started to his room which is past the door, the shadow covered up the light right as he started down. I saw it and just kind of shook my head.

That's about it, I thank you for sharing, please read, and comment. I will submit stories as strange stuff happens. I hope you enjoy my stories and believe me, if not hey that's fine, Those are your choices ^_^

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Ryokoie (2 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-13)
Wow I was bored and out and about. I remembered this still existed. I will say I did take a lot of consideration of this all long ago. The holy water thing. I did finally get an answer to. It was that I had slightly sensitive skin combined with my necklace that was giving me an allergic reaction.: (

I did have a friend of mine look at my hands. While the veins in my hands form 'stars' they are from what she said are more of symbols of protection. Which yay.

I am glad that younger me felt open enough to share the experiences we had. Keep being awesome people. I hope all is good for you.
Rhys (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-10)
OK I have read both of these stories and if I come across as a *** am sorry.

What will be said may sound stupid and if I have hurt you in any way am sorry I have no meaning to hurt you or any one by saying this I only hope this helps

You had said that you died at birth in the first one and also talked about a black figure with "red eyes" also the dogs that tried to kill you well it sounds, to me, that when you died that some-one/thing in the afterlife must have said that you have to live and for the holey water to burn it was not some thing good.

The Black Figure: you said his arm came over you but not in what way and that you fell asleep in the vary second well what if that black figure is Death. When you died they ONLY one, at this time, that could give your life back is Death now before people say that "God can" not like this.

Death is the taker if your taken there's no coming back any back to what am saying.

If god gave your life back the holey water would not have burned you that or your a Vampire witch is awesome, the Vampire that is... Or it had a acid it in but that's not likely

Anyway I hope you can make use of this mess of a Comment and that I didn't hurt you, you sound to nice to hurt. Sorry for spelling mistakes and for saying "sorry" a lot

Live long.
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-15)
Hello again Ryokoie. I still believe the paranormal things happening to you but I don't get how nor why you would be burned by Holy water like you were a Vampire. And, the Pentagram, like you already know, and everyone else has said, is not Satanic. I do believe the things that have and are happening to you but after this story, I'm a little skeptical because of it sounding like you are demonic with the Pentagram on your palm and being burned by the Holy water. By the way, I don't see the Pentagram on your hand but thanks for trying. It is sometimes hard to see pictures clearly when you scan them to put on the internet. As for the 'shadow person', I have had MANY experiences with them! They are shadows because they do not have enough energy to fully manifest. Either way, they are still creepy. Thanks for sharing. Shelby ❤ 😊
Ryokoie (2 stories) (9 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-04)
I understand that the pentagram is not evil, some people still think it is. So yeah, and thanks for being intrested. I would like to continue to look out and have the strange happen. I did get strange looks when a 18 year old at about 8 in the morning walked down the street with a bucket and a sponge. It was hilarious to see their reactions.
Abby (710 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-04)
Dear Ryokoie,

I cannot make out the pentagram on your hand in the photo, but as Shane has already said the pentagram is not negative or evil. Please research this.

I can see that you are on your own special journey in your own way. What is happening is that you are being asked to choose which path or road you wish to take that which is the high road or that which is the lower road. Your conduct in regards to the clean-up of the cemetery grave is to be commended. It is up to you to choose which road you will take and which comrades or friends you will travel down that road with.

I appreciate your story and wish for you the high road.--Abby
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-04)
You do know that the pentagram is not evil don't you? The pentagram was used by pagan religions long before there was satanist and since pagans don't believe in satan or the devil how it came to represent something like that is because of TV and Movies and wanna be satanist. You have experienced some interesting things in your life. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
unguided_traveler (9 stories) (35 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-03)
^^ well, hello Ryokoie... I have to say that your stories put mine to shame! You are without a doubt the single, most unique person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

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